Dying Light 2 Can’t Invite Friends? Try These 10 Fixes

Dying Light 2 Can't Invite Friends

There you are, taking on zombies, parkouring around the desolate, apocalyptic landscape of Dying Light 2 Stay Human on your PC or your PS5 and or your Xbox One, realizing that this world is a little bit too devoid of life; what is a survival horror gamer to do?

Ultimately deciding to invite some friends to join your desperate attempt to survive and so long you have passed the “Markers of Plague” quest, you can do so; so you go to invite some backup in this bloody escapade, and it won’t let you invite your friendly helpful band of survivors.

Why Can’t I Invite Friends on Dying Light 2

This can be a very frustrating (and let’s be honest) deadly problem to encounter in the midst of a terrifying horde of zombies. While a lot of gamers will just chalk this up to a bug in the game’s system, there are many different possible reasons why it’s not letting you invite your friends in order to survive in Villedor.

Sometimes it is a little too easy to blame the game’s devs (developers) for any issues encountered in the gameplay as there are many requirements and responsibilities to be met on your side as well.

From corrupt files to simple little fixes, this article could offer some infectious answers that you can spread to your friends. So do not despair in this apocalyptic world, and let’s see if we can help you get that back up you require with these tech fixes.

1. Poor Internet Connection

When enjoying the open world of Dying Light 2 and attempting to invite your parkouring buddies, one thing you, unfortunately, must consider is; is your internet connection strong enough to support it and while you are at it, are you even connected to the internet?

Furthermore, are you sure you paid your bill for your internet service? Sometimes a poor Internet connection can be the product of your router malfunctioning or your modem is experiencing errors in its performance.

These are problems you can experience when attempting any online activities on any device harboring the ability to connect. While there is the option to play offline, you won’t be able to play with friends in co-op.

Fix – Restart the Game Fully

A good fix to hopefully restore your bloody adventures in Dying Light 2, is to attempt to fix your internet connection as it plays a critical part in the co-op mode, providing you and your friends a network to connect with over long distances or even overseas.

One way to test your connection and hopefully, in turn fix the issue and if you’re on a console such as the PS5 or Xbox One, what you can do is; to close out the game fully, which you can achieve by (if you’re on the PS5) press the home button (the PlayStation symbol between the joy sticks).

This will bring you to the home menu. After you can hold the (PS) home button this should bring a settings menu and there you should find the “close applications” option.

Go ahead and select that and then it will ask you if you are sure you want to close the following applications also showing the applications; Confirm the action and this will close the game completely.

The Xbox version of closing the game is essentially the same. Simply press the “Xbox” button and this will bring up a guide menu with an option to “close applications or games” select this option, then it will ask you to verify the action, which you will need to agree to and this will completely close the game.

Next, you will want to disconnect your internet or WiFi connection. First off go to the settings on your console and open it, then find the “set up internet connection” menu option and select it.

Go to your WiFi network and select it. This gives you the option to either “disconnect” it or “advanced settings” go ahead and select disconnect and this disconnect your internet connection to your console.

After disconnecting the internet connection, proceed to and launch the game Dying Light 2, be sure to load your saved progress on the game; then, you are going to reconnect the internet connection by holding your respective controller’s guide menu button (PS5 or Xbox symbol) then go to the “set up internet connection” option.

Select it, after that select your WiFi network and this will re-establish the internet connection. Then wait for the game to recognize the connection and this should restore your ability to invite your friends and get back to hopping on the heads of the undead.

Fix 2 – Restart Router

You can restart the router by pressing the power button or unplug the power cord to the router first, then you will simply press the power button again or plug it back in and wait at least thirty seconds and that is how you restart your router. Remember, this is the only time you should power down you router as it is essential to your home’s internet network.

Fix – Reset Router

While the fix of restarting your router is indeed a great way to combat this internet connection problem, another great fix is to reset the router; you can do this by first keeping your router turned on, then you will want to find your router’s reset button this is usually located either on the back of the router or on the bottom of the router.

Now the “reset” button is through a very small opening to keep it from being accidentally activated, so be sure to get a paperclip or something equivalent to that size, then insert the paperclip through the opening until you reach the reset button.

Press the reset button and hold it down for at least thirty seconds, then release the button carefully.

After that, wait for the router to power back on and with any luck, this will do the trick to restore your internet connection, getting you back to running those ragged rooftops with your friends in Dying Light 2’s expansive apocalyptic playground.

2. You Have More Than 300 Friends on Steam

If you are an avid Steam gamer or even just a everyday gamer, you must have heard at some point that back when Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light launched, Bungie had eventually identified and eventually fixed crashes that were experienced by many Steam players, these crashes sometimes being caused by having more than three hundred friends on Steam.

Now, this very well could be the problem with inviting friends to play with you in Dying Light 2 on Steam.

While “why” this occurs has not been fully answered or explained it could have something to do with the limit of players allowed into the co-op mode, being that you can only have four players in the co-op mode including yourself the host of the party.

Fix – Delete Inactive Friends Till Friends List is Below 300

Now in order to parkour your way out of this problem, you can delete inactive friends off your friends list until it is below three hundred.

It hasn’t been fully explained why exactly it causes problems having this many friends on Steam however, if you are just super popular on Steam or you are a professional Steam player this can definitely mess with your good time as this issue can cause full on crashes.

This may be due to Steam’s system need to change files so it can run in the most optimized way possible, however, this is not confirmed.

Also as stated in the last section, it could have something to do with Dying Light 2’s co-op mode only allowing four players including the host of the party, so when you are trying to stomp out some zombies with your friends on Steam remember this fix; for it could be the answer to your technical, social dilemma.

3. Bug with Dying Light

Just like many technology devices and the software in them, video games and especially new video games are very susceptible to having “bugs”. What “bugs” are is very different from having a moth finding it’s way into your CPU fan, a “bug” is when a unexpected problem with the software occurs.

Now I’m sure if you are reading this, you have experienced a bug while in game this can be a NPC not completing a certain action or even a gun in the game that does not function as it should.

Gamers have seen this so many times, that at this point we almost expect them, especially with new releases as a lot of the time, production on video games can be rushed in order to meet release dates or for other reasons.

This could definitely be the problem with inviting your friends in Dying Light 2 on Steam.

Fix – Restart Dying Light 2

As I’m sure many gamers know it can be very useful to restart a game, now we don’t mean completely restarting your campaign progress as that would be highly frustrating but you restart the game program itself.

If you are playing Dying Light 2 on your Xbox One this is way to do this is: start by pressing the “Xbox” symbol or if you have voice command active you can also say “Xbox, go home.”

This will take you to the home menu, the hold the “Xbox” symbol button, this will open the options menu, then highlight the game and select “Quit”; after that relaunch the game and this will restart it.

If you are playing Dying Light 2 on PS5 you can restart the game by: pressing the PlayStation symbol button (PS) and this will take you to the home menu, then hold the PlayStation button and this will open a side options menu, at the very top will be a “Close Applications” option; go ahead and select it.

Then it will show all of the applications and games you can close, select the game (Dying Light 2) and then confirm the action and this will close out the game. After that, relaunch the game.

If you are playing Dying Light 2 on your PC (Windows), you can restart your game quite easily, here is how you do it:

You will start by selecting the Windows key, then look for the gear icon and select it, then proceed to “Apps” and then under “Apps & Features” find the game, click on the game and select the

“Advanced options” then simply click “reset” and this will reset it. After, you can open the game again (relaunching it). This should help with any problems experienced in game.

Fix 2 – Log Out Then Log In

As discussed in one of the last sections with the “more than 300 friends” problem, sometimes, unfortunately, Steam could be the culprit in this inviting friends situation. So, a good approach to this is to log out and log back in, giving the app and its functions a chance reset and reassess.

How do you this? It is a valid question, so here is how you log out with Android:

First open up the Steam app on your android device, after the friends page has opened, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Next tap on the settings bar and then in the expanded options, go ahead and select “sign out” confirm your decision by tapping the “Ok” button in the appeared window. You can log back in on the main menu it will take you to.

How to log out on Windows: First you are going to find the Steam app icon on your monitor and open it, as soon as you are on the Steam home page or anywhere in the app, select the Steam button located on the left side of the top menu.

Next select the “change account” option and then in the appeared window, you will select “log out”. You can log back in from the window it will take you to.

How to log out on Xbox: Start at the main menu of Steam, then press “R” to open your active roster and select your gamertag, from this menu select “Change Profile” then you will select “Yes” on the confirmation screen to log out. After, on the current menu; you can log back in.

How to log out on PS5: Start at the main menu of Steam, at the upper left side of the screen should be a Steam icon, select the icon and this will open a side menu, then you will go to “Change Account” and there you should find a “Log Out” option; select it and then confirm the sign out with the “Yes” option.

Fix 3 – Clear Cache

Now with applications like Steam it is always a good practice to keep up on clearing your caches and this may help you get back to running rooftops and dodging zombies with your friends.

Caches let applications like browsers, games, and streaming services store temporary files deemed relevant to reduce the load times and make the overall experience faster. Now, how do you clear your steam cache?

Follow along and we will get it cleared. From your Steam Client menu open the settings menu (from the left client menu) by selecting “Steam > Settings”, when you are in the “settings” panel select the “Downloads” tab and there at the bottom, you will find the “Clear Download Cache” button.

The confirm with the “OK” option and to acknowledge, you will need to sign back into Steam. Hopefully, this help with the issue at hand.

4. Dying Light 2 Out of Date

As was stated earlier in this article, new games are almost guaranteed to come out of production with bugs and issues, therefore the devs (developers) have to make updates for the games in order to fix reported problems and integrate new features to the game.

This is also true for Dying Light 2, as there was many reported problems and information gathered by their QA (questions and answers) team. So consider if you have updated your game when encountering issues with inviting friends to play.

Fix – Update Dying Light 2

Usually, when new updates come out for new games like Dying Light 2 they are installed automatically. So long as you are connected to the internet, updates for games (especially new games) do not require to be installed manually, as stated.

So long as you are connected to the internet and the connection is good, the update will install on its own. This goes for PS4, PS5, and Xbox One also, any newer consoles. So be sure you are connected and enjoy the game.

5. Game File Corrupted

This problem with inviting your friends with Steam on Dying Light 2 could possibly be caused by a corrupt game file, and this can really put a damper on your gameplay. So, follow along and let’s get that fixed.

Fix – Verify Integrity of Game Files

Fixing a corrupted game file on Windows PC:

Step 1. First off, go to your steam library, go ahead and right click on the game that failed to update.

Step 2. Then select the local files tab.

Step 3. Find the option “Verify Integrity of Game Files” and click on that.

Step 4. After that, launch the game and see if you are still getting the same error (which you shouldn’t after this).

This should do the trick and get you back to gaming. Fixing a corrupted game file on Xbox One:

Step 1. Select the game and the press the (A) button.

Step 2. Select the saved game and then press (A). A corrupted game file is marked with a yellow exclamation point.

Step 3. If the saved game file is corrupted, go ahead and delete the corrupted file.

Fixing a corrupted game file on PS5:

Step 1. Open your PS5 and go to the settings.

Step 2. Select the gear button / icon located at the top right of the start menu.

Step 3. Look for the “Storage” option and select it.

Step 4. After selecting the “Storage” option, select the “Games and Apps” option.

Step 5. Search the game’s title (Dying Light 2 Stay Human) find the corrupted file.

Step 6. Once you find the content causing trouble, delete it from your console.

Step 7. Reinstall the content after deleting it.

If you are using a CD (physical version) you can simply eject the disc, wait a few seconds and reinsert it.

6. You Haven’t Finished the Games Prologue

Sometimes in games you must past a certain point of the game’s story in order to unlock certain features. This is also true for Dying Light 2, in order to do co-op mode, you must pass a certain quest titled “Markers

of Plague” after that the mode is unlocked and you are free to hop along as many zombie heads with your friends as you like.

Fix – Finish the Game’s Prologue First

Now, Dying Light 2’s prologue is around an hour long but do not be intimidated as it will be an absolutely fun experience and slightly scary.

If you are dying to get to the co-op mode point you will have to pass this prologue period and you also must complete the quest “Markers of Plague” after you have completed it, you will be free to play with your friends.

So if you have not finished the game’s prologue, unfortunately, the co-op mode will not be available. It is a bummer. However, this simply means you must play more which will certainly be a blast.

Dying Light 2 is an incredible survival horror game, though sometimes you want to be able to enjoy it with friends, which is very doable so long as you have the right fixes for any problems that may occur and with this article/list, you have the tools you need in order to make it happen.

Also, remember this is a video game, so be sure you let loose and have some fun with it; sure it can get frustrating at times with technical errors and such but enjoy it.

Not only is it a remarkable game full of story, it also boasts amazing gameplay and an open world to explore which is too much fun to experience. Treat these problems like the zombies, hop along their heads and smash them with accuracy.

Plus, there are likely to be more updates, patches, and even side quests full of characters and stories, so enjoy the ride. We hope this article has been a help to you with your tech issues cause when technology meets entertainment, that’s where the real fun starts.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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