There are many great apps that you can find outside of the Google Play Store. There is a feature; however, that makes it so you can’t install apps from outside of the Play Store. It is fairly easy, however, to get around this feature.

There is a good place to get safe apps from, but first you must turn off the feature that prevents you from getting these apps. One of the safest way to download apps from outside the App Store is by using APK Pure. You can find the directions below.

APK Pure

1. Download APK Pure from here. APK Pure is an app from a company that provides smartphones with software downloads that are safe and fast.

These apps require no extra extension and navigating the app is easy. Tap on the link for a way to download the APK pure app from your browser.

Install APK pure

2. While the file downloads, you will have to confirm that you want to download it since it is from a source outside of the Play Store. Tap OK, and it will continue to download.

3. A notification that it is done downloading will appear. Tap on that notification.

4. Tap the Install option in the bottom right corner of the screen and it will begin to install.

5. Press the Open option when it is done installing, which is located at the bottom right of the screen where the install option once was. Since it is now an app on your device, you should be able to find it among your apps. If you can’t, swipe up on your screen to reveal a search bar that will locate it for you when you search for it.

6. After pressing Open, you will need to give the app all the permissions that it needs to function. These permissions include access to the media, photos, and files on your device.

APK page

7. You will now be on the main page of the app. This is the featured page where the most popular apps are found. You can tap on one of them to view more information about the app.

tap on Store

8. Look at the bottom of the screen. Here you will see small, labeled icons. Tap on the second icon, which says Store.

9. Maneuvering the store section of the app is very easy. The Featured section has apps that are popular or recommended among users. You will also see the top updated games and apps.

At the top of the screen if you tap on Ranking, you will see the top games and apps. You will see small Install buttons next to all of them if you want to install, but tapping the game name or picture will show you more information about the app.

10. If you are unsure about what you are looking for, tap Categories which is located at the top of the screen.


11. In Categories, you will be able to tap the categories that you are interested in exploring apps or games in. Games are located in the first section and if you scroll, apps are located in the second section. Tapping on a category will reveal the top games in that category. You can change how they are ordered by tapping the lines in the right corner.

Tap Install

12. After choosing a game, you will need to tap Install, which is usually located to the right of the right of the game name. It is a green button that you can tap. You will see a percentage appear in the button that shows if it is almost done downloading.

When it is done, it will say Open. If you close out of APK Pure, it is fine. When the app is done downloading, it will appear like normal among your other apps.