The worst part about using dating apps is probably the fact that they record your location and make it somewhat public information. Most of the dating apps actually work primarily on where you are located since most people prefer local relationships to long distance ones. It makes sense that the info has to be out there, but it is a very legitimate reason to be nervous about stalkers, or even the government knowing exactly where you are.

Geographical Settings in Bumble

Bumble is different from other apps because it doesn’t run in the background all the time. When you close the app on your device the app actually shuts down unless you get a match or a message. So, because of this, if you aren’t currently online the app has no idea of your exact location.

It only knows the last location you were online at. The app displays this on your profile usually as your city name. Other users won’t be able to see how many miles away you are from them like when you are online. When you go back online the app does take your location from either the Wi-Fi you are using or your devices GPS.

How Well Does the Location Tracking Work on Bumble?

Bumble has been around for a few years now and its location tracking seems to be fairly accurate. It seems that the app can tell where you are without a problem. The search results that you see first to swipe right or left will most likely be the closest users to your location. After Bumble takes location into account the popularity of a profile also goes into which photos pop up first in your possible match list. Profiles that people seem to like and swipe right seem to show up more often and earlier in the list than peoples profiles that get turned down more.

Can You Turn Off Bumble’s Geotracking?

The short answer to this is no. You can however, block Bumble from knowing where your actual location is. The app will take some kind of location from your device. There is no method to blocking Bumble from knowing your location and still have full functionality in the app. In the past you were able to turn off the geolocation function in the Bumble app, but sadly, not anymore. The app has taken away the users’ ability to do this.

Manual Settings and Automatic Settings

The Bumble app does let you choose the distance range for your matches. It allows you to switch anywhere between 3 and 100 miles from your location. Bumble is different from Tinder though. Premium Tinder tiers let you select a different location for when you are going on a trip or vacation. Bumble doesn’t let you do this.

You can, however, turn your location services off on your device when you don’t want to show up in a city that you are visiting or going to for business. You will want to turn the location services back on when you get to a place you want to be seen on the app because if you don’t you won’t be able to receive any new matches or messages from the app.

The whole app requires you to have your location services on and won’t work without the location services being on. If you decide to be seen in a different city, you will need to turn the location services off and back on in the city you want to be seen. This will give you a different group of users to look at and a different group of users looking at you.