Sending emails has become part of life in the past few years. It has led to the evolution of working from home and allowed people to run their business from virtually anywhere.

The mobile phone has made sending emails even easier because you no longer need to access your laptop or PC. The added advantage is that you can email pictures from your Android phone without having to transfer them.

Here are a few ways that you can attach and email pictures from your Android phone, depending on the email client you use.

1. Add Email to Your Android Device

  1. Choose your preferred email client from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can use the one that comes with your phone, or the Google Gmail client that comes with your Android phone.

  1. Enter your email and password. When you open the client for the first time, it will ask you to input your email address and password. If you don’t have an email address yet, then you will have the opportunity to create one at this stage.

2. Attach Pictures using Gmail

Gmail Android home screen

  1. Open Gmail from your Apps Menu. This app can be in a folder, or it can be among all your other Android apps. If you aren’t using Gmail or Samsung mail, you’ll have to look for the email client that you’re going to use to send pictures.

Compose email Gmail

  1. Click the Compose email button. This red pencil icon at the bottom right of the screen sets up a new email for you. This screen will also show you any emails you have unread, or saved for later.

To subject line Gmail

  1. Fill in the ‘To’ and the ‘Subject’ line. You need to check the email address you enter because it’ll be checked for accuracy unless it’ll return to you as undelivered. You can send an email without anything in the subject line, but it will be better for the person receiving the email as they will know what it’s about before they open it.

Attach things to email Gmail

  1. Click the Attach icon at the top. This paperclip icon will allow you to attach a picture. You will then be asked if you want to attach a file or insert a file from your Google Drive.

Select the picture you want to attach

  1. Select the picture you want to attach. Don’t send more than 5 pictures at one because Gmail has a 25GB email limit and this can cause your email to remain undelivered when you send it. You can also add other files such as documents.

picture attachment Gmail

  1. Click Send to email the photo to your recipient. This is the paper plane icon in the top right. You can also forward or several recipients if you need to send the picture to a lot of people.

3. Send Pictures from Your Gallery

As well as attaching your photos from your new email, you can also share your images from your gallery. If the images or videos you want to send are all the way down your gallery, finding them in your gallery is faster than finding them from Gmail gallery carousel.

Android Gallery

  1. Open the Gallery from the home screen. Any picture every taken or downloaded on your phone will be found in this app.

Share picture from gallery to email

  1. Select the photo you want to attach. You can hold down multiple photos if you need to share them in Gmail. Try and avoid sending more than 5 pictures per email because the email with because too large – Gmail has a limit of 25GB per email.

  1. Click the share icon and Select Gmail in the options. If there are too many sharing options, you’ll need to scroll through the list until you find email or Gmail. From here, you can also share it on several social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

4. Send Pictures with Samsung Email

Many email apps on Android mobiles use a similar layout. If you use your Androids default email app instead of Gmail or another email client, here’s how you send pictures to an email.

Samsung email Android

  1. Open the Email app. If you have a Samsung phone and you this to send emails instead of Gmail or the email app, you’ll find this on your home screen. 

Compose email

  1. Click the Compose email button. This is the red button with the pencil and paper icon at the bottom right of the email app.

Subject of email

  1. Fill in the ‘To’ and ‘Subject’ details. The ‘To’ section is who you’re sending the email to and the ‘subject’ section tells the recipient what the email is about.

Click attach in email

  1. Tap the ‘Attach’ button. This is at the top right of the email.

Select pictures from your gallery

  1. Select the picture you want to attach. You can also do this by long pressing on a picture in your Gallery. It will then give you a list of places where you can share your picture, including the email option.

send email with the picture attached

  1. Click Send to email the photo. When the recipient receives the email, they’ll have to option to see a preview of the email and an option to download the email.

4. Reply to Picture Emails

You can also reply to an email and add a photo. The picture will remain attached in the email conversation so you can always refer back to it or download it to your gallery.

Reply to email

  1. Click the Reply icon at the bottom of the email.

  1. Continue the process as you would for a new email.

Once you get familiar with the process, emailing photos from your Android phone will become easy.