When Apple releases new software updates, it’s a very exciting time, when you have the chance to explore new features, and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing design, that outmatches the last.

If you recently updated to Mac OS Mojave, you probably noticed the capability to enter into a Dark mode theme. This theme, true to its name, uses darker colors, and isn’t as bright as the default Light Mode. While it’s exciting to enable Dark Mode the first time around, you may find that it isn’t right for you. Some users have complained that using Dark Mode strains their eyes even more, or that they find it difficult to use Dark Mode, when in an environment with low lighting.

If you recently purchased a new Mac, you may have enabled Dark Mode, when setting up the initial settings on your system, and now remain unaware how to enable Light Mode. Luckily, there’s an easy way to change back to Light Mode. In order to get started, and revert to using Apple’s default Light Mode, follow the instructions below.

Enable Light Theme in Mac

All you have to do is adjust the settings on your Mac, using System Preferences, in order to enable Light Mode on your Mac. You may have tried searching System Preferences before, in order to switch to Light Mode, and been unable to do so, since you likely searched the Displays or Accessibility preference panels.

Even though Apple is known for providing users with a simple to use operating system, this specific setting is a bit confusing to navigate, at first. Displays and Accessibility are the common settings one would think to adjust in order to change the Mac OS theme. However, in order to switch to Light Mode, you actually have to adjust the General settings in your Mac. In order to get started, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner of your screen.

click on System Preferences

2. Scroll down and click on System Preferences.

Click on the General preference panel

3. Click on the General preference panel.

4. Right at the top of the General window, search for the Appearance section.

Click on Light

5. Click on Light from the available appearance options, in order to automatically enable Light Mode.

6. Close System Preferences.

By carrying out the method above, you’ll notice the appearance change right away. All of the onscreen elements, applications, and other visuals on your screen, will adjust to the Light Mode theme. Please note that if you have a large amount of applications or windows open, it may take some time for the elements to change from Dark to Light. Please be patient as the process is carried out.

If you wish to switch back to Dark Mode in the future, all you have to do is follow the same instructions above, and choose the Dark option from the available appearance options. It’s best to use the option which doesn’t cause an immense amount of strain on your eyes.