Messenger has grown into one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. Messenger allows user to send and receive messages, photos, links, videos, and anything else of the like over Wi-Fi connection. You don’t need a SIM card in order to use Messenger.

While the messages you send on Messenger are secured with end to end encryption, that doesn’t stop users from taking screenshots of the conversations you have with them. You won’t be notified if someone takes a screenshot of their conversation with you, and likewise if you take a screenshot, the person on the other end won’t be notified.

Does Messenger Notify of Screenshots?

Fortunately, Messenger doesn’t notify when you screenshot a conversation with someone or their profile, or their photos. This is also true for screen recording – if you decide to screen record a conversation, their profile, or their photos.

For conversations, Messenger doesn’t notify when you screenshot someone’s message. If someone sends you a video or a photo and you screenshot it, TikTok wouldn’t tell them that you screenshotted.

If you screenshot someone’s profile on Messenger, much like a conversation, Messenger wouldn’t notify them that you screenshot. This might help you if you wanted to save someone’s profile so that you can remember it for later.

Anyone on Messenger can take a screenshot of your conversations, profile, or photos you’ve shared in the chat, and you will not be notified of it. It isn’t difficult to find someone on Messenger, view their profile picture, and then use your phone’s screenshot shortcut to take a photo. You can also do this on the desktop.

It’s very hard for Messenger to know when you’ve screenshotted something since it’s predominantly used on a browser. It would be tricky for them to do this however, one day if they did decide to implement this feature, they easily could.

The only apps to currently notify people of screenshots are Snapchat, and the major social platforms aren’t looking to adopt this screenshot notification feature. On Instagram, once the other person sends you, or you send them, a disappearing photo or video message, Instagram will throw you or the other person a notification. However, Messenger hasn’t adopted anything like this.

Does Messenger Notify When You Screenshot a Conversation

If you’ve been wondering if there are certain ways that someone could tell you’ve screenshotted their conversation, there is none. Facebook has a notifications section that provides its users with notifications when a certain action has been taken on their Messenger account. Facebook doesn’t provide its users with notifications when it comes to anyone screenshotting their conversations so you can’t see who screenshots your messages or your Messenger profile.

Avoid Third-Party Apps

It’s really tempting to consider using a third-party app that advertises the ability to send you notifications of someone taking screenshots of your conversations on Messenger. Don’t. Because of Facebook’s own system and the limitations, it puts on apps interacting with it, you’re basically installing a scam. And if it’s a scam, then your personal information is in serious danger.

The burning sensation of knowing if someone is secretly taking screenshots isn’t worth an empty bank account or other nefarious acts one can do with your personal information.