Nothing is worse than staring at a locked HTC phone, or any phone for that matter. Whether you plan on selling it, giving it away or you really want access to your HTC phone again, factory resetting can get you back into your phone. Not to mention, preventing you from chucking the phone out of a 10 story building.

People forget their passwords. It happens and companies know this. Luckily for you, there’s a way of unlocking an HTC phone, including the method of factory resetting an HTC phone. The question is: do you want to nuke your phone and start from scratch or do you want to unlock your phone?

What You Will Need…

  • Your HTC phone.
  • A computer (if you’ve forgotten your Google account information) or another device that can access the internet.

Unlocking a Locked HTC Phone

On top of the dozens of passwords and accounts you have to remember, you’re then expected to remember your phone’s password? That’s a recipe for disaster, especially if you didn’t bother to write the password or pattern down. “What’s one more password, right?” you said to yourself. Your brain reached password overload. Here’s what you can do to fix it:

1. Power on your HTC phone, if it isn’t already, by holding the Power button.

2. Input the password, or pattern, five times. Yes, even if you don’t remember it. Give it a couple shots, but only try it five times. You’ll see why.

3. After five times of trying to input the password or pattern, your HTC phone will give you the option to FORGET PATTERN or FORGET PASSWORD. That is exactly what you want. Go ahead and select it.

4. Now you have the option to log in with your Google account, rather than using your password or pattern. Go ahead and type in your Google account information. Be sure you’re using the Google account associated with the HTC phone.

If you’ve forgotten the password to your Google account, then get yourself to a computer or a second device capable of connecting to the internet, and reset your password.

5. With the correct Google account information used, you’ll now have the opportunity to set a new password or pattern. Only this time, write your password or pattern down and out it away in a safe place.

Factory Resetting a Locked HTC Phone

So, you’ve chosen to nuke your HTC phone. It isn’t the worst idea. In fact, you might be in a situation where you found an old HTC phone and don’t remember the password, but would like to sell it or give it away. In that case, factory resetting your HTC phone is the best option.

It should be noted before you reset your HTC phone: once you factory reset an HTC phone, not a single file will be kept. Hence, the reason it’s called “nuking” your phone. Not a trace of the files it once housed will be there.

1. Shutdown the HTC phone, if it isn’t already, by holding the Power button. When prompted, choose Shutdown or Power Off, whichever fits the bill.

2. Wait at least two minutes before removing the backplate off of the phone and pulling the battery pack out. Afterwards, place the battery pack back in as well as the backplate.

3. Move one finger to the Volume Down button and another to the Power button. Make sure they’re comfortable. Press them together at the same time and hold them until your see the Android mascot. You are now in the Recovery Menu.

4. In the Recovery Menu, you cannot use the touch screen. Instead, use your Volume Down and Volume Up buttons to navigate the menu. Use them to make your way to Factory Reset in the Recovery Menu. This is your last chance to bail before all of your data is purged.

5. Use the Power button to select Factory Reset.

6. After the factory reset process is finished, you can turn the HTC phone back on and it will be ready for use.