Imagine you had a streaming service like Netflix, but you didn’t have to pay a single dime to watch your favorite movies and television series. That’s what Showbox is. You can stream movies and television shows or download them on the go for offline use.

However, as great as it sounds, you should be aware of what Showbox is under the surface.

Consider this Before Downloading the Showbox App

Downloading and installing the Showbox app isn’t as easy as that sentence sounds. In fact, downloading the Showbox app itself should be met with caution. In other words, legal ramifications.

You may have already noticed that the Showbox app doesn’t show up in the Google Play Store. This is because, according to Google’s guidelines, the Showbox app violates many of its guidelines. The fact that you have to download the Showbox APK from an external site can be argued as an indicator that it’s illegal to some extent.

The Legalities of Using Showbox App

Back in 2018, Showbox settled on the side of the movie companies and, because of the legal dispute, they pasted on their website that you are being watched when you download and install the Showbox app.

Your IP address and your viewing history is wide open for the movie companies to see and, if you’re caught, you could be facing down the barrel of a lawsuit, at least in the United States. In the United Kingdom, Showbox is technically legal, but should still be regarded with caution. [Image below was screencapped from their own website.]

Showbox legality

Even still, the law regarding Showbox, including the law in the United Kingdom, can still be murky, especially in the United States. But, make no mistake, copyright infringement is a real threat here for the movies and television shows that are plastered all the app. Proceed with caution.

Installing the Showbox App

Enabling Unknown Sources:

Before you can download the Showbox app, you’ll need to enable ‘Unknown sources.’ This option lets you install apps that didn’t come from the Google Play Store. Without it, your Android device will bar you from installing the Showbox app. Here’s what you do:

1. Open the Settings app. It’s the GEAR icon. You can find it among your list of apps or access it from your ‘Quick Settings Menu’ by touching your Android device’s dashboard and swiping down.

2. From your list of settings, locate and select ‘Security.’ However, depending on your manufacturer and Android version, it may be labeled as ‘Lock screen and security.’ Both serve the same function.

Check Unknown Sources

3. Keep scrolling until you find ‘Unknown sources.’ Tap the slider to the right to turn it ON. It should turn blue.

Using a VPN and Proxy Server:

If you’re intent on still using Showbox, consequences be damned, then using a VPN can help you hide your IP address. Get yourself a proxy server while you’re at it, too.

Where to Find the Showbox App:

The Showbox app has its own home you can visit to download the APK file. You can find it near the bottom of the website in green text.

Installing the Showbox App:

Once you have the APK file downloaded to your Android device, and you’re free to install from unknown sources, then you can begin the installation process. Here’s how you install the Showbox app:

1. Open your apps.

2. Locate the app ‘File Manager’ and launch the app.

Downloads File Manager

3. Tap the icon labeled ‘Downloads.’ If you downloaded the Showbox APK file, it would’ve ended up there.

4. Select the Showbox APK file and follow the instructions for the installation to complete.

When an Error Occurs

 Like any app, you may run into a few issues using the Showbox app. There’s an annoying error that you’ll encounter occasionally and you can do this to get past it:

  • If you don’t already have a VPN, you should. Using a VPN can bypass the error.
  • When selecting a server, select a server that resides in the United States.
  • Clear the cache data from the Showbox app. Head into the ‘Settings’ Locate and select ‘Apps.’ Find the ‘Showbox’ app and tap it. Head into ‘Storage.’ Tap ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache.’
  • Restarting, while a long shot, is also capable of getting you past the error. It’s worth considering first.