Facebook’s News feed is a great source of information if you’re following the right pages and people. It keeps you informed on everything that’s happening around the world and around you. Yes, you do see occasional pictures of your friends getting married and their kids, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay to keep yourself in the know how. Imagine, one day you open Facebook and the News feed isn’t working. What do you do? This can happen at times. But, you don’t have to worry. Is your Facebook news feed not working? Try these fixes.

When you open Facebook, the News Feed is the first thing you will see. If the news feed isn’t updating, then you may feel down and frustrated. In this post, we are going to list down a couple of fixes for those ‘Facebook News feed not working’ situations. Let’s take a look.

There could be several reasons why your Facebook News Feed isn’t updating properly.

Bad Internet connection

If you have a bad or slow internet connection, then the Facebook News Feed may not load properly. You can check your internet connection speed by using apps such as Speedtest. Also, Facebook uses a lot of data and if you’re using a data connection, you may be out of data, which is why the News Feed isn’t working.

Facebook Down

down detector

It is also possible that Facebook itself is down. Yes, the largest social network in the world can also face server outage and you may not be able to view your Facebook News feed. You can use a service known as Down Detector to check if the website is down. Wait for the service to be back up, which shouldn’t be more than a few minutes, sometimes an hour or so, and browse your Facebook News feed.

Check News Feed Settings

If your News Feed settings aren’t proper, then you may see repeated posts on your feed. It can also lead to the News Feed not updating properly. You will need to adjust the News Feed preferences. Simply click on the down arrow on the top right corner of the Facebook website and select the option called News Feed Preferences.

Priority settings

Change the Priority settings and select what you want to see first and also things that you don’t want to see. After you’re done, refresh Facebook and your News Feed should be working properly.

Clear Cache for Facebook app

You may also want to clear the cache for the Facebook app on your device. On Android, you can launch the Settings app and then look for Apps and Notifications. Here, search for the Facebook app and then head to storage. You should now be able to see the option to Clear Cache and Clear Data. Tap on Clear Cache and see if the Facebook News Feed is working. If not, you can also tap on Clear Data, but this will mean that you will have to login to the app once again.

Reinstall/Update the Facebook App

You can also uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app if you’re facing issues related to the Newsfeed. It is possible that the app has some issues and that’s why the Facebook Newsfeed isn’t working. We would recommend uninstalling the app after you’ve cleared the Cache and the Data. You can download the app once again from the Play Store and check if the news feed is working fine.

Update the App

If there’s an update available for the Facebook app, then go ahead and install the update. A bug in the current version could be causing the news feed from not working. Launch the App Store or Play Store on your device and check if an update is available. If there is one, then go ahead and install it immediately as it could fix the problem.

Is your phone too slow?

Is it possible that you just have a really old smartphone that doesn’t have the specifications to keep up with the latest Facebook app updates. If you have a budget smartphone with say 2GB of RAM, and are using several apps at the same time, then you’re bound to run into issues with the Facebook app. It uses a lot of system resources, including processor, RAM, and battery life. Check if your Facebook news feed works fine on a friends phone with more RAM and better performance.

Try Facebook Lite

You can also try out the Facebook Lite app if you own a budget smartphone and the standard app is using too many resources. The Lite variant of the app is less resource hungry and shouldn’t have any issues with showing the news feed.

Check the Most Recent Settings

Facebook has a Most Recent option, which allows you to choose how your News feed should look. If you want to see the most recent updates, then you will need to choose the Most Recent option. If you want to see the most important updates, then you choose that. Check these settings on your Facebook app or the website and set it to Most Recent to get the latest on your News feed.

There you are. Some methods that you can try if your Facebook newsfeed isn’t working. We hope you can continue to scroll through your News feed with ease now.