Does Telegram Notify When You Save a Photo?


You even have the feature of video calling friends and family that have the Telegram app and send pictures, which leads us to the burning question: does Telegram notify someone when you save a photo?

Does Telegram Notify When You Save a Photo?

No, the Telegram app will not notify anyone that you have saved a photo, not even you; your phone may inform you that you saved the picture, but Telegram will not.

The Telegram app is a reasonably secure instant messaging service.

However, it will not go as far as sending someone notifications when you have performed an action such as saving a photo that someone may have sent to you, nor will it notify if you have saved a picture that you have sent.

Though this may be redundant as you likely already have the photo saved if you have sent it.

The only scenario where the Telegram app will notify someone of your actions is if you were to screenshot the message containing the photo or screenshot the picture itself.

With that said, iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads are the only ones capable of screenshotting Telegram messages/chats, but it will still notify the other chat member that you have taken a screenshot of it.

If you are on Android, you will not be permitted to screenshot the message/chat or the photo; though, if you were to save a picture while using your Android on the Telegram app, no one will be notified.

Can You See When Someone Saves A Photo on Telegram?

You can tell if someone has saved a photo on the Telegram app; however, there is no current way to know if they have saved the picture; the only exception is if they have screenshot the photo.

A method to follow in order to tell if someone has saved a photo on the Telegram app is to check if they have your contact phone number saved.

The Telegram app is similar to the WhatsApp app as you can sync your phone’s contacts to your Telegram account, keep in mind that if you have contacts sync on, anyone that is chatting with you will be able to see your phone number.

Now, to see if someone has your phone number saved via the Telegram app, go ahead and follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1. Starting at your device’s home screen, you will want to go to and open the Telegram app.

Step 2. Once the Telegram app has opened, you will now please proceed to select the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3. After you have done that, you will want to locate and tap on the “Settings” option.

Step 4. Next, you will need to select the “Privacy and Security” option.

Step 5. Here, you will want to find and delete the contact of the individual that you want to know if they have saved your phone number.

Step 6. Be sure to go to and turn off the “Contacts Sync” feature, and this is critical to telling if someone has saved your phone number on the Telegram app.

Step 7. Next, you will want to go to the profile of the individual that you want to know if they have your phone number stored. Once you are on their profile, if you can indeed see that individual’s phone number, this means that they have your phone number saved.

That is how you can tell if someone has saved your phone number, and if they have your number stored, it is also probable that they have also saved the photo in question.

With that said, this is not a guarantee that they have saved the picture, though it can at least provide you with enough information to make an informed guess.

Remember that if you have the “Contacts Sync” turned on in the Telegram app, anyone you are chatting with can see both your username and phone number.

If I Save a Photo on Telegram, Will They Know

No, they will not know on the Telegram app that you have saved the photo, though; it is the way that you go about saving the picture that is the crucial part.

If you were to go onto their Telegram profile and take a screenshot of their profile/profile picture, in this context, the user of the said Telegram profile would not be notified.

Now, if you are chatting with the individual in question while using Telegram’s “Secret Chat” feature, which is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging with an optional self-destruct timer for the said chat messages.

In this scenario, if you are using an iPhone iOS, you can screenshot the picture/chat, but the other Telegram user will be notified that you have done so, though if you are using an Android, you will not be permitted to screenshot the photo/chat while in the Secret Chat.

How to Know If Someone Saves A Photo Telegram

Unfortunately, the option to know if someone has saved a photo on the Telegram app does not exist yet, and it is kind of like trying to make a horse fly; it is not possible plain and simple; however, there are methods to make the horse appear to have wings or take flight.

Much like the horse, there are methods that you can utilize to form the basis of an educated guess as to whether someone has saved a photo on Telegram or not.

One viable approach is to find out if the individual in question has saved your phone number, which you can find out by following the steps given in one of the previous segments in this article.

1. If It’s an Explicit Picture, Chances Are They Will

If, by chance, the photo in question is an explicit picture or a particularly exposing photo, unfortunately, the odds stand in favor of them saving the picture.

It is an unfortunate side effect of society that some may want to save an explicit photo to use in the future against the individual in the photo, especially if that individual has a reputation to uphold.

This also seems like an appropriate time to mention that the self-destruct timer available in the Secret Chat feature on the Telegram app will only get rid of chats/photos that have been sent after the timer has been set.

It will not affect any of the chats that are sent before setting the timer.

2. If The Person You Sent the Picture to Posts the Picture Somewhere, You’ll Know They Saved It

It is very possible that if the individual in question did save the photo, they could be inclined to post the picture somewhere else, such as Facebook, Instagram, and or Pinterest.

This can be frustrating, especially if it is a photo that you do not approve of being shared. This also depends on if you are friends with the person on the social media app/site, and if not, it will also depend on if the account has a public or private setting.

If you are not friends with the individual in question on the social media platform, it could be complicated to see if they have posted the picture, and the same could be said for if they have their account set to private (if the setting option is available).

3. If It’s A Group Photo That Contains Them, They Will

It is conceivable that the photo could be of a group that has the individual in question in the picture. It could be a party from the past weekend or a get-together with family and friends, and this could encourage the person to post the picture.

As many people are guilty of their vanity taking over and pushing them to post a picture of a group that they were a part of, they could want to show off that they were at a party or that they have made it into the school clique.

Whatever the reasons may be, this can be not very pleasant if it is not a photo you want or approve of being out on the web.

Nearly everyone has a high-quality camera right in their pocket nowadays, so it can be all too easy for someone to capture a moment that, perhaps, not everyone else exactly wants to be captured.

With that said, if one of your friends has posted a picture with you in it that you do not wish to be posted for your very own reasons, you could ask them to take the photo down, or they would delete the picture.

The “Secret Chat” feature in the Telegram app is an excellent one since you can set a self-destruct timer for any chat you send to disappear after the time has run out on the timer.

With that said, do not get too comfortable with this feature, as there are many incredible ways to recover deleted or removed items.

It can become tricky to stop others from posting pictures of you that you disapprove of; that is why it is essential to protect your photos and always check that someone has your permission to take your picture.

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