Facebook Live Comments Not Showing 2024

Facebook Live Comments Not Showing

Commenting is one of the main ways that followers are able to connect to those who are directing lives on the platform of their choosing. What if you can’t see the comments made on your Facebook Live?

Why Is Facebook Live Comment Not Showing

Are you making comments during a live stream, but you notice that none of the comments are showing up? Are you making a live stream and noticing that there are no comments during your life?

There are some reasons why a comment might not be available to others, and the way to fix them is easy and quick to apply. Most of the problems come from the fact that there might be bugs that interrupt the feature of commenting on Lives.

It might also be possible that the servers for Facebook are not currently connected. A problem with bugs sounds like a problem that is too difficult to fix since the bugs are found within the code of the site, but their fixes do not take more than a few minutes.

If you have recently updated your Facebook app and this is the way that you are currently using to comment on Lives, then the possibility of a bug being the cause of the problem rises. So what can you do if no comments appear during Live?

1. Is it Possible You’ve Got a Bug?

If you’ve got a bug, this means that while the code was updated, new problems surfaced because of the update, and now features will not work as they are meant to work.

It is possible that an error found in the code is interfering with the ability of users to comment during a Live. If you do happen to have a bug, there are several fixes you will want to try to get rid of this pesky bug.

Fix 1 – Use Facebook.com and See If You Can’t See Comments on A Live

If you were previously using the app food, Facebook tries instead to use the site.

Sometimes a bug is specific to the platform that you are currently using, meaning that while a bug may be present in the app, the bug does not also have to be present on the site.

Go to Facebook.com and head into any given life, and check to see if you can see the comments of this life. If you can not see the comments on the live, try and head onto another live stream.

If all of this still does not fix the problem, chances are that the bug is found on both instances of Facebook.

Fix 2 – Use Facebook on Your PC and See If You Can’t See Comments on A Live

If you have been using your phone to check Facebook, changing to your PC might fix the problem. Just like bugs can be specific to the way you are reaching a site, this can also be true when using a certain device when logging into Facebook.

Once you log into Facebook through your computer, head onto another life to see if you can now see the comments.

If you are still unable to see the comments of others, this might mean that the bug is universal and no matter what device and which way you are connecting to Facebook.

Still, if the bug seems to be universal, this does not mean that there is no other way to try and fix the problem. Even though the bug may be found everywhere, there are still fixes you might want to try.

Fix 3 – Log Out and Log In

If you have already tried to see if the comments are available on all the means you can, you should try to log out and log back into Facebook in all the previously mentioned ways.

First, try to log out and back in with the main device you use while surfing through Facebook. Once you log out, wait at least 30 seconds before you log back in. Once you log back in, try to see if the same problem still exists.

If the problem remains, try to log out and back in at least 2 more times on the same device in the same way you’ve been trying.

If it has not worked, change the way that you are using Facebook without changing the device you are using and try the method of logging out and in to see if this gets rid of the error.

If this does not get rid of the error now, you may try to do all of the steps again with a new device. Since logging out and back in forces all of the content on your profile to reboot, it is important to let the app have enough time and as many times that the reboot might need.

If there is the possibility for you to log into a different account than the one you are currently using, this will give you more information about the problem you are having.

If you happen to have a second account on Facebook, then try to log in to this different account to see if the same problem with comments during a live session persists.

If once you log in, you see that there is a problem with comments during streams, then go ahead and log out and log back in.

This might not fix the problem that you are having on your account, but it will let you know if the problem that you are experiencing is only happening on the account you are using.

Fix 4 – Clear the Cache

Cached data is data that sites and applications use in order to enhance your experience while using sites and apps. Cached data is saved on browsers and on some apps that use your data to bring you a richer experience.

If you are weary about deleting your cached data, don’t be, the cached data that is being saved on the device does not have any direct impact on the performance of any site or app. Cached data is oftentimes found on settings under the privacy tab.

If you want to make sure that no other information is deleted, make sure that only the option of deleting the cached data is selected. Under the Facebook app, cached data is not registered as cache data, but rather it is identified as Browsing Data.

To clear this data, you must first scroll down to Settings and Privacy, then scroll down to the permissions section and tap browser.

Once here, you might delete the Browsing Data. Sometimes the error is found deep in sections of the app, and it has been proven that most of the time, deleting cached data will fix the bug.

Deleting cached data on your browser might also help with the way other sites interact on your device since it will be like you are using the site for the first time.

Fix 5 – Update the App

Updates are the main culprit of introducing errors in the code since it is impossible to check all of the code for errors.

Since it is impossible to check all of the code, then the appearance of bugs is always a given, especially on apps as big as Facebook. But just as updates might cause errors, updates are meant to fix previous errors that appear because of the change in code.

Since updates work to make the app more secure and efficient, dealing with errors is also one of the main focuses of updates. Always make sure that your apps are updated because this will mean that you have the version of the app that is the most secure and reliable.

If you have not yet updated the app, head to your app download center to do so. If you want to check the additions that the new update will bring before downloading its, head onto the description of the new update.

Most of the time, fixes are placed before any new additions of the update, so if you see “Fixed problems with comments during Lives” or something to that effect, then it means that the problem that you are dealing with is a problem that others have been dealing with and is a focus on this new update.

Even if the update summary does not mention the problem you are having directly doesn’t mean that the problem will not be fixed by the update.

It is always important to see the things that new updates will work on since you will have a better understanding of the way that the app is working.

2. The Bummer of Them all…Facebook is Down

If you have tried all of the fixes, but the problem is still there, then it might be the case that the servers for Facebook are down.

Servers may be down for a plethora of reasons, but the main reasons might be that; the servers are being updated, the servers became overloaded, or there is a problem with the way that the servers are currently working.

Whatever the cause might be for the servers to be down, it is a bummer nonetheless. If the servers for Facebook are down, none of the features that are available for you to use on the platform will work correctly. What can you do if the servers appear to be down?

Fix 1 – Wait For Facebook Servers to Correct Itself

The only real solution for this problem is to wait until Facebook resolves the issues with its servers.

It is a drag to see that the only solution is to wait until someone else works on the problem and eventually fixes it, but this is the case if the servers are down. But how can you know if the servers for Facebook are actually down?

If the servers for a site are down, this means that even the most basic actions will not be able to be processed since the servers can not process any demands from the users.

If you are able to surf Facebook without any problem, this means that, most likely, servers aren’t down. On the other hand, if there is no sort of loading happening on your page and you are unable to see any type of content on Facebook, most likely, the servers are down.

To check if it is happening to everyone or just to you use another social media platform such as Twitter and check to see if any other users are talking about Facebook being down.

If there are various comments about Facebook not working, then most likely there is a problem with all of the servers of Facebook, and no function will work correctly.

Another thing you might want to do to check if the servers are not working is to go directly onto any browser and search for Facebook Server Status.

Most of the time, big sites such as Facebook have other pages that are dedicated only to informing others about the status of their servers.

If there is a page that tells you the status of servers, it is likely that this page will contain a map to show where most problems have been reported.

Since most of these pages rely on users telling the page that there is a problem going on, it is not guaranteed that the information that you are going to get is accurate.

If you find that the servers are currently down, the only thing that you will be able to do is to wait until the servers regain connectivity.

Why Can’t I Comment On Facebook Live

If you find that you are not even able to make a comment on a Facebook Live stream, then the problems might be different for you.

The past examples dealt with the idea that you have been able to comment on the stream, but none of the comments were available for you to see. If you are not even able to make a comment on a Live stream, there are other explanations and fixes to explore.

1. You Don’t Follow the Streamer

If you are trying to comment on a streamer but you are not following the streamer, chances are that you will not be able to comment on their life.

This is because some people or brands might select to only get comments from those who are currently following them. If this is the case, it will be impossible to comment on their Lives if you are not following them.

Fix 1 – Follow the Streamer to Be Able to Comment on A Live

If this is the case, the logical step to follow is to follow the streamer that you are looking at to be able to comment.

If you are watching a Live and you feel the need to comment on their video, most likely this means that you care about the topic they are talking about, so following them might help you out in the future since you will be shown more of their content.

Commenting on a live is done to make sure that the creator you are trying to reach will read your comment in real-time and give you a response to your comment.

If you feel like you want to comment on a live but do not want to receive more of their content on your page, then you might want to follow them, comment on their Live, and unfollow them after your comment.

This is a way to make sure that even though you will follow them for a small amount of time, you will not get any further content from them. Some other accounts have the option of only receiving comments from people who have followed them for at least 15 minutes.

If you see that even after you follow an account, you are unable to comment, then wait at least 15 minutes and see if you are now able to comment on their stream.

2. The Comment You’re Leaving is Too Short

If the type of comment you are leaving are short comments like “Yeah” or “LOL,” maybe your comment will not go through since the number of characters you are using are too few to give to the streamer.

Fix – Make Sure Your Comment is At Least 100 Characters

If you are, in fact, leaving messages that are about 5-10 characters long then your comment might not be getting posted because the amount of characters is too little. If you want to deal with this problem, you will have to write more characters into your comment.

Writing a comment with at least 100 characters will be long enough to be considered important and sent to the streamer.

Something that you can do, while it might not be “socially correct”, is to write the comment that you want to send and follow it with a ton of exclamation marks or question marks.

This is if you do not feel like actually writing a comment that is 100 characters long, with all of the characters being letters that form actual sentences.

3. You’ve Had Your Facebook Account For Less Than 2 Weeks

The way that Facebook works is that you will not be able to comment on any stream if your account is less than 2 weeks old. If you have an account that is too new, there is no way for Facebook to know if you are the person you say you are.

Since this is a problem that is very common on social media apps, having a period of time for all users before they are able to comment on others’ streams is a way that harmful comments will not be said to streamers.

There is also the constant problem with spam accounts whose only purpose is to sell something to people under the disguise of socialization.

Fix 1 – Wait For Two Weeks

The only thing that you can do if this is your case is waiting for two weeks before you are able to comment on a Live stream. This is a measure to make sure that spam accounts are less likely to comment on a creator’s Live.

4. You Can Only Comment Once Within 10 Seconds

If you are commenting rapidly, then your comments will not appear on the stream. This is a way to make sure that spam comments are not permitted on Lives.

Fix – Wait For 10 Seconds Between Each

To make sure that your comment will be sent to the streamer, then wait at least 10 seconds before you send a new comment. Since Facebook tries to make sure that there is no spam on their platform, this is a way to make sure to keep spam to the lowest amount possible.

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