Facebook messages that were sent, but not delivered, can cause a lot of people to assume the worst when using Facebook Messenger. The likely possibility is the recipient just hasn’t read the message yet or, worst case scenario, they are ignoring your messages. How can a tiny icon cause such strife? Well, people want to be noticed, especially their words, but you should tread lightly when confronted with this problem or you might ruin a friendship.

The Status Icons of Your Facebook Message

Jumping to conclusions is a cornerstone of causing more problems. It’s best to wield as much knowledge on a situation before making assumptions. In this case, it’s worth noting and understanding the different status icons displayed in Facebook Messenger or Facebook as a whole. Unfortunately, when it comes to symbols void of text, it can be a head scratcher trying to decipher what an icon is actually representing.

The Message is Sending

delivered icon

This icon can fly by without ever seeing it; it’s existence is brief. However, depending on your connection, you may catch a glimpse of it. Next to your message, you’ll notice the outline of a simple blue or grey circle, completely empty. It may seem insignificant, but its life hinges on whether or not your message is sent. This is the first stage of your message because it establishes the connection between you and the person the message is being delivered to.

The Message Has Been Sent Successfully

Once the message has been successfully sent, it makes its transformation into a new status icon. Its new form is that of a circle, again, but this time accompanied by a small checkmark. This simple design is what has been causing strife for many. Its existence can signify a greater turning point for some or stay just as insignificant as before.

When you see this icon, your message was, indeed, sent. The connection established was successful and your message made it, but it hasn’t been read yet. Unfortunately, herein lies the issue, the culprit for such strife. Many have taken issue with this status icon because it could signify many outcomes. The status icon has another transformation.

The grey or blue filled in circle accompanied by a checkmark is the sign that the other person received your message, but that’s where it ends. But it still has one final transformation: a profile picture.

The Message Has Been Read

recipient has seen the message

When the recipient finally saw your message, the filled in circle will change into the individual’s current profile picture. The conversation now rests on the other person, what their response is going to be. And when you see those few dots appear, notifying you that they are actively typing their response, you’ll forget why you ever worried, hopefully. Unfortunately, they can still ignore your message.

Your Network Connection Needs Correcting

Everyone wants their network connection to be spot on at all times of the day. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and probably never will be. What you could be experiencing is your network connection losing packets. Without this successful connection, you message could be floating in the ether and may never be sent until the problem is corrected.

One such solution that often gets forgotten and many never realize is your modem and router needing a reboot every once in awhile, a month or so. Rebooting regularly gives your modem and router a moment to flush any corrupted data that may be lurking in your modem and router. This corrupted data, over time, builds up and can drastically affect the strength of your connection.

1. Locate your modem and router (if you have a router).

2. In the back, find the power cable for both your modem and router. Follow the cords until you reach the power outlet they are both plugged into.

3. Pull the power cords from the power outlet and give the modem and router at least 2 minutes.

4. After 2 minutes is up, go ahead plug them back in and reconnect your device to your network connection. If the problem was solved, then you discovered the source of the problem.

Your Message May Have Been Deleted

When you receive a message, you are free to respond in certain ways. In this case, the person you sent a message to could have deleted the conversation without opening it. It’s possible to do. In Facebook Messenger, all it takes is pressing your finger against the person you want to delete, hold it there until additional options appear and delete the conversation.

There isn’t much you can do about this. It could be that the individual doesn’t want to speak with you. The last action you want to take is spamming their inbox with messages. Unfortunately, you’ll never know if this is the case unless you ask a mutual friend that’s willing to clear the air for you.

They Dumped Your Messages Into Spam

Speaking of spam, you have the opportunity of label the messages of people as spam. Any and all messages will get sent straight to spam, never to be viewed and those messages will never get the chance to transform from “Sent” to “Delivered.” To you, the messages you send will always be labeled with the “Sent” status icon.

But like the section before, you won’t know for sure unless you speak with a mutual friend that can confirm it for you. If that’s the case, then respect their wishes and save your words.

Bottom Line

Chances are the person just hasn’t read your message yet. Like mentioned before, running head first into a situation assuming the worst will only cause more problems. Think about it recent events. Have you two been in an altercation recently or are you aware of something that you did offended them? No, then they haven’t read it yet.

And you can rule out blocking because you can’t message someone that blocked you, nor would they even show up as a possible candidate for messaging. Take a deep breath and wait for a response.