Does Hinge Change the Order of Your Photos?

Does Hinge Change the Order of Your Photos?

As an avid dating app user, some apps change your pictures based on what your most popular one is so you’re automatically shown your best self. This makes the most sense and it’s normal that you’d have the same question for Hinge.

Does Hinge Change the Order of Your Photos?

No, you can upload six photos to your Hinge profile, no more, no less, and the order of your pictures will not change unless you have rearranged them. However, the arrangement of your photos on Hinge is a topic for another time.

Now, it may be disheartening to find out that you can only upload six pictures to your Hinge profile; however, Hinge claims that this is the best way to figure out what kind of photo will elicit the responses you want such as likes and matches.

You are likely wondering if Hinge changes the order of your photos since one might be particularly flattering.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Hinge does not change the order of your photos even when your profile is presented to another user for them to like it or pass on it.

With this in mind, you may be hoping that Hinge will automatically pick up on which photo of yours is gathering the most attention such as likes, matches, ect. However, unfortunately, Hinge does not have such a feature available on the app.

You would be forgiven for believing that Hinge might behave like Tinder Smart Photos, which will show your ‘best photo’ first. However, this is not the case with Hinge.

With this in mind, let us move on to the next subject concerning Hinge photos.

Can You Get Hinge to Show Your Best Pictures First Based on What People Like?

No, Hinge does not have a feature like Tinder’s ‘Smart Photos’ feature. Now, you may be familiar with Tinder’s ‘Smart Photos’ feature, which serves to figure out which of your pictures is getting the most attention such as likes and matches, then it will move that photo to the forefront so that it will be the first picture of yours that other users will see on Tinder.

Sure, Tinder’s Smart Photos feature is unique and possibly even ingenious but unfortunately, Hinge does not offer such a feature.

This means that no matter how many likes or matches one of your photos might gather on Hinge, it will not change the order of your pictures.

Sure, it might be good and wise for Hinge to adopt a feature similar to Tinder’s Smart Photos; however, for now, there is no way to get Hinge to show your ‘best’ photo first, based on what people like or how many likes the picture may have.

With this in mind, it is feasible that Hinge might one day release a feature similar to Tinder’s Smart Photos but for now, Hinge will not move any of your photos based on how much attention (likes and matches) they may receive from other users. 

Is Hinge Smart Photos a Thing?

No, Hinge does not have a ‘Smart Photos’ feature and it also does not have any features similar to it either. As previously mentioned, it might be wise for Hinge to eventually introduce a feature like Tinder’s Smart Photos; however, for now, there is no such feature on Hinge.

It only makes sense for users to want their best photo to be shown first and since it is also typically the picture with the most likes and matches, it would simplify the algorithm needed to adjust the photos automatically.

With this in mind, we will have to wait and see if Hinge will ever come out with a feature like Tinder’s Smart Photos.

What is the Best Order for Hinge Pictures?

With all of this talk about whether or not Hinge will change the order of your photos, you are likely wondering what is the best to order your pictures on Hinge.

Well, you are in luck since we know the best way to order/arrange your photos on Hinge. Simply follow the order we have provided below. 

Picture #1 – Smile While Looking Directly into the Camera: For your first photo, you should skip wearing any sunglasses or hats. It might feel odd but you should look directly into the camera and smile brightly.

This way your first photo is positive and shows you wearing your best smile. When you skip the sunglasses it gives people the opportunity to see your eye color and without a hat, they can also see your hair color/style.

Picture #2 – Show Them What You Got (Full Body Shot): For your second photo on Hinge, you will want to show any potential matches what you have to offer (looks-wise). With this in mind, you will want to do a full-body shot.

You may be uncomfortable with this but it does not have to be an uncomfortable situation. Simply put on what makes you feel good and showcases your best qualities such as a shirt or dress that draws out your eyes or figure.

You can get a friend to take the picture or if you have a long enough mirror, you can do it yourself.

Picture #3 – Calm and Casual: For your third photo in your picture lineup on Hinge, you will want to capture yourself in a casual state.

This could be you relaxing in a chair reading or just a relaxed selfie in your bathroom mirror. No need to dress up for this photo, simple and casual is the way to go.

Picture #4 – Show Your Wild Side: You will want your fourth picture on Hinge to be of you doing something adventurous and fun. If you enjoy hiking, you could do a happy photo of yourself on the trail.

If you enjoy exercise, you could do a picture of yourself lifting weights and being happy about it. You simply want to show your fun side for your fourth picture.

Picture #5 – Do You Have a Pet?: For your fifth photo on Hinge, you can do a photo of you and your pet. Animals can be quite photogenic and if you have a pet, they probably mean a lot to you. With this in mind, take a picture of you with your pet.

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