Tinder Age Range (Who Can See Me?)

Can Someone Outside of My Age Range See Me on Tinder?

Of course not. Tinder will show your profile to someone if you match the search parameters they have specified.

In this case, a person who lives 22 miles away from you serves as an example. The search radius you’ve chosen is 20 miles in circumference. In no way, shape, or form will you ever meet Person A. (theoretically, because sometimes Tinder messes up on this, and in real life, people move around).

Let’s say that Person A has a search radius of 25 miles and is looking for someone. Because you are just 22 miles away, your profile will be presented to Person A, even though Person A will never be shown to you.

Consider the following scenario as an extra illustration:

Person B will get included in your search settings since they are just 15 miles away from you. Your search area is restricted to a radius of twenty miles, to put it another way.

Alternatively, in this instance, Person B has a search radius of no more than 10 miles. You will not appear in Person B’s swipe profile due to Person B’s choices, even though they will appear in yours due to Person B’s preferences.

In this image, age, gender, and various other characteristics may all be accounted for. The same principles apply to all aspects of operation (or should, because again, Tinder screws up sometimes).

Can Someone Outside of My Age Range See Me on Tinder

Yes. Tinder will show your profile to someone who has preferences, including age, gender or sexuality, that match your profile even if you will never have the possibility to swipe right or left on them due to your own preferences.

More than likely, you’ve swiped on someone who doesn’t even have you as an option in their swipes due to their preferences. This is just how the Tinder algorithm works.

Tinder doesn’t publicly disclose what algorithm they’re using, although they have admitted to using the ELO system before.

There are theories that they have now switched to a different AI system called the Gale-Shapley algorithm.

With the ELO system, how you were ranked was based on two things;

  • If someone swipes right (likes) you, you get priority in the system, which ranks from 1 to 10.
  • If you get swiped left by someone, you lose points. Even more, if you swiped right on them.

So this ends with the two most desirable people meeting, and those with lower scores meeting each other.

Now it’s rumored that Tinder has the use of an AI mechanism called the Gale-Shapley algorithm which is focused on likes.

This will match people based on what they say they “like” on their profile, such as music interests, hobbies, etc. So it ends up matching people with similar tastes instead of going off of aesthetics like the ELO system does.

This new algorithm also prioritizes active users, so the more active you are the more visible you are to others and the more you appear in other people’s feeds.

This makes it easier to get more and quicker responses. The new system also is more flexible on location, with awareness of how people move and travel.

You can change your preferences to get better matches on your Tinder, which should be made first available as you sign up for Tinder and are taken to the log-in screen. You will be questioned as to your gender, your preferred gender, age range, and location range.

If you change your mind later on, you can change most of these settings through the settings on your account under the ‘Discover’ section in settings. If you’re not happy that Tinder shows people out of your range, you can hide your tinder account or delete your tinder account.

Tinder Age Range Who Can See Me

Anyone from ages 18 and above within your location range can see you and have access to your account if you match their criteria, although this doesn’t mean you will see them or match with them.

You also won’t receive email or notifications about any interactions on their behalf, especially if you haven’t swiped on them. It’s not as common though that you’re shown to someone whose criteria you don’t fit.

How to Make Tinder Only Show People in Certain Range

Even though you can’t change who sees you and can swipe on you, you get to decide your own preferences and swipe through a catalog of your perfect contenders if you change these settings;

  1. Open the Tinder app.
  2. Log into the app using an email address or Facebook account.
  3. Press on the last button on the bottom right which will lead you to your profile.
  4. Go to settings.
  5. Scroll down until you see the ‘Discovery’ section.
  6. Here, there should be these options;


Tinder users can change their locations to explore matches in whatever area or region they’d like.


Tinder allows you to see potential matches up to 100 miles from your current location. Adjust your distance preferences at any time, to widen or narrow your scope of recommendations.

Gender identity

You can set your preferred gender as Tinder is an lgbtq+ inclusive app.

Age range

To sign up for Tinder, users must be 18 years or older. You can adjust your age range references using the sliding scale.

Why Does Tinder Show Profile Out Of Range?

1. You’ve Swiped Through Too Many People

It seems you got overzealous with your swiping. Tinder has run out of people that match your specifications and now they’re showing you the next best thing!

You can put down your phone for a bit and wait for the app to refresh and find more compatible bachelors within your specified area or you can keep swiping.

2. There are Not Enough People in Your Range

If you’re in an area that just isn’t as populated or you have very specific preferences, there’s a possibility there simply aren’t enough people to keep your feed full. Being open to someone outside your range or being happy with your options might be the next step.

3. They Think You’ll Be Better Suited to Certain People Outside Your Range

Since Tinder is now based on a system that pairs based on similar tastes, they might be finding people out of your age and location range that match the likes and tastes you have listed on your profile.

You can give these peers with the same tastes a try, or you can change some of your likes in hopes of getting more people within your range. If you notice that tinder consistently shows people outside of your set distance, then there’s a lot you can do to fix it.

4. The Person Recently Changed Their Location

Moving and travel is always a factor that can affect someone’s location on the app, because the app tracks location in real-time, and often people don’t update their location through the app itself which can cause inconsistencies.

Relocation can mess with someone’s profile so make sure to keep an eye on their current location which is always listed below their name and age, and keep an eye on the description for ‘recently moved here’ or ‘traveling.’

How to Fix Tinder Showing People Out of Range

1. Restart App

Leave the application and go to your home screen. From here, open your tabs and scroll until you see your open Tinder tab.

Close it or delete it and give it a few seconds to refresh before going back into the app and scrolling through your refreshed options. If problems persist, installing the app through the app store and reinstalling it might also give it a good refresh.

2. Set Criteria Again

Go back up to the Certain Range instructions and repeat. It could be that your settings reset or that they got lost during an update. Make sure your location, distance, age, and gender preference are all set before going back to your feed or refreshing your profile.

3. Swipe Left on People Outside Criteria

To help the algorithm understand what you’re looking for and what you don’t want, swiping left on a few people might just help. Make sure to not swipe right on anyone who doesn’t meet your range, and the algorithm will start to learn more of your patterns and likes.

4. Report Problem to Tinder

If all else fails, you can contact Tinder support at 214-853-4309 or you can submit an online request.

Finding the one is a hard process, so if you need help getting out there, don’t feel ashamed to ask us or the Tinder team for help navigating the dating world.

ELO (Effectiveness of Organization) Rating

Tinder’s 1–10 beauty score is something else that has been mentioned, and it is your 1–10 rating on the app. It is determined by your swiping habits and the frequency with which other individuals swipe you.

Because males are less picky in their swiping behaviors than women, women tend to have better ELO ratings than men (also because most guys’ pictures suck).

Tinder will also pair up people who have similar ELO scores with one another.

A person who has just one picture of himself, dressed in attire that is three sizes too big and covered in mustard stains, is unlikely to get the nine points he just swiped right on.


Why? Because it looks like he hasn’t mastered the art of wiping his profile. He’s unappealing, and he’ll get a poor Tinder rating because of it.

She would accomplish an astounding achievement if she were to swipe right on him, even though she may have seen him before.

It applies to the individual dressed in a thousand-dollar suit, who seems to be the polar opposite of what you think! Tinder will only show him the ladies who meet his requirements so he won’t expose many unsightly women.

Those that meet your broad criteria are the only ones who appear on your screen. They only see people who are similar to themselves, as far as they are concerned. If your energies are in sync, there is a chance that the two of you may engage in a battle.


If you are a gold member, people that do not meet your requirements will appear on your “likes” list, and vice versa. The fact that they do not meet your needs does not rule out the possibility of you liking them back and finding a match.

Tinder has been known to bend the rules a bit if you run out of “inventory” to save you from being extinct. It is what you should anticipate when they surpass their “mileage range” or go a few years younger or older than the filter’s desired age or generation range.

If a person decides to hide their mileage or age restrictions from their profile, they may get disregarded. Individuals that refuse to share their location should not be trusted.

Is There A Matching Mechanism In Place on Tinder?

Tinder matches may be filtered down depending on their gender and age range, among other factors. Instead of merely swiping left, you would prefer that someone swipe right instead. People are divided into groups based on their age in this place.

• A 22-year-old male who enjoys the company of 19- to 22-year-olds.

• A lady in her late teens prefers men between the ages of 18 and 22.

Tinder searches for individuals who have similar interests to yours to pair you up. Start a discussion. However, one person will rapidly filter out your message since they aren’t interested in what you say. If you don’t have a match, you won’t communicate or connect with them. Upon receiving an email notification, you will get notified if someone tries to swipe you to the left or cancel your account.

If you are looking for a man or woman interested in casual sex, yes, it will only show profiles of people that match the criteria. If you are looking to meet someone for a serious relationship, you will see profiles of people who fit the requirements.

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