FaceTime Automatically Ends? Try These 7 Fixes

FaceTime Automatically Ends

This guide will provide you with all of the information you need to know if Facetime calls automatically end.

Does Facetime Automatically Hang Up?

Yes, Facetime will automatically hang up. Facetime has been slowly becoming the means that most iPhone users use to communicate with their friends and family.

Compared to the normal means of calling others using only audio, facetime requires an internet connection in order to work properly.

Since there is a visual component as well as audio, the amount of information that is being sent back and forth between the users using facetime is much greater, and it can not be solely operated by cellular connection.

Since the amount of information that is being sent and processed is exponentially higher, the amount of factors that might contribute to facetime hanging up automatically increases as well. From bad internet connections, weak signals, or perhaps a drained battery.

The amount of factors that can contribute to the problem also means that there are various fixes you may want to follow for you to make sure that the origin of the problem is correctly fixed.

The following possible explanations and fixes are to be used altogether. Even if you have already tried every single fix, a good suggestion is to go through them again at least a second time since most of the time and the problem will be fixed by a combination of the following fixes.

Why Does Facetime End By Itself

Most of the explanations that will be covered in the article deal with faulty signals and other causes that might not be the direct consequence of an action taken by any user participating in the facetime call.

This is much more prominent to happen if one of you is traveling across long distances, the internet service that is available is not constantly sending the required signal to work properly, or simply the phone no longer has the energy to remain on.

All of these are reasons why it might be possible the call has automatically ended. If this is a recurring problem that you have encountered, chances are that there is a problem with your connectivity.

Even when facetime has ended by itself, it does not always mean that either person who was on the call is to blame for the call ending before it was supposed to.

Many user errors, such as misclicks on either the phone or on their headphones, may cause the call to end without any real intention of ending the conversation. You might even be at fault that a call has ended.

The only way to know the reason behind a disconnected call is to ask the parties involved what they were doing before the call dropped, their current connection strength, or if they may be simply ended the call.

But there is always something you can do even when the problem is not caused directly by you or the other person involved in the call. Follow the next possible causes of a dropped call and the easy fixes to said problems.

1. No Internet Connection For You/Them

The most probable reason a call has ended by itself is that one or both of you have lost your internet connection. Since facetime requires a constant internet connection in order to send vast amounts of information.

If the connection with the internet drops, this means that the call will drop as well. Checking the speed at that your current internet is running is very important in order to determine if the strength of the connection is enough to make video calls.

If you notice drops in speed when using apps such as Netflix or Hulu, which are apps that are based on playing video, it may indicate that the connection is not reliable.

An unstable connection means that, at times, the speeds slow down to extremely low ends, or the connection might be interrupted in its entirety.

Fix 1 – Switch From WIFI to Data And Vice Versa

One of the first things you should do to see if the problem lies with your connection is to change the means by which you are obtaining your internet. If you are utilizing WIFI, you might want to try to change the data provided by your cellular service.

If, on the other hand, you are using data, you might want to try to change your WIFI. This way, you will have a rough understanding of how the speeds compare with one another.

While it is wise to change the method you are using, it is not very recommended to do this while a call is currently in process.

This is due to the fact that the amount of time it might take the iPhone to connect to a different signal might cause the call to drop if the signal is interrupted completely.

Making a facetime call using only WIFI and another using only data is the best way to proceed with this solution.

Fix 2 – Restart Wifi

If you are unable to use data or if the data connection you are using happens to be slower than the connection given off by your WIFI, you should try to restart your WIFI. In order to restart the connection, you must head to your router and modem.

Unplug your router directly from the electrical source it is connected to. After you unplug it, wait at least 30 seconds before you reconnect it to the outlet.

If the speed of the connection has not improved after you disconnected the router, the next thing you will want to do is disconnect the modem and the router from the electrical outlet.

As before, you must wait at least 30 seconds before you reconnect both devices to the power source. After doing all of this, try to make a facetime call to see if the problem with automatic hang-ups remains.

2. Weak Signal

When you are out on the road, or you have no way to connect to any WIFI signal, you can only rely on your cellular connection signal.

Most of the country now has 4G connectivity, which means that more stable and speedy connections are guaranteed to the users of cellular services. A weak signal, however, will make the speed and type of connection you have useless.

The bars of connectivity that are available for any given phone is a maximum of 4. If you have 2 or fewer bars, the connection you have will suffer immensely. If you are suffering from a weak signal, facetime will be out of the picture.

Fix 1 – Get Into An Area With Better Signal

The first thing you shall try to do is look for an area that has a better signal than the one you are currently in. To do this, you will have to move around the most physically you can in your given area to see what spots have better signals.

Big structures, devices, concrete, and many other factors might be causing the strength of a signal to fade out.

That is why signals might differ tremendously even inside the same house. Once you find a spot in which the signal is stronger, make a facetime call once more to test the reliability of the connection.

Fix 2 – Turn Airplane On and Then Off

If you have looked for spots that deliver better signals and the problem persists, you may go ahead and turn the airplane on and off. Airplane mode is different from simply disconnecting wifi or cellular connection.

When you turn on airplane mode, all of the different signals, such as wifi, a cellular connection, and even airdrop, disconnect completely.

This complete disconnection of all the types of signals available for the iPhone will force the phone to reboot the connections in its totality.

The forceful reboot of all signals means that the phone will look for the strongest signals that are currently available and connect to the one that has the most possibility of operation in an optimal condition.

3. Their Phone Died

It is also possible that the problem was not caused by you. The case might be that their phone simply died. If this is the case, then it will be easier to pinpoint the cause behind the hang-up.

Fix 1 – Call Them Later

If your facetime call suddenly drops and you call back as soon as the call is dropped, but the call does not go out, the odds are that their phone has died.

Try calling them a couple more times to see if the call goes through, and if it does not go through, then the call is not even being received. If this is happening, wait for a couple of minutes before you give them a callback.

It is impossible to know for sure if their phone has died since if their phone has actually died, it will be impossible for you to ask them if this is the case. The only thing you can do in this instance is to wait and try again later.

4. They Ended the Call

Another reason the call has suddenly ended is that they have ended the call. If they have ended the call, it is possible that the call ended after they were finished talking.

They may also have ended the call in the middle of a conversation, even if it was not their intention to end the call.

It might be that it was a misclick while they were trying to do something else. Whether it was done with the intent of ending the call or not, the fact that the other person might have ended the call is also a factor to be considered.

Since facetime presents you not only with the audio but also the video of the other person, it is much easier to infer if the person accidentally or intentionally ended the call.

Fix 1 – Wait For Them to Call You Back

It is not possible to know completely if they ended the call on purpose or if it was a misclick. If they call you back after the call has ended, this means that they were the ones that caused the call to end.

If, however, there is no callback and once you call them, the call does go through, but there is no answer, it might be because they have been interrupted by another person or activity. The only thing you are able to do is to wait to see if they call you back.

They might call you back right away as well as they might take longer to return the call. Whichever the case might be, the fact remains that the only thing you might be able to do is to wait for them to call you back.

5. They Put Their Phone on Airplane Mode

As stated before, airplane mode is a method used by many different types of phones to disconnect all types of signals that may be entering the phone. If a person decides to turn on airplane mode in the middle of a facetime conversation, the call will drop.

This is due because no connectivity will be available to continue the required connection between the callers. If they did put their phone into airplane mode, the same message as if the connection was lost would appear on the phone.

Instead of saying the call has ended, the phone will show a message stating that the call was disconnected.

This has been a method that several people have been known to use if they need to get out of a conversation without fully letting the other party know that the call has been ended by them.

If airplane mode was turned on by the other party, chances are that any call that you subsequently make after the call gets disconnected will not reach the other phone. Just as with a phone that has been turned off, it may be impossible to ask the other party why the call has ended.

As has been the case with other causes of automatic hang up, the only real fix that this may have is to wait until the other person turns off airplane mode.

How to Know Who Ended the Facetime Call

In order to find out whose fault it was that the call ended, you must ask the other party directly what happened right before the call ended.

This conversation might be a little awkward, especially if the other party wanted to end the conversation without any further questions.

This is a necessary step if you find yourself having the same problem with the same caller or if the problem is persistent with all of the calls you make through Facetime.

Even if one of you is found to be at fault for the call ends, this does not mean that ending the call was made with any sort of intent. Most often than not, you will find that if a call has suddenly ended is because of a mistake.

1. Ask Them If They Did Anything Right Before the Call Ended

The first thing you will want to know is if they were doing anything with their phone before the call dropped.

Oftentimes when doing facetime calls, we tend to receive notifications from other apps and if they are important, we will check to see what the notification entails. When doing this shift between apps, it is common for a misclick to happen.

It might also be possible that they were searching through their open apps, closing all of the unwanted apps, and mistakenly closed the facetime call. The only way to know with certainty, however, is to ask them if they were doing anything before the call was dropped.

If they answered that they were doing other tasks on the phone while facetime was in the process, that might be the reason that the call dropped.

But if they say that they were not doing anything while the call was going on, it might be a sign that the call may have dropped because of something you did.

It is important to check to see if there was anything in particular that was done by either party, especially if the problem with automatic hang ups is persistent.

2. Check Who Was Fiddling With Their Headphones Before

Thanks to Facetime, we are able to have conversations with each other as if we were having conversations in person since we are to see the other person.

Because there is a need for video to be recorded as well as audio, many people opt to use headphones as they make facetime calls to hear the audio in a more clear way. We tend to fidget as we make calls, especially if the call is very interesting to us.

This means that we might tend to walk, fidget around with our hands, play with our hair, or at times even play around with our headphones. This fidgeting we tend to do might be causing our calls to drop.

To check if this is the case that our calls are dropping, we must see if any one of the callers was fiddling with their headphones before the call dropped.

Since most headphones now have playback buttons that are used to change the music, answer or end calls, or even use Siri, the chances of ending a call by fiddling with your headphones are very real.

If one of you was, in fact, playing around with your headphones, it is fair to say this was the cause of the call ending.

3. Check Who the Bad Internet Connection Has

As previously stated, bad internet connections make for a poor experience when it comes to facetime calls.

Since a considerable amount of internet speed is needed in order for the connection to remain stable for as long as the call lasts, a bad connection from either side of the call might result in that call ending.

First ask the other party to see what type of internet they are currently using. If they are using mobile data, ask them to see the number of bars that they have on their phone.

If they are using WIFI, ask them to check the strength of the WIFI signal they are currently using. It is also important to ask if they have had any sort of problems in the past while using the connection they are using.

All of the aforementioned questions also apply to you, meaning that just as they may have a bad connection, it might be possible that you are the one that is having connectivity problems.

If any of you have less than two bars of a cellular connection, have previously experienced problems with your internet, or are currently in an area with a poor cellular connection.

If one of the parties involved suffers from connectivity problems, it will be impossible to have a conversation with the required reliability

Facetime has become the stable for much richer conversations for people all over the world.

Thanks to the ease with which facetime shows use audio and video to mimic personal conversations as if they were happening in real life, many people like the way in which facetime calls behave.

Since facetime is not only an audio conversation but also a video, there is a need to send information that is too heavy to be supported only by cellular connectivity. Because of this, there are many factors that lead to a dropped call.

Mainly the causes of a dropped call pertain to low quality of internet connection which leads to calls being disconnected.

There is also the possibility that an abrupt ending of a call is caused by mistakenly ending the call by either a misclick, fidgeting with headphones, traveling through areas with poor connections, or simply closing the facetime app by accident.

If you see that there is a persistent problem with facetime calls with one or various callers getting to the root of the problem is the only way to fix the solution.

Communicating with the other party and finding out what went wrong is the only way to be sure of the cause of the disconnection.

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