How to Save Instagram Profile Picture


You may have had your profile picture on Instagram for a few months or even for a few years now and you decide you want to download the full image instead of the cropped circle you see on the app.

This picture may not be in your camera roll or gallery anymore, so you want the picture again but the only place you can find it is on your Instagram dp. This picture may even be so good that you want to download it and post it on Instagram.

1. Save the Picture from

Download profile pic from instagram

On the Instagram app, there’s no way you can just click on your display picture and you’ll magically have it in your camera roll. You’ll only be given options to remove the pictures, add a new picture from your gallery, or import one from Facebook.

However, on the web, you’re allowed to save pretty much any image that you want because of the right-click function. This will allow you to save profile pictures on your iPhone or Android directly into your camera roll or gallery.

How to download Instagram profile pictures:

1. Go to on your phone or your computer

2. Sign into your Instagram account and click on your profile

3. Hold down on your profile picture and click on ‘Save image

4. The picture should be download into your files or your camera roll

In your camera roll, you should see the full-size version of the images that you’ve downloaded. You can use these steps to download anyone’s profile picture on Instagram.

You may like someone’s profile picture on Instagram, so you can easily download it and store it in your gallery using the steps above. From here onwards, you can post the picture on Instagram or leave it in your camera roll; whatever pleases you.

2. Change the Profiles URL

open link in new tab

Another way that you can save an Instagram profile picture is by opening the profile picture in a new tab on This is an easy way to view the full-size display picture and save it on your desktop. From there, you can upload it to your iPhone or Android via USB or cloud storage like iCloud or Google Photos.

How to download Instagram profile pictures:

1. Go to on your computer

2. Go to the account you want to view the profile picture of

3. Right-click on the profile picture and click on Open image in new tab. You’ll be taken to a new tab containing the full-size profile picture.

4. Right-click on the profile picture and select Save Image as to download it.

You won’t be able to see the profile picture in full size using this method, but you can see the 4 sided version. From here, you can also download the dp to your files and it will download as the full rectangular version.

You can use the method below to view the full size of the profile picture in quality.

3. Use the Instadp tool


The next simple way to download your Instagram profile picture in full size would be to use the instadp tool.

This tool is made specifically for downloading Instagram display pictures just by entering your username and it’s all for free.

How to download display picture:

1. Go to

2. Enter the username of the picture you want to save

3. Click on the right profile

4. Click on download and it should save to your device

Once you’ve done this, this picture will be saved into your computer your phone in full size. Instadp does this by requesting the full-size version of the image from Instagram servers. This means that you’ll be getting the original image in the original quality.

4. Use the Fullinstadp Tool

view full size instagram profile picture

Another tool that you can use to save profile pictures from Instagram is fullinstadp tool. This tool allows you to enter a username then it’ll pull out the full-size version of the profile photo and from here you can save it.

How to save Instagram profile picture in full size:

1. Go to

2. Search for your username and click on it

3. Select Download Full Size DP.

The best thing about using tools is that you can enter in anyone’s user name and the tool will grab the full-size version of their profile picture and from there you can save the profile photo.

5. Use Insta-downloader

Insta downloaded is a tool that will allow you to save profile photos on using by entering usernames.

1. Find the profile you want to view the full-size profile picture for.

2. Go to Insta Downloader.

3. Copy the Instagram profile URL and Paste in the textbox.

4. Click View Profile Pic.

5. Right-click and select save the image. You can also use the Download Photo link at bottom of the picture to save it.

6. Use Profile Picture Download for Instagram

You can use the Profile Picture Download for Instagram to save profile pictures on Instagram. If you have an iPhone, this wouldn’t be available for you. You can only get this app if you have an Android device and if you frequently save peoples profile pictures, its useful to have this app.

How to save Instagram display picture using an app:

  1. Go to the Google Play store and download Profile Picture Download for Instagram
  2. Open the app and search for the username
  3. Click on ‘Download this Picture’

From here, this will save into your gallery and you can do what you want with this picture. You can also download pictures from as many profiles as you want.

7. Qeek App

If you have an iPhone or Android and you want to download profile pictures on the Instagram photo since you don’t have a desktop, then you can do this using an app. From here, you’ll be able to save them into your camera roll or gallery.

To do this, you can use a paid app called Qeek App which can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. It allows you to search up profiles, and then it pulls out the profile picture from the account you looked up and allows you to save them to your gallery or camera roll.

To use Qeek App to download Instagram profile pictures, you’ll need to download the app > search for their username > tap on their profile picture > to access the full-size profile picture, you’ll need to upgrade the app. From here, you can download it.

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