Element TV Screen Black? Try These 14 Fixes

Element TV Screen Black

Screen issues such as going black are prevalent TV issues. However, before troubleshooting your Element TV, first, determine the cause of why you are stuck in THE VOID.

Why Is My Element TV Screen Black

1. Bug with TV

Fix – Unplug the TV, Press Power Button for 30 Seconds, Then Replug 

Performing a reboot on your Element TV can remove bugs and glitches that could be causing the black screen. Additionally, your Element TV can go blank if running continuously for a prolonged period.

To restart your Element TV correctly, you can first switch off the TV using the TV remote. Then unplug the TV power cable from the electrical outlet for 30 seconds. After unplugging, wait about 3-4 minutes, then plug the cable back into the outlet. Lastly, turn on your Element TV and check if the issue continues.

To resolve the issue with the black screen, you can also perform a full factory reset of the Element TV. Performing a hard or factory reset should eliminate any screen problems on your Element TV. Remember that a factory reset will erase all your configurations, and you will have to reconfigure them all over again.

First, find the reset pinhole to reset the entire Element TV system, typically located at the back of your TV. Using a sharp object such as a pencil tip or paper clip, safely press and hold the button for 50 seconds.

The TV will automatically power down and restart after the successful reset. After waiting a while for your TV to power back on (the power-on can take a couple of minutes), your TV should be back to its default settings.

Having a bug with your television can be quite irritating, especially when watching your favorite episode of Game of Thrones. But, this is one bug that can be taken care of.

2. Issue With Remote

When you prepare to use your remote and discover that it is not complying or responding when it comes to troubleshooting the issue of getting out of THE VOID (black screen), there can be several issues behind it. This is no reason to become overwhelmed. However, many issues that your Element TV remote can face are easy to fix.

Fix 1 – Remove Remote Batteries From the Remote, Press Power Button on the TV For 30 Seconds, Then Put It Back In

This is a process that is known as the power cycle of the remote. A power cycle is simply an immediate manual reset of the remote. To test if you have resolved the issue, try reproducing what you did when the black screen first appeared. Use the TV normally and watch out for the black screen to reappear. If it appears again, you may have to resort to another resolution method.

Fix 2 – Replace Batteries 

If removing and re-entering the batteries from the remote or rebooting the Element TV is an epic fail, try to change the batteries of your TV remote. Some users managed to fix the issue by replacing the batteries of their TV’s remote.

Make sure to use long-lasting batteries (view on Amazon) and keep a close eye on battery erosion so the circuit of the remote isn’t disrupted by acid that develops from not changing out batteries when applicable.

Fix 3 – If You’ve Been Noticing Issues With Your Remote, Replace It

After all, is said and done with troubleshooting the remote, the best thing to do is consider looking into returning and replacing the device.

When considering a replacement, it’s always key to make sure that the model of the remote you are purchasing matches the model of the remote that is compatible and paired with the Element TV.

You can simply do this by visiting the retailer that sold the television to you or contacting the developers (Element) to request a replacement for your remote.

2. HDMI Issue

HDMI is an acronym for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the most typically used HD signal for transferring each high-definition audio and video via a single cable from one machine to another.

Sometimes, the result of a black screen on your Element TV may be due to a disruption of the HDMI connection. A faulty HDMI or power cable will have interruptions that may cause your element TV to lose the picture. To jump on resolving the issue, you can:

Fix 1 – Get Rid of HDMI Extensions-

Extension cables extend the reach of your existing HDMI cables, allowing you to connect components that may be too far away to reach with the cables that came packaged with your equipment.

Possible causes of a black screen from an HDMI extension could be based on a bad cable or a too-long cable, resulting in either the video signals or EDID/HDCP control signals not transmitting properly.

Although extensions can be resourceful, in this case, it may be best to remove the extensions to see if the screen on the Element TV will return to live color.

Fix 2 – Restart HDMI Connection

Sometimes restarting and reconnecting your devices is an effective method to get your HDMI port to work again.

To do this, first, you must disconnect all your HDMI cables from your ports. Then, shut down the TV and unplug the power cables (and battery if you use a laptop). Once this is done, leave the connections disconnected for five minutes.

Plug the power cables (and the battery) back in. Reconnect the HDMI cables back to your devices. And finally, power on the devices. Once these steps are followed, you can test the HDMI connection to determine the issue.

Fix 3 – Replace HDMI Connection

After all options have been exhausted with troubleshooting the HDMI connection, the latter would be to request a replacement for the connection from the retailer the HDMI was purchased from.

If you cannot request a replacement from the retailer, simply purchase a new HMDI cable. It is highly recommended to take immediate action to replace an old HDMI connection. Old or worn HDMI cables that have exhibited extreme wear and tear can prohibit proper circuit travel, resulting in the display not showing.

This even goes for connections that have minimal wear and tear. When replacing the HDMI connection, you must also consider the connector type, the initial resolutions of your video source and display, the distance between your devices, and the installation of the cable on walls or in humid or dusty environments.

Not saying these will keep THE VOID away, but taking heed to these aspects will minimize the outcome of a black screen showing up.

3. TVs Blacklight Broken So It Appears As If There’s No Picture When There Is.

Fix – Flash Your Light on TV and See If the Picture is Visible. If It Is, The Backlight is Broken.

If the backlight of your element tv is damaged or has some issues, it might be the reason for the black screen. If your Element TV is still showing the black screen, some instances may be that a broken or faulty backlight causes the issue. Maybe your TV’s backlight isn’t working, and it’s damaged or broken.

4. If the TV Screen is Black But Has Sound, The Screen is Muted

Fix – Unmute the Screen

Check to ensure the screen is not muted via your Element TV settings. Make certain the tv is no longer muted. Check all cables to make certain they are firmly connected to the TV and your exterior AV source.

After performing these steps, look at the screen to see that the video input matches up with the sound input. Increase the volume extent on both the remote and television.

This tends to happen randomly when television has been running continuously without a consecutive break. When this happens, the device goes into an “overload”. This means that more current flows through the television than the device allows, which can cause an issue with the display.

5. Power Supply Issue

Fix – Try a Different Wall Outlet

The most common cause of a blank TV screen is a fault in the power supply. TVs predominantly have more than a power supply board alongside other internal operational parts.

Trying a different wall outlet may do that trick. Check the electrical outlet if your TV screen remains unresponsive after all the tested and tried attempts.

Ensure the outlet is supplying current to the TV. Then, unplug the TV and reconnect another electrical device. If the new electrical device works, check the TV cable for breaks or signs of burning.

Sometimes, small rodents or pets can bite through the cable insulation and expose the copper wire, preventing current from passing through. Contact your nearest Element TV dealer for a suitable power cord replacement.

If the electrical device doesn’t power on, there is an issue with the socket or circuit breaker. First, check the circuit breaker for any tripped breakers or blown fuses. Then, reset the tripped breaker and replace the blown fuse to power your TV.

However, if the breaker keeps tripping, disconnect all your house electrical appliances and contact an electrician to fix the power surges. If the circuit breaker works, you will have to replace the wall socket. When discovering this troubleshooting method, be mindful that this can be risky.

If checking to see if your Element TV will be back up and running requires you to check your circuit breaker or fuse box, understand there is a high load capacity of electricity that flows through the breaker to maintain full electrical coverage of your home.

So, take proper precautions before coming into contact with a direct electrical hazard. If you are unsure what to check for when using this procedure, contact a professional or someone who knows how to use a circuit breaker or fuse box. When in doubt, reach out.

6. Motherboard Issue

The motherboard of a TV goes by many names; main board, logic board, electronic board, circuit board, main panel, and scaler board. Locating your TV mainboard is quite simple. The easiest way to identify your mainboard is to find what holds the audio and video inputs.

The primary function of the motherboard is to capture both video and analog signals and convert them to digital signals that’ll be transmitted to the T-con board.

Fix 1 – Unplug Motherboard, Then Plug Back In

Removing the motherboard from the TV is a relatively straightforward process. However, many hardware components inside a TV are connected to the motherboard directly or by way of some type of cable. If you need to remove the motherboard, you need to disconnect all of the hardware.

To open the TV that holds the motherboard, first, you need to remove the panel from the Element TV. The panel is usually held in place by several screws or with a bracket or clamp of some kind. Remove the fasteners securing the panel and carefully pull it off. Once the panel is removed, you’ll see the TV’s inside.

With the panel removed, place your TV on its’ opposite side. The motherboard is the large circuit board in the back of the TV, underneath the other hardware inside the case.

The most time-consuming part of the motherboard removal process is disconnecting and extracting the other pieces of hardware. You need to remove all hardware.

After you’ve disconnected the various cables and any hardware in the way of the motherboard, remove the screws that secure the motherboard. Remember not to let your screwdriver touch the motherboard when removing these screws, as it may cause damage and further issues. Once you have removed all the mounting screws, you may carefully remove the motherboard.

Once the motherboard is removed, slide the motherboard back in place and reconnect all components. Once all components are connected and the panel is screwed back onto the TV, turn the TV on to see if the display quality has returned to color.

When it comes to replacing a motherboard, if you have basic skills in assembling products, you can do this without a professional. Be honest about your abilities to do so, or you can find yourself buying a brand-new TV after already buying the motherboard.

Fix 2 – Replace Motherboard

The motherboard can cost anywhere from $35 to $150. The smaller the TV, the less the motherboard and vice versa. If you are unaware of how to replace the motherboard of your Element TV, consult a professional to be on the safe side. As it was stated before when in doubt, reach out.

Still Can’t Fix Element TV Black Screen?

Fix 1 – Replace the TV

After all options have been tested through trial, and there is still no visibility or progress of your Element TV revived back to full color, the latter option is to replace the television entirely.

Hardware malfunctions in your TV, such as faulty circuit boards and panels, can keep the black constant. When looking into a replacement, you must ensure the Element TV you are purchasing is up to par.

Reliable Element TV Model (view on Amazon)

Once you have the replacement TV, the first order of business is to ensure all of the television’s properties and functionalities are working properly.

Research the settings options and test out all the input and output sources to assure that there will be no issue with the screen display. That way, you can pinpoint any existing issues with the replacement.

Fix 2 – Contact Element

If none of the above solutions work, you may need a technician to identify the hardware issue and replace the necessary components. Element has a customer support number to help guide you through those issues: (888)842-3577.

You can submit a request through their website as well. For further web support, you can explore Element’s content via elementelectronics.com for further support and technical assistance.


There are many different reasons why your Element TV may be black. First, you have to determine the cause to make the appropriate repairs. Fortunately, these issues are not difficult to repair and hardly require professional help. Many troubleshooting steps are available to resolve the issue at hand.

The steps are designed and tested to assure a safe and secure process while proceeding with the resolution. However, if you cannot fix the problem with your device, consider contacting Element customer support services for further assistance before tossing the TV to the side or in the trash.

Although the issue of a blacked-out TV screen may be frustrating, the methods provided will assist you with getting your Element TV out of THE VOID OF DARKNESS and back up and in live color again!

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