Your Mac can show you an error code 43 with a message saying, ‘This operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found’. This error usually occurs when you’re trying to copy files from one folder to another using a USB.

The Reason the Error Occurs

You’re seeing the error code 43 on your Mac because there’s a glitch on your Mac that’s stopping files from being copied. A glitch is a failure in the operating system that causes an unexpected result. This glitch can be fixed by resetting your PRAM settings.

Another reason you’re going to see this error is that there are characters in the file name that shouldn’t be there.

Characters like @ > ! “ are not allowed to be in your documents file name so if you’re trying to copy files from one document to another, you’ll need to remove illegal characters from the file name.

One more common reason for code -43 is that the file you’re trying to move is locked. This means that you’ll have to open the file and unlock it. From here, you can try and move/copy the file to your USB and it should be successful.

Reset PRAM

Reset PRAM Mac

PRAM stands for Parameter Random Access Memory and this is a type of memory in your MacBook that stores system settings.

To reset your PRAM settings:

  1. Shut down your Mac
  2. Reboot your Mac and as soon as you hear the chime, hold down Command + Option + P + R keys
  3. The next time you hear the boot chime, the PRAM has been reset
  4. Wait for the Mac to boot up and then you should be able to move and copy files without receiving error code -43

Unplug your USB

If you’re using a USB, you may want to remove the USB and plug it back in again.

There could be a problem with your USB that’s stopping you from copying files from your Mac to your USB.

After you’ve plugged your external drive back in again, you can try and move/copy the files and it should work.

If this didn’t work, you should try the next step.

Delete the File and Download it Again

The next thing you should do is to delete the file and download it again.

If there’s a problem wrong with the file, this would be the best option to take.

  1. Open your email
  2. Compose an email and upload the file
  3. Send the email to yourself
  4. Delete the email from your Mac drive
  5. Open the email and download the file again
  6. Make sure the file isn’t locked
  7. Try copying or moving the file again

If there was a problem with your file, this should have resolved the problem.

Disk Utility

repair disk permissions

The next thing you should do is to look at the files permission or a folder corruption. This is a common cause for the error code -43.

The Disk Utility tool allows you to fix issues within your directories.

  1. Go to the Apple logo and click Restart
  2. When your Mac restarts, hold Command + R until you see the Apple logo
  3. Click on Disk Utility > Continue
  4. Click on the First Aid tab > click the disk the file is in
  5. Click on Repair Disk Permissions

After this, try moving or copy the file and the error should no longer pop up.