One of the things that the internet is known for, it’s definitely the word “Download.” Everything on the internet is all about downloading digital objects, like emails, documents, audio, videos, apps, and programs.

Moreover, downloading through a torrent client is another common internet behavior. Torrents use person to person file sharing protocols which allows one person to copy and download the data which is made available by another person.

List of Legal Torrent Sources.

For a desktop or laptop, Torrent clients like UTorrent allows you to access a much wider way of retrieving files over the internet. UTorrent was initially available to desktop and laptop users as an alternative to Torrent Clients that had a lot ads, pop ups, and was rather complex to use.

But if you need to be on the go and can’t use your computer, you can use the mobile app version of UTorrent to download files that you need and put them directly in your Android Phone.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to download and use Utorrent on your Android Phone.

1. How to Download UTorrent

1. Get the UTorrent App from Google Play Store. You can do a search for UTorrent via the Google Play Store search bar or click the link above. After you’ve finished downloading the app, it’ll proceed to installation. Now you’ve installed the app, you can find it in your menu selection utorrent

2. Tap the to open it up. Now that you’ve successfully opened up the app, you’ll see your UTorrent dashboard. This is where you’ll see the torrents being downloaded and other corresponding activities like uploads.tap on white space

3. Tap anywhere on the white space of the for torrent

4. Do a keyword search for the files you’re looking for. This will go straight to your browser and pull up search results via Google search.

5. Tap on the magnet link when you find a torrent. Sometimes it’s labeled as the torrent link which will go straight to opening UTorrent on your phone. When this happens, the download immediately starts.

The UTorrent dashboard will show you the projected amount of time the download will occur, the speed of the current connection, and the percentage that has been successfully downloaded.

When the download is finished, it is more common to find the completed files inside the download folder in the phone’s internal memory. You can change this and customize it in any way you wish.

2. How to Use UTorrent

website containing torrent

1. Open the website which has the appropriate link to your Torrent file. One of the most popular and controversial torrent sites is the  You can do this while you’re using your phone’s web browser so the flow is seamless.

2. Click on the Magnet link. This will automatically open up UTorrent and download the torrent file to your phone. The download status can be immediately seen on the UTorrent dashboard. When it reaches one hundred percent, the file is ready to be the torrent

3. Tap on the torrent via the UTorrent dashboard to directly access the new files. However, there are times when you have to extract some items directly from the root directory because they’re either compressed or may require another app to open them. Once the file finishes downloading, it’ll be part of uploads of the UTorrent dashboard. Earlier, we mentioned that Torrents are based on peer to peer sharing of files. So the more peers uploading the faster the download for others. This is a rough idea of the concept of seeding.

4. Go to the file manager on your phone. You’ll need to locate the file depending on where you put the saved and downloaded files.internal storage or sd card

5. Tap on Internal Storage or SD Card > Download folder. Now you can see that the file I downloaded, “the 48 Laws of Power E-Book” is inside a folder. Typically torrent downloads are very organized and are labeled torrents folder

6. Tap on the torrents folder. When you’re inside the name folder, you’ll see the .mobi version and the .epub. For this guide, I’ll be using the .epub. This is a good way to check out the file format extension of the files that you downloaded so you’ll know what type of program you can use to open the files you received from the file with epub extension

7. Tap on the .epub file extension. This will automatically pull up my .epub reader called Lithium. The same process can be done for apps, videos, songs, e-books, and games. You simply access the site where the torrent downloads can be found and then download them via the UTorrent app.

Bottom Line

UTorrent is a light and straightforward torrent client which you can rely on to download all the torrent files you need. The real benefit of using a torrent client is you can pause and resume the download process whenever you’d like.

This feature is exclusive to torrent clients and direct downloads from your browser do not support this kind of activity. This can be done by UTorrent and other torrent clients because they make use of packet technology which breaks down the files and sends it over piece by piece.

If you haven’t been using it via your desktop, consider trying it out on your Android phone. It may make file access easier as well as more convenient. The more popular uses of torrents include downloads of movies, videos, TV series, software, games, and e-books.