Does Bumble Have a Swipe Limit?


If you’ve used a dating app before, you’re probably used to how they work. You set up your profile and choose some pictures. Then, you swipe right or left depending on if you’re interested in the person. You can begin a conversation or not, it’s your decision. Dating apps are usually repetitive and they always follow the same pattern.

This can make moving to different apps, especially if they’re location- based, is absolutely pointless. You’ll see the same people or a very small amount of new people if the app features aren’t drastically different.

What is Bumble?

If you use Bumble, then you’ll notice that there’s a huge difference. Bumble is also a free dating app that uses your location to dictate who sees you and who you can swipe on. You can swipe right or left and you can receive your matches. What makes Bumble different is that the woman needs to message first. It’s considered the “female- friendly” Tinder.

On Bumble, women feel more comfortable since they have to send the first message, which means that they receive less shady messages from men. Bumble is often seen as more refined than the other dating apps because of that feature. There usually aren’t as many users looking for hookups on Bumble as there are on other apps.

Bumble Swipe Limit

You swipe when you’re shown the “cards” of the other users. When you see these cards, you’re presented with the pictures and biography of the person. You have to swipe right if you’re interested in them and left if you’re not interested in them. It’s simple. You even manipulate the types of cards you see based on the gender, distance, or age if you’ve set these preferences.

Bumble limits the amount of right swipes that users can make if they have the free version. With the free version, you’re only able to make 25 swipes a day until you’re banned. Once you’ve gone over Bumbles swipe limit, then you’ll need to wait a full 24 hours until you can start swiping left and right again. This swipe limit doesn’t change after midnight so you’ll need to wait a full 24 hours until you can start swiping again. Banning you after you’ve had your daily swipe limit of 24 only is all an attempt to get you to pay for Bumbles premium service.

The only way to get more swipe rights or to remove the swipe limit is if you pay for Bumble Boost. Bumble boost means that you can swipe on as many people daily as you want without the 24-hour restriction. Using the free version of Bumble is pretty pointless if the swipe limit is something that you really care about.

Why is the swipe limit there?

The swipe limit is there to maintain the female friendly environment that the app aims to have. The app was created to offer an alternative to the other apps that women are often on. On other apps, women get vulgar and unwanted comments that’ll make them uncomfortable. Because Bumble requires the women to message first, if there wasn’t a swipe limit, both parties would just swipe on each other endlessly until they were able to talk. This would result in more matches, but they wouldn’t be quality matches. The mutual swipe and the swipe limit is supposed to create a friendlier match environment for everyone involved in the dating equation.

Bumble is known for it having less of the behavioral issues that would usually come with other apps, like Tinder. This also sets Bumble apart from the other apps, since the men can’t message women first.

Getting More Right Swipes

Since users only get about 25 swipes a day, you want to make sure that you’re the one that they swipe right on. Consider taking high quality pictures that make you look good. You want to look fun and nice, but also make sure that there aren’t too many other people in your pictures.

Make sure your bio expresses who you are, so that they know who they’re swiping right on. A fun fact is usually good because that would be something that made your profile unique. Lastly, include what you’re looking for on the app on your profile so that you don’t waste your time or anyone else’s.

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