Does Facebook Notify When You Screenshot a Story


Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms, has a Stories features which lets you post photos that disappear after 24 hours. These stories can’t be downloaded by others, but a user can take a screenshot and save it for viewing later. If you were wondering does Facebook notify you of screenshots taken by someone else, then you’ve come to the right place. The stories feature is also present on the Facebook Messenger app and it is similar to the Stories feature that’s available on Instagram and Snapchat.

What if you take a screenshot of someone’s story, or if someone else takes a screenshot of your story, will you be notified? On Snapchat, the user is notified if you take a screenshot of their story, but that’s not the same with Facebook.

Does Facebook Notify When You Screenshot a Story

On Facebook, you can take a screenshot of anyone’s story and they will not be notified. The same goes for someone else taking a screenshot of your story. While posting a story is a temporary feature that lasts 24 hours, anyone can take a screenshot and keep it forever without anyone being notified. The social media platform has several privacy features, but this is not one among them. We are not sure why the company hasn’t included this feature on the platform. It would be nice to receive a notification if someone else took a screenshot of your story.

Anyone on Facebook can take a screenshot of any post, story, or photo posted by you, and you will not be notified of it. It isn’t difficult to find someone on Facebook, view their profile picture, and then use your phone’s screenshot shortcut to take a photo. You can also do this on the desktop. There are plenty of ways to take screenshots and if you want to know how to, read on. If you just camera here to find out if Facebook notifies you of screenshots taken by someone else, then you should have your answer by now.

It’s very hard for Facebook to know when you’ve screenshotted something since it’s predominantly used on a browser. It would be tricky for them to do this however, one day if they did decide to implement this feature, they easily could. At one point, Instagram did send notifications to the source of the content whenever someone decided to screenshot or screen capture an Instagram story. It was a very short trial run, only a few months, back in February 2018, but has since been shelved.

The only apps to currently notify people of screenshots are Snapchat, and the major social platforms aren’t looking to adopt this screenshot notification feature. On Instagram, once the other person sends you, or you send them, a disappearing photo or video message, Instagram will throw you or the other person a notification. However, Facebook hasn’t adopted anything like this.

Facebook Story Screenshot Notifications?

If you’ve been wondering if there are certain ways that someone could tell you’ve screenshotted their story, there is none. Facebook has a notifications section that provides it’s users with notifications when a certain action has been taken on their Facebook account. Facebook doesn’t provide its users with notifications when it comes to anyone screenshotting their story so you can’t see who screenshots your story neither can someone else see if you screenshot their story.

Can You Screenshot Facebook Stories?

Facebook allows you to screenshot stories without others knowing so there’s no risk associated with doing it. If you want to screenshot a Facebook story so you have access to it forever, Facebook allows you to do this. Once you’ve screenshotted, the persons you captured won’t know you have access to it forever.

How to Screenshot Facebook Stories

There are two ways to take screenshots of stories on Facebook or Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone. You can use the shortcut keys to take screenshots on your phone. On most Android smartphones, a screenshot can be taken by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons together. Some phones also have the option to take screenshots via a certain gesture.

Screenshots can be taken anywhere on Facebook. Someone could take a screenshot of your story, of a post, of your comments, of your profile pictures, and so on. There’s nothing stopping them. The screenshots are stored on your device gallery. You can also take screenshots on your Windows or Mac computer with ease. On Mac, you will have to press the Cmd+Shift+5 button to take a screenshot or if you want custom screenshots, then use Cmd+Shift+4. On a Windows computer, press the Windows key + Shift + S to bring up the Snip tool and take a screenshot as per your needs.

If you were hoping that Faebook notify you of screenshots taken by someone else, then we are sorry to tell you that you will not receive any notifications when someone takes a screenshot.

Take a Picture Using Another Phone

Let’s say you really like a specific story and you want to save it forever. Why not take a picture of the story instead of taking a screenshot. If you’re worried if the person will be notified of the screenshot, although this isn’t possible, you wouldn’t have to deal with the anxiety of ‘what if?’ While the story does have the potential of disappearing, depending on the user’s desire to delete earlier than 24 hours, you still get to revisit a picture you wanted to keep.

Avoid Third-Party Apps

It’s really tempting to consider using a third-party app that advertises the ability to send you notifications of someone taking screenshots of your Facebook story. Don’t. Because of Facebook’s own system and the limitations, it puts on apps interacting with it, you’re basically installing a scam. And if it’s a scam, then your personal information is in serious danger.

The burning sensation of knowing if someone is secretly taking screenshots isn’t worth an empty bank account or other nefarious acts one can do with your personal information.

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