Facetime Photos Not Saving? Try These 12 Fixes

Live photos not working

In a Facetime video call, you’re allowed to click on a button on the left which allows you to take a photo while the video is taking place.

When you screenshot the screen with the button, it’s meant to save to your camera roll. However, for some reason, the live photo isn’t saving in your camera roll.

Can’t Find Facetime Photos?

If you cannot find your Facetime Photos on your iPhone there are high chances that you are not looking in the right place. For someone who does not know where the Facetime photos are stored this can be a real challenge. This is because the photos are not stored like normal photos as someone may expect.

To find your Facetime photos on your iPhone, you need to look for them in your camera roll and the live photos section. If you want you can also go directly to the live photos album. In case you need to find a specific photo, scroll through and find the date you took the photo.

Why Are My Facetime Photos Not Saving?

The first reason why your live photos aren’t saving into the iCloud photos library is that you haven’t got enough storage space. If you’ve been receiving a pop-up saying that you haven’t got much storage left, this could be an indicator as to why your Live photos aren’t saving.

Another reason why your live photos aren’t saving to the camera roll is that there’s a bug on your iPhone or iPad. A bug is a failure in the system that causes unexpected results. This means that there’s an issue in the system that’s causing the live photos not to save in the camera roll.

1. FaceTime Live Photos Disallowed

If the FaceTime live photos feature is disallowed, then your photos will not save.

Although iPhone has this feature to allow users to take photos and save their moments, they understand that not all the time you will want to do it. As a result, it is possible to allow or disallow this feature.

Note that this affects both you and the person you are Facetiming. If the person on the other side has not enabled FaceTime live photos it will affect you as well. Not everyone wants to be captured live. As a result, both of you need to have live photos enabled for the photos to save.

2. Bug

A bug is when the system, app, or iPhone has a failure in a specific area. Bugs are common when using technology and in most cases, there is nothing you can do about it. As a result, if there is a bug in the FaceTime system, it may not save the photos you are taking.

You may not be able to immediately tell this is the case. However, if the bug problem is cutting across, then both you and the person you are communicating with will not be able to save. A bug can be a long time and require company fixing or just a short time problem that will end soon.

3. Not Enough Storage

Storage is crucial if you would like to save all those FaceTime photos you are taking. As a result, lack of enough storage could be the reason your FaceTime photos are not saving. When this is the case, you should expect to get a notification from your iPhone indicating that you do not have enough storage.

4. You Didn’t Take the Picture Properly

Unless you know how to take FaceTime photos, they will not save. For someone who is not used to taking the photos, they may take the photos wrongly and it will not save. Here are the steps you should take when taking FaceTime photos.

1. Make sure that FaceTime live photos option is activated.

2. When on FaceTime with a person, you should tap on the circular button on the screen.

3. When you are doing a FaceTime call with a group, to take a photo, identify the person whose photo you would like to take. Then tap the tile of that person, then tap an icon with two arrows and tap the circular button to take the photo.

5. FaceTime and Camera are Turned Off in Restrictions

Your iPhone like other phones has restrictions on what apps can or cannot do. The restrictions can be the reason your live photos are not saved.

If the FaceTime app is restricted in the restrictions, you will not be able to save the photos. If the camera is not also allowed, then it will not be able to take and enable the saving of the live photos during a FaceTime call.

How to Fix Facetime Photos Is Not Working?

If you can’t find your Facetime photos in your camera roll after taking screenshots, you need to make sure that you get rid of that bug that’s not allowing your Facetime live photos to save.

Because this problem is likely to be caused by a bug, you need to make sure that you get rid of this glitch if you want your Facetime photos to save.

Another thing you should make sure of is that you have enough storage space to accommodate the Facetime screenshots that you’re trying to save. If there isn’t enough space on your iPhone or Mac, you’ll need to make some.

1. Enable FaceTime Live Photos

If the FaceTime live photos option is not enabled on your iPhone you must enable it. Remember that the person you are calling should also enable the feature on their phone for you to take and save the photos. Talk to them and ask them to enable the feature. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Go to your iPhone settings.

2. Scroll and look for the FaceTime option. Tap and open.

3. Once you open the FaceTime option you will find a list of options. Locate the “FaceTime Live Photos”. Push the toggle next to it to on.

If you are using a Mac, follow these steps.

1. Go to the Mac settings.

2. Locate the FaceTime option.

3. Click on the Preferences option on its Menu bar.

4. On the settings tab, you will see an option to turn on “Allow Live Photos”.

2. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is also a method that can help fix the problem of your iPhone not saving your FaceTime photos. Restarting your phone will clear all errors that might have accumulated. It can also help in removing some bugs that might be causing the problem.

3. Make More Storage

If your phone is running out of storage, you will have to create more storage. Here are some of the tips that will help you easily get additional storage.

1. Back up your videos and photos into the cloud.

2. Allow your iPhone to manage the storage for you.

3. Identify apps that are consuming a lot of storage and you are not using them and uninstall them.

4. Look for music or videos that you no longer listen to or watch and delete them.

5. Your iMessage folder could be consuming a lot of space. Delete any old folders you have there.

4. Disable Then Enable iCloud Photos

Your iCloud photos option could also be the reason the photos are not saved. You can fix this problem by disabling the iCloud photos and then enabling it again. To do this, follow these options

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down to the Photos option and tap to open it.

3. You will get a menu and scroll to iCloud photos. Here you will see an option to turn off the option.

4. Give it a few minutes, and then enable it back again.

5. Check If Cloud Services is Down

If your cloud services are down, it may cause a problem with saving the photos since it means there is nowhere to be saved. You can check this by following the instructions below.

Check your cloud service status by vising their system status website – apple.com/support/systemstatus/.

If the system is down, you will see this information indicated on top of the website. This will also include other vital information you need to know about the downtime.

6. Allow FaceTime and Camera to Be Enabled In Privacy Restrictions

Your phone restrictions could be the reason FaceTime photos are not saved. You have to make sure that both Camera and FaceTime are allowed in your phone privacy restrictions. Follow these steps to fix that.

1. Start by going to your iPhone Settings.

2. Scroll down and tap on the “Screen Time” option.

3. On the Screen Time menu scroll down and find “Content & Privacy Restrictions”. Tap on it to open.

4. Then tap on “Allowed Apps”.

5. On the Allowed Apps menu, look for Camera and FaceTime. Next to these options, move the toggle to turn them on.

By doing this you will have allowed your FaceTime and Camera to do various actions such as taking and saving live photos you take.

7. Reset FaceTime

Reset FaceTime

The first thing you need to do if your Facetime photos aren’t saving is to reset facetime. FaceTime can be activated and deactivated in the settings app. When it’s deactivated, you won’t be able to use FaceTime.

When you deactivate it then turn it back on again, this is going to reset FaceTime which may fix the live photos problem. The point of resetting Facetime is to try and get the glitch that’s causing Facetime not to save photos.

To reset FaceTime:

1. Settings

2. Click on FaceTime

3. Toggle it off/on

4. Toggle Live photos off/on

If you want to reset Facetime live photos for Mac, open Facetime, click Facetime on the menu bar, select preferences, select Settings, and enable Allow Live Photos to be captured during video calls.

Once you’ve done this, you can go on a live video call with someone and check if the photo was saved to your camera roll.

If you were on your mac and Facetime photos are now starting to save, then you couldn’t find them in your camera roll because the feature was off. If it’s now working on your iPhone, it was due to a glitch within the app.

8. Force Restart Your iOS device

The next thing you need to do if Facetimes live photos aren’t saving is to force restart your iPhone or iPad. When you force restart it, it’s going to shut down the device and restart the device. This is going to fix all the bugs and software issues that are going on within the device.

If you have an iPhone 6S and lower:

  1. Press and Hold down the Home button and the power button together for at least 30 seconds
  2. Let go until the Apple logo reappears on the screen

If you have an iPhone 7 and later models:

  1. Press and hold down the power button and the volume down button together for at least 30 seconds
  2. Do this until the Apple logo reappears on the screen

If you have an iPhone X or 8 and above:

1. Quickly press the release volume up button.

2. Quickly press the release the volume down button.

3. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

After you’ve force restarted your device, you can call someone on Facetime and check if Live photos are working. After you’ve done this, you should find that the live photos have been saved in the camera roll.

9. Turn Facetime Off then On

If Facetime live photos still aren’t working, then you need to turn Facetime off then on in an attempt to get rid of the glitch that’s stopping them from not working.

When you turn Facetime off then on, it gets rid of the glitch in the app that could be causing other problems such as your live photos not saving.

To turn Facetime off then on:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Facetime.

3. Toggle Facetime off then back on.

Once you’ve done this, you can go back onto Facetime to check if you’re able to find a screenshot in your camera roll after taking one on Facetime.

10. Reset Network Settings

Your network settings are related to your call settings, WIFI settings, data, and Bluetooth settings. When you reset this, it can fix the problem with live photos that you’re experiencing with Facetime.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on General > Reset.

3. Tap on Reset Network Settings and enter your password.

4. Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.

Once your device has rebooted, you can make a call in FaceTime and check if the live photos feature is working.

11. Check Live Photos Album

If you can’t find live photos in your camera roll, there could be a chance that you’re not seeing them because you haven’t checked in the Live Photos album.

Facetime photos aren’t saved in your screenshots album, rather they’re saved in the Live Photos album. If you go to your camera roll > select Album at the bottom > select Live Photos > check if the Facetime live photo is there.

12. Update Your iPhone

A common iOS version that the Facetime live photos not saving is associated with is iOS 13. Since there’s a new version of iOS which is iOS 14 and 15, you need to make sure that you update your iPhone so that you get rid of any bugs that could be stopping your Facetime photos from saving.

To update your iPhone to get rid of the Facetime photos bug, plug your device into power and connect to Wi-Fi > go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update > Tap > Download and Install > To update now, tap Install.

If asked, enter your passcode. Once you’ve allowed your iPhone to update, then go to facetime and check if photos are saving to your camera roll.

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  1. WTH is going on with apple! c’mon guys.. my i6 was better before in iOS10.3.3 and no bugs. but after updating in iOS11.0.1 the trouble was started, it can be captured but not saving. now after updates in iOS12.1.2 still couldn’t saving facetime live photos!

  2. Just last night I was FaceTiming with my boyfriend for the last time in a few months and none of the pictures showed up anywhere. They’re really important and I can’t get them back by doing any of these.

  3. Apple SUCKS! I HATE… loathe my phone. They want to make it a simple, user friendly phone but there’s nothing simple about their PoS phones. Volume controls look like they still belong on a gen 1; keyboard functions are ?! I just recently got my phone for FaceTime purposes but now, imagine that, they’ve gone and F’d up this simple feature! I can’t wait to go back to my Galaxy! Galaxy (and Android) are created to be more personable. My advice, get off the crApple train… it’s overpriced junk!

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