Facebook is now considered a worldwide social media platform. Its daily active users are already in the 1.52 billion count which is 20% of the world population. The figure alone is more than the population of the United States so it’s safe to say that social media is a global phenomenon.

When you find a video on Facebook that you want to re-upload somewhere else or you want to save it on your Android phone, you would need to download it from Facebook. Downloading a video from Facebook isn’t as simple as you may imagine – you would need to download it using an online downloader.

Here’s how to download Facebook Videos on your Android Phone:

1. Download Facebook Videos Android


  1. Open Facebook. Access it from your shortcuts or the app menu screen on your Android device.
  2. Look for the Video you want to download.
  3. Tap the videos menu. This is the three dot icon on the upper right of the video.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Tap on the Facebook menu. This is in the top portion of the dashboard. saved items facebook
  6. Tap on Saved.saved collection
  7. Select the video you saved.
  8. Tap on the videos menu. This menu is represented by 3 horizontal dots and is located in the top right of the video.copy link
  9. Tap on Copy Link.paste link savefrom.net
  10. Go to savefrom.net in your browser. This site will help you download the video from Facebook. The site supports other platforms as well like Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram and more.
  11. Paste the video URL. This should be the link of the video that you saved. The lower portion of the input bar will load and show you a thumbnail of the associated video on the link. It should look like the exact video that you saved and wanted to download.download mp4
  12. Click on Download MP4. This will be a green button. After you’ve clicked on the download button, the download will automatically start.

Once the download is complete, all that’s left to do is to open up your gallery or your download folder to access the video you just downloaded. Usually, the file name with a .mp4 extension is seen on your notification tray which you can also use to directly access the file form its save directory.

Bottom Line

Pro tip: you can do this for videos that are published for a public audience. This means that the video or video post must have a globe icon under the right portion of the poster’s name.

If the video post has a privacy setting set, you may be unsuccessful in attempting to download such videos.

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