In March 2017, Facebook introduced stories that allowed you to film or upload videos to your ‘story’ from the last 24h so people know what you’re getting up to.

A lot of people have been complaining that they have problems with their story uploading.

Why Your Facebook Story’s Stuck on Finishing Up

If your Facebook story is stuck on Finishing up or This video couldn’t be uploaded to your story, in most cases it’s because of your internet connection. Facebook stories require a strong internet in order to be uploaded. Even if you have an internet connection, it may not be strong enough for the story to be uploaded.

The second reason is due to a bug that’s causing your stories not to upload regardless of if you have a good internet connection or not. A bug is caused by a failure in the system and this causes unexpected results.

How to Know If Your Story Won’t Post

When you can’t post a story, then usually you might see a retry button asking you to try and post the story again. Another thing you might see is a black screen with a loading circle in the bottom right.

During the unloading process, you’ll notice that Facebook doesn’t let you delete it which can be very frustrating if you want to upload it from your camera roll again – this might be because you fear that the problem will suddenly stop occurring and then both stories will upload at the same time.

A common error that shows when your story is taking forever to upload is ‘This video couldn’t be uploaded to your story’. When you see this, it’s a clear indication that there’s a problem that prevents the story from being published, and to fix this, you’ll need to try the solutions below.

How to Fix Facebook Story Not Uploading

Turn Your WI-FI off then to Connect Facebook to the Internet

Before you start to read through the article for possible solutions, the quickest way you could try and fix this is to restart your internet connection by turning your WI-FI off then on. Sometimes your device may lose internet connection, and this can stop your Facebook story from uploading. Once you’ve done this, the story should upload after a while.

Restart the App To Remove Glitches That Could Prevent Uploading

The first way to combat this problem would be to restart the app. When you restart the app, it refreshes the page which allows any glitches that were causing the story not to upload in the first place to upload. After you’ve restarted the app, you can try and post the story again. If this doesn’t work, go to the next step.

Delete and Re-upload the Story to Remove Upload Failed

The first way you can try and fix this glitch is by reuploading the story. Before you try and do this, make sure you save the story if you recorded it live. Once you’ve done this, you need to delete the story that’s not uploading and try to re-upload it. If you were experiencing a glitch, the story should upload this time.

Switch from WI-FI to Data to Start the Uploading Process Again

If you’ve tried the steps above and you think it’s related to an internet issue, the next step you should take would be to switch from Wi-Fi to data vice versa.

If you’ve already restarted your Wi-Fi connection, this would be a good step to take. If you found that switching didn’t work, this means that there’s a problem with your router. In this case, you would either need to restart your router or reset it if restarting it doesn’t work. From here on, your story should be able to upload.

Stop Using Gifs that Could Mess Up The Upload Process

One thing that a few Samsung users have noticed is that their stories weren’t uploading when it had a GIF. Then once they tried to post the story again without the GIF, they managed to publish it. If you’ve noticed that the story that isn’t posting has GIFs, go back to your camera roll and try to reupload the story without the GIF. This might get rid of the bug that could be stopping you from sharing the story in the first place.

Update Facebook to Get Rid Of Bugs That Could Prevent Uploading

The last step to take if the steps above haven’t worked for you would be to update Facebook. If the steps above didn’t work, it looks like the app has a bug.

From here on, you would need to go to the App Store and check if Facebook has an update. The point of an update is to fix bugs and add new features to the app.

If you look at the description, you’ll see the term ‘bug fixes’. There’s a very high chance that this would fix the bug that’s causing your story not to upload. Once you’ve updated the app, you can check to see if the story updated.

Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Facebook Bugs

Another way that you can try and get rid of the bugs that could be stopping your stories from uploading is to clear the app’s cache. When you clear the app’s cache, this can remove any errors in the app file and this can fix the problem you’re experiencing that stopping it from uploading.

If you’re on Android, you need to go to Settings, Apps, Facebook, then select Force Stop. Then scroll down and tap on storage, then select Clear Cache and Data. If you’re using an iPhone, then you need to go to your home screen where the app is available, from here, you then want to hold down on the Facebook app. Once the app starts shaking, you need to tap the ‘x’ and select remove from device. Once you’ve done this you need to go back and re-install the app again. From here, you can log into Facebook and see if you can post the story without it failing to upload.

How to Delete a Story While It’s Uploading

If your story is in the process of uploading but it’s taking forever, it’s a wise decision to try and delete the story. Unfortunately, during the process of uploading a story, there’s no way to delete the story. The only way you’ll be able to delete the story is to wait for it to fail or to post. If you wait for the story to fail once it’s tried posting, then you can select the dotted line to pull up options, then select Delete. This will remove the stroy and from here, you can attempt to post the story again.

Facebook Stories Not Working

If you can’t post a story on Facebook, and you’re noticing that other people on the app can’t share their story which is preventing you from seeing it, then you know it’s an app-wide issue that is affecting everyone. If you’ve noticed a huge decrease in the number of stories that are usually there, then you can pin this issue on Facebook’s end.

Usually, when this happens, they have a bug or they’re doing some sort of maintenance that causes Facebook is acting up for a while. During this period, people are constantly sharing the fact that their stories won’t post on Facebook. The best thing to do in this situation is to wait for the problem to be fixed.

If You’re Noticing Facebook Stories Not Loading

On the contrary, rather than your stories failing to upload to Facebook, you might be noticing that new stories aren’t loading and you’re able to post stories yourself. If new stories aren’t loading, then you’ll want to check if you can upload stories yourself. If you can upload stories, then it’s likely to be routine maintenance on Facebook’s end so you’ll have to wait for that to clear out. If you can’t post stories and you’re noticing that other people’s stories aren’t posting, then you need to check your internet connection.