Eharmony ‘Profile No Longer Available’? Do This!


The “Profile No Longer Available” notification is one of the most common confusing aspects of the eHarmony. If you encounter this notification, you may wonder what it means.

This guide will provide you with all of the details you need to better understand what the “Profile No Longer Available” notification means on eHarmony and the different ways that it can be caused to appear when viewing someone else’s profile on the app.

What Does Profile No Longer Available On eHarmony Mean?

1. They Have Blocked You

One of the main causes of the “Profile No Longer Available” notification on eHarmony is being blocked by another user on the app.

When you are blocked by a user on eHarmony, any time you attempt to view their profile you will be met with the “Profile No Longer Available” notification on the page where their profile used to be.

This is not the only cause of this notification but is one of the most common. To be sure that you have been blocked by a user after encountering the “Profile No Longer Available” notification, you should check your conversation with the user who has blocked you.

If you have been blocked on eHarmony by another user, your conversations will automatically be deleted and you will no longer be able to access them. 

If you are able to view your conversations with the user after encountering the notification on their page, then you should consider one of the other common causes in this list. Being blocked on eHarmony will keep you from viewing the user’s profile and communicating with the user on the app.

There is no way to bypass these restrictions. The only way to have communication and profile viewing privileges restored is to be unblocked by the user.

If you have some other way to communicate with the person who has blocked you outside of eHarmony, you should consider reaching out to them for more information on why they blocked you.

2. They Have Deleted Their Account

Another common cause of the “Profile No Longer Available” notification is a deleted eHarmony account. Once an account has been deleted from the site, this notification will be displayed on their page when you search for them or attempt to view their profile page.

If you have another way to communicate with the user whose account has been deleted, you should consider reaching out to them for more information regarding their deleted account. This will be the only means of getting in touch with the user once they have deleted their account.

3. Their Account Is Suspended

A suspended account will also display the “Profile No Longer Available” notification. An account on eHarmony can become suspended if the user’s behavior on the app is found in breach of eHarmonys Terms of Service.

The Terms of Service outline specific behaviors that can cause your account to be permanently or temporarily suspended. Some of the common behaviors that get eHarmony accounts suspended are sending hateful or threatening messages and harassment.

You should refer to the eHarmony Terms of Service if you are interested in all of the activities that could potentially get your account suspended.

Once an account is suspended, the user will be unable to access their account or communicate in any way with other users of the application for the duration of their ban. If you know the user outside of eHarmony, you should consider reaching out to them to find out more about why their account was suspended.

4. Bug

You could be the unlucky person who ran into the bug right now. If you run into any bugs, you can report them. If you are the first one to run into these bugs, you can save a lot of others from having the same problems.

Fix – Log Out, Then Back In

An old-fashioned restart is sometimes all the service needs. You can uninstall the service from your device, then redownload it and sign back in. This will often solve the issue and you’ll be able to use eHarmony without seeing the Profile No Longer Available message for someone you’ve previously matched with.

Fix 2 – Update eHarmony to Get Rid of Bugs.

You might just need to update your software. 

Fix 3 – Use Instead

If the app on your phone is displaying the Profile No Longer Available message, you switch to your PC and use the website instead. 

Fix 4 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of eHarmony Bugs

You will be able to get rid of a lot of the bugs you are dealing with if you clear your cache from time to time. Clearing your cache will help a lot if your phone is also affecting the eHarmony app.

Fix 5 – Contact eHarmony Support

If none of these things work, you will probably have to contact support. There might be an issue with your account that is causing the Profile No Longer Available.

The best bet if you just don’t know is to either send them an email or give them a call. They will be able to answer any questions you might have and tell you for sure what is going on with your account.

Fix 6 – Wait for Them to Come Out with A Fix

You could just wait for them to fix it if you have tried everything, and you don’t want to mess with it any longer. You can go onto their social media to see what is going on. The most accurate information is likely to come from their social media platforms.

If you want, you can contact them, or you can wait and see when they say the problem has been fixed. 

5. eHarmony Is Down

They might be having an issue with their servers, or they might just be doing maintenance and you’re just hitting the time they are working on it. Although it might be inconvenient, it’s a fact of life. Services sometimes just go down.

If you find that you’re still seeing the Profile No Longer Available error, it might just be that the eHarmony servers are down.

Fix – Wait for eHarmony to Go Back Up

There won’t be a lot you can do if the system is down again. The best solution is sometimes to just wait for it to come back up. Although this can be annoying, they will be able to fix the issue and give you a better experience going further.

This could fix any bugs you may have run into on the service before this and make the service run better.

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