Downloading English US Update Stuck? Do This

Downloading English US Update Stuck

Here’s the problem. This message ‘Downloading English US Update waiting for network’ is stuck on in the notifications center. You might be wondering what you can do to get this resolved or what it even is.

Why is Download English US Update Stuck?

There are several reasons this update might be stuck on your device. You might not even realize these are issues until this happens, but with a little work, you can get it resolved and get your phone working properly again.

1. Speech Services Data

Sometimes the update of the speech services data gets stuck, and it won’t download any further. This can happen for a number of reasons. Your phone might need an update, or you might need to update your Google apps.

You also might need to do an update on your phone itself. This can happen if the phone is older or it isn’t getting updated as it should be.

Fix – Clear Speech Services Data.

This will clear the data that is causing it to get stuck and allow you to retry to download what you need in the English update.

If you don’t think you need the update, it can also give you time to get your phone going and working properly again. You might also want to look at the space you have available on your phone.

If you don’t have enough room for the update, it will get stuck, and you won’t be able to update it as you want.

2. Offline Speech Recognition is Set to Auto-Update Languages Over WI-FI

This can happen if you have it set up to update this way. If you want to change it, you can, or you can set it up to where it’s not updating at all. This is useful if you don’t want to have it updated or you don’t think you will be using it.

If you think you might in the future, you can go through and update it to allow it to download.

Fix – Go to Offline Speech Recognition and Select “Do not auto-update languages”

This fix will help to keep your phone from updating and causing you to have to worry about this happening and causing you issues you don’t want to deal with. If you are finding that you are dealing with this update more than you like, you can simply turn it off.

This way, you will not have to worry about the update until later. This is only a quick fix and won’t help you if you use English as a primary language as much.

This is because you won’t be able to update any changes that google needs to read English, and you might not be able to access some websites. This can be an issue if you go to many that are in the US.

3. Poor Internet Connection

If you are having an issue with it updating and the phone is not working correctly, you might want to check your internet connection. It’s possible it’s not as good as you would like, and you aren’t able to get it connected properly.

This can happen when there is a problem with service in the area, or you are in a weird place with your phone that doesn’t have a great connection to the internet. Sometimes this happens in your own home.

If there are items in the way or it’s a larger home with a long distance to the router, it cannot connect well. You can try to get closer to the router to see if that will help and get you doing again.

If you are on a data network, you can check the coverage area and make sure you are in it. Sometimes there are spots that aren’t covered as well as we may have thought they were.

If there is an issue with the coverage area, then you can move to an area that has the proper coverage if possible and see if the connection works better there.

Internet connection problems are not what anyone wants, but there are a few things you can do to see if this is your issue and fix it.

Fix: Switch from WIFI to Data Vice Versa

You can improve your connection by switching to data if you are using your device on WIFI. If the WIFI isn’t working, try changing it to data. If you find that all you need to do is connect and send your message through the data plan, then you can go ahead and do that.

You can try sending your message through WIFI if you are already on data. If you are in an area with less coverage or there is an issue with the phone antenna, that could also be the problem.

Try to get into an area with a better signal if you’re using data. If you have weak or no cell service, you may be in a dead zone. This could be an issue with the provider, or it could just be the weather if you are in a familiar area.

The weather can have a surprising effect on your signal strength. Restart your data and try moving to a different area. Doing this can sometimes clear the issue without doing anything else.

Lastly, see if your provider is having issues in the area by calling them. It might be that simple, and you might have to wait for the system to fix itself.

Towers are often the sites of animal entrapment and subsequent disasters, either due to the animals themselves or the infrastructure being damaged. Although they are rare, they can happen further away than you might think and cause problems for hundreds of miles.

If you can’t find this kind of information, the best thing you can do is call and speak to your provider.

Fix 2: Restart Router

Sometimes, the simplest fix is just to turn the router off and back on. This can easily solve any weird connection issue you might be dealing with. After you turn the router off, you should wait at least ten seconds before turning it back on so it can reset properly.

After it has reset, you can test the connection by going to a web page on your phone. You can also try downloading the language pack again and see if it works this time. If it’s still getting stuck, then you might not have a connection problem.

If it’s not a connection problem, then it’s working, and you’ll need to look at your device to see if something is going on with that. You can usually get back to working on your device quickly by trying a simple fix with your phone.

Fix 3: Reset Router

If you have tried restarting the router and it’s still not working, then you can try a hard reset with your device and see if that will help you out. When you hard reset a router.

When you are hard resting a router, you will force it to shut off and then restart with a new ping on the router.

This should clear any bugs that it might cause. The simplest way to reset it is to call the provider, and they will resend the signal, and you should be able to have your router reset.

They will want you to keep your router off for at least ten seconds and then turn it back on. The reset in the system should get any kinks out of the router and get you connected again.

When the router is reset, your internet will also reset to all the devices in your home.

This might be startling because you might not be ready for everything to disconnect from the internet, but if the connection is not what it should be, this will ensure that it reconnects and works properly for all the devices.

Not just the one you are using that is giving you trouble.

4. Bug

There might be a bug in the system. When this happens, something that you can’t control will cause the device not to work properly. The bug could create a glitch that will not allow you to finish your download or do much else on the phone.

You might only have issues with one thing, but you might also have a ton of issues with the phone itself. When a bug is the cause of the downloading issue, then you might want to let the provider know this is what is happening to your device so they can alert others that might have the same problem.

It’s also possible it’s a different kind of problem altogether. If that is the case, there are things you can do to get it going again or to rule out that as your issue.

Fix: Restart your Device

When you are dealing with a device that won’t work, you might just want to restart it and see if it’s still going to cause you some issues. Sometimes you only have to restart the device to clear any bugs that you are seeing with the download.

Sometimes you need to clear the bugs and start from the beginning of the day.

This is an easy way to get rid of any bugs that are in an app or that are causing issues with the phone that you don’t know about. Restarting your phone disconnects you from the internet and closes the apps that might have the bug in them.

You might not even know if this is an issue until you restart and it works itself out, but that is not always the case. You may have to keep looking at what might be causing your downloading problem further.

If restarting your device doesn’t help you get past the bug, then you can look at what else might be causing the issue or what else might clear the bug.

Fix 2: Force Restart Phone

If your phone is so messed up that it won’t let you restart your device, then you might want to try to force restart your phone. When you do this, you force the device to start over and see if that will clear the bug.

Sometimes the bugs cause the phone not to be able to turn off when you want to, and you will have to force it to. This should clear the bug, though, if there is one that is causing the issues in the download.

If it doesn’t, then there is more of an issue than just a bug in the phone. It might be something that is bigger, causing the phone to not download at all or that will cause the phone to start to break down.

Restarting might not be what the device needs. You will know if you force restart your phone and then it is still not working right.

Fix 3: Power Your Device in Safe Mode

If you are having issues getting the phone to power up and not having this problem with the download, then you can power it up in a safe mode and see if that will help you.

Sometimes you just need it to start in a move that is not overly taking a ton of room on the phone or that has created an issue in the device.

This will also allow you to get into the phone and change any settings that might cause problems or to try to download the google language pack without stopping.

This will get you past what keeps getting stuck on your phone. Do make sure you have enough room on your phone to support the download, so that doesn’t make it an issue.

If there is not enough room, then the download won’t complete, and it might just appear stuck in the phone when it’s really trying to see if there is enough room.

It will probably stay stuck for a short time, and then it will let you know that is the problem, but it sometimes won’t say anything at all.

This is when it gets confusing. That’s why it’s important to check this when you are in the middle of the download, so you aren’t surprised.

Fix 4: Perform a Factory Reset

If you are still having issues, then you might want to consider a factory resetting of your device. This will wipe everything off of the phone, and you will start over.

If you have your apps and settings saved on the cloud, you might be able to get back most of what you are losing with the reset, and it won’t be like you are starting completely over. This will be up to when you last saved your settings.

That will be what you can get back if you do the reset.

Alternatively, you could just let the factory reset happen and start all over. This is the best option if you don’t know what bug is causing your issues, and you need to get your phone back to working the way it should.

This should take the bug off the phone, and you should be able to download any language packs you needed before the reset had to be done.

You also will have a chance to look at your storage to see if it’s too low and causing your phone to not work right. It might also be causing that download to not work like it should and getting it stuck.

5. Phone Out of Date

Sometimes you just don’t have your phone up to date. This can happen if you don’t update regularly and if you don’t have a newer phone.

If you are concerned about this being an issue for you, then you can do a couple of things that will help get you going again and get your phone working as it should be.

When you have an older phone, this is a lot easier to have to happen to you. This is because some of them don’t update on their own. You have to actually do the update to get it on the phone in the first place.

Fix: Update Your Phone

The fastest way to get your phone back up to date is to simply update your phone. This will get the newest operating system on your device, and you will be able to do most things with the phone.

If you want to do more and can, you can get yourself an updated phone that will be newer and work better. If not, that’s okay too. Simply updating your device can help you to connect better and to get things working as they should be again.

Do pay attention to how much space you have, as this can cause your device to stop updating. If you have an option for an SD card, you can get one of those to expand your storage and move some of your things to it.

This will free up space and get your phone working better than it might be right now.

If you update your device and it’s still not working for you, you won’t have a choice but to get a new device and start over. You may be able to move the apps and other settings back to your new phone when you get it started.

This will be whatever it was that you last uploaded to the cloud for your update. It will depend on how long ago you did it and what you want on your new device.

This will help you to get the most up-to-date operating system, and it will probably have more storage space on the device.

This is because more of the newer phones are coming with more storage than the older ones that we have had in the past. They also take more to run, so that could cause a potential issue with your phone.

6. There’s Malware on Your Device

There can be malware on your device that you don’t even know is there. It might have attached to an app that you got and didn’t know had it.

Once it’s in the device, then you will have a hard time getting rid of it. Sometimes you will notice your phone not working properly or that it will work without bothering your other apps.

This can happen when it’s designed to just collect information and not to harm your phone, but most of the time, it will eventually cause some kind of issue with the phone that you will have to deal with.

You can get the malware off your phone, but there are a couple of things you have to do.

Fix: Run an Antimalware Scan

The best way you can get rid of any malware is to run a scan of your phone and see what it tells you.

There are several on the market you can get that will work very well. What it will do is scan your phone, and then it will tell you what apps have the malware and where it is located. It usually will then offer to help you delete the app that is causing the issue.

This is a great option if you want to get rid of the problem without having to reset your phone all the way or lose any information. It also will help you to know what kind of malware it is on your device.

There are a lot of issues that can cause your device to not work as you want it to. It can be anything from just a glitch to something bigger that is going on with your phone. The best thing you can do is to troubleshoot your device and see what will work best for you.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to not try to use the thing that is causing the problem. In this case, the download of Google US Language.

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