One of the most common things to do online is to post on Facebook. It’s a way to publicly, or privately, place your piece via the internet. You can even add photos, videos, and comment on other peoples post.

Sometimes comments on Facebook can trigger the launch of a thousand cyber-bullies. It’s a very alarming condition nowadays, 5 out of 10 kids experience this and 8 out of 10 are witnesses to this on a daily basis.

However, it’s not really wrong to voice out your opinion via public platform but if it’ll end up in an argument or abuse, it’s best to just edit the post or the comment you made.

You can edit your Facebook Comments through two methods. You can do it either through the desktop version or the app version.

1. Edit Comments Facebook Desktop

In this method, you’ll need a working network connection. Your desktop or laptop, and a web browser installed so you can navigate to Facebook’s official website.

Simply log in to your account and find your way to the post or comment you want to edit. Once you’ve located the post or comment, you can then proceed to the first step in this method.

comment menu

  1. Click on the comments Menu. This is besides your comment on the post and is represented by three dots.edit
  2. Click Edit. If you notice, there’s also a delete portion here. This means that you can also simply resort to deleting if the comment wasn’t meant to be published in the first place.edit your comment
  3. Make changes to your comment.
  4. Press Enter to save the edited comment. Or Esc to cancel editing.

2. Edit Comments Facebook Mobile

You can get the app for free through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. Once you have the app, open it up and login as how you would normally. Navigate your way to the post or comment you want to edit then proceed to step one in this method.

hold comment

  1. Hold your comment under the edit
  2. Select Edit. If you notice in the desktop version, you could only select edit or delete. In the app version, you can reply, edit, copy, or delete.edit your comment
  3. Edit your comment.
  4. Click Update to save the edited comment. Or Cancel to stop editing.

It’s really very easy to edit your comments on Facebook. The social media platform makes it easy and accessible to do so when you’re either browsing on your computer or through the app on a mobile phone. The process doesn’t take up a lot of time and it’s actually over before you know it.

This type of functionality is really great because you can go back to the things you say and do some minor or major edits if you find them inappropriate. If you haven’t done this before, consider trying it out so when you actually have to do it, you’ll already know how to accomplish the task.

It’s important to keep in mind that you can only edit your own posts or comments. You’ll be unsuccessful if you attempt to edit posts or comments of friends, family, and other people.