If you love watching short videos, then you’ll love Tik Tok, the short video platform that has heightened in popularity. Users can watch videos that are anywhere from 5 seconds to a minute long. They can be funny, informative, or a composed skit. As users get more involved in the app, they might find that they have a few favorite users, whether that be an established influencer or a friend that they know.

Your feed is based on who you follow, what you’ve liked in the past and the videos you engage with the most. If you follow people who post constantly about things you’re into, then your TikTok experience will be much better. You can also use it to share photos and videos and if you like one that you’ve seen, you can save it.

TikTok has a feature that allows you to save videos that come across your FYP and you may have wondered if TikTok tells people whether you’ve saved their videos or not. If you’ve been on Snapchat, you’ll know that they have a screenshot feature where if you screenshot someone’s story, then the person will be notified and told of the screenshot. Other apps like Instagram implemented this for their stories for a brief period before removing it. Although TikTok doesn’t notify if your video has been screenshotted, you may be wondering if they’ll notify users that you’ve saved their videos.

Does TikTok Notify If You Save a Video

Fortunately, TikTok doesn’t notify someone when you save someone else’s video. There’s no way that someone will find out that you’ve hit the save button on the menu button for their videos. You can save as many videos as you like on TikTok and no one will ever find out, unless you tell them yourself.

If you save someone’s profile picture, much like a photo on your timeline, TikTok wouldn’t notify them that you saved it. This might help you if you wanted to save someone’s profile so that you can have it in your camera roll ready to look at later.

Tip: If you’re worried about people saving your video on TikTok, you may way to make your TikTok profile private. Your existing followers and future follow requests that you approve will be able to save your video. But anyone you haven’t approved wouldn’t be able to view your content, so they’ll only be able to save your profile picture.

If you’re worried about people you don’t know saving your video on TikTok, then you can make your account private. Making your account private means that only your followers can save your videos and people who don’t follow you have to have their follow request approved before they can save your videos – the only exception to this is that they can save your profile picture without having to follow you.

To make your TikTok account private, go to your profile page and select the three-dot icon in the top-right corner. On the “Settings and privacy” page, tap Privacy. That takes you to the Discoverability page. Toggle the switch for Private Account.

TikTok Saving Videos Notifications?

If you’ve been wondering if there are certain ways that someone could tell you’ve saved their video, there is none. TikTok has a notifications section that provides its users with notifications when a certain action has been taken on their TikTok account. TikTok doesn’t provide its users with notifications when it comes to anyone saving their video so you can’t see who saves your video nor can someone else see if you save their videos.