Do USB Mics Work On Xbox Series X?

Do Usb Mics Work On Xbox Series X?

Standard microphones come either as wireless mics or ones you can plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, if you have USB mic, you may also wish to know if it can work on your Xbox series X.

In this article, we have provided answers to all your questions about using USB microphones on your Xbox series X, as well as provided guides on how to set it up to work properly on your console.

Do USB Mics Work On Xbox Series X?

Yes, USB Mics work on Xbox Series X. It’s not straightforward though, you’ll need a stereo adapter, USB Mic, headset audio splitter, auxiliary cord, and headphones.

Can You Use A USB Mic On Xbox Series X

The short answer is, Yes, you can. However, it is not as straightforward as just plugging the USB mic into the Xbox series X USB port and using it, which is the case with PlayStation. You see, the USB ports on Xbox series X are meant for the controllers and the Kinect adaptors that you use to connect Xbox to your PC.

To use a USB microphone on your Xbox series X, you need to perform a couple of extra steps than just plug and play. This is because Xbox series X does not come with inbuilt support for USB mics, and so cannot pass audio directly from the USB mic to the Xbox console and on to your audience.

How to Use USB Mic on Xbox Series X

In order to get your USB mic working seamlessly on Xbox Series X, you need to make sure that you have all the materials listed in this article, and follow the steps provided carefully.


1. A high-quality USB mic

  • You need to bear in mind that USB mics are not natively supported by Xbox Series X. Therefore, if you are going to use the workaround provided in this article, you must use a high-quality USB mic (view on Amazon) that is proven to integrate seamlessly with restricted devices like the Xbox Series X.
  • Secondly, the USB mic MUST have a manual volume control feature. Again, this is because Xbox Series X does not natively support a USB mic, so you cannot control the volume of the mic in-console
  • Thirdly, the USB mic MUST have a headphone jack. This is because we will not be plugging the USB mic directly into the Xbox console USB port. Instead, we will plug it in through an auxiliary cord.

2. Stereo Adaptor

Another equipment you must have for the USB mic to work on your Xbox Series X is a stereo adapter (view on Amazon). This is the bit that you plug directly into your Xbox controller and again, has to be of top quality.

Also, the adapter needs to be more versatile to integrate with several brands of USB mics and auxiliary cords. For best results (and this is from proven tests), you should go with the Xbox Stereo headset adaptor.

3. Headset Audio Splitter

The headset splitter (view on Amazon) as the name suggests splits the headphone audio into headphones and mic. As you may already know, a headset consists of speakers (headphones) for hearing and a mic for speaking. Because you are only trying to set up the mic, you need to split the audio so you can plug the mic part into the adapter.

The audio splitter comes with an audio jack on one end, and the mic and headphones split on the other end. You will need a male-to-female splitter for this.

4. Auxiliary Cord

The auxiliary cord (view on Amazon) will be used to connect the mic end of the audio splitter cable with the USB mic’s headphone jack that we described earlier. Be sure to get a 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary cord for this setup.

5. Headphones

Remember that, so far, we have been discussing setting up your USB mic on your Xbox series X.

However, it is not enough to have a mic you can speak into. You also need headphones that you can hear audio with in order to complete the external audio system setup.

We recommend using single-purpose headphones as opposed to full gaming headsets that come with microphones. Since you are trying to set up Xbox Series X to use your USB mic, using a headset that has its own mic will cause the entire audio input system to become warped and not work.

How to Set Up the USB Mic on Xbox Series X:

1. First, plug your controller to the Xbox console

2. Then, take the Xbox stereo adapter and plug into the adapter on the base of your Xbox controller. Make sure that it fits in and is secured properly so you don’t have issues later in the setup

3. Pick up the audio splitter and plug the headphone jack end of the splitter into the headphone point at the base of the Xbox stereo adapter

4. If your Xbox series X has a 3.5mm jack as opposed to a stereo port, then you do not need a stereo adapter. You only need to plug the headphone jack end of the splitter straight into your Xbox controller.

5. Next, pick up the auxiliary cord and plug one end of it into the mic slot of the audio splitter. This means that only the headphone slot of the audio splitter is unattached to any device at this point.

6. Take the other end of the auxiliary cord and plug it into the headphone jack on your USB mic

7. Now, use a USB cord and connect your USB mic to the Xbox console in order to power on the USB mic

8. Finally, strap on your headphone. Plug the headphone cable into the headphone slot of the audio splitter.

9. At this point, Xbox Series X will detect your new microphone and your headphone as separate accessories, enabling you to both speak and listen on chats in Xbox Series X without issues.

A few things to note:

  • The requirements listed in this article are not options, they are necessary if your USB mic setup must work.
  • But the brands of accessories you use are entirely up to you.
  • This setup has been tested with wireless Xbox controllers and it did not work. It seems to work only with wired Xbox controllers from the tests we have done.
  • If you want to use a bargain USB mic, you need to be sure to use the Xbox stereo adapter because it is compatible with a wide range of USB mics in the market
  • If you want to use exclusive stereo adapters like Turtle Beach Ear Force Audio Controller, then be sure to use high-end, top-quality USB mics because the exclusive adapters like Turtle Beach do not integrate well with bargain accessories.
  • Do not use a 3-ring auxiliary cable to plug into your audio splitter and USB mic. When you use a 3-ring auxiliary cable, you would need to push the cable only half way into the splitter for it to work. And when this happens, you will hear echo of your own voice when you speak into the USB mic.

USB Mic Not Working on Xbox Series X? Try These Fixes

If you have followed the steps outlined in this article diligently, then your USB mic should work alright on your Xbox Series X. However, some users may encounter issues like no audio, audio lag, echo, and feedback.

There are several possible causes for each of these issues listed above. To resolve USB mic issues on Xbox Series X, you would need to adopt a step-by-step elimination method until you find the fix that works for you. So, if you experience any one of no audio, audio lag, echo/feedback, or static, please read on to discover how to fix them.

1. Check the USB Mic Volume

As obvious as it seems, it could be that your setup is perfect and the issue is simply that your USB mic volume is at its lowest.

Therefore, before trying any complicated settings, make sure that you tune the USB mic volume up and check whether it’s now working on your Xbox Series X.

2. Restart the USB Mic

The first thing to do when Xbox is not able to capture your voice after you have set up your USB microphone, is to restart the mic. To do this, you simply need to unplug it from the Xbox console, and then plug it back in.

If that does not work, you could try plugging it into another USB port on the Xbox console or into a wall socket to see if the issue is from the USB port on the Xbox console.

Restarting the mic has worked for many users and should resolve the issue for you. If the issue persists, please try the next fix below.

3. Check All Connections

For the USB mic to work on Xbox Series X, there needs to be a lot of cable connections in place as outlined in the methodology above. If Xbox is not capturing your voice on the USB mic, it could be that one of the connections is not firm.

Audio data transmission is very delicate and requires firm connection all round in order to work. So, to check your connections, unplug every cable in the setup from wherever it’s plugged and plug it back, making sure that it fits securely in its port.

4. Check Your Audio Settings

This applies especially to users experiencing echo. If you noted earlier, we advised against using a 3-ring auxiliary cable as it causes echo when connected properly.

If your auxiliary cable is the standard 2-ring and you still experience echo, then it’s possible that your Xbox is broadcasting to both the headset and the speakers.

To fix this:

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller

2. Select Profile & System

3. Select Settings

4. Select General

5. Select Volume & Audio Output

6. Change Party Chat output to Headset

Best USB Mics for Xbox Series X

To be clear, you can get whatever USB mic for Xbox Series X that matches your budget as long as the quality is good enough. However, bear in mind that low-budget ones have limitations in terms of accessories that work with them, especially the stereo adapter.

Anyhow, here is our list of the best USB mics that you can enjoy on your Xbox Series X:

1. Shure MV7 USB Microphone (view on Amazon)

This is a unique USB mic for podcasts, gaming, live streaming, and recording. It comes with voice isolating and noise cancellation technology, and an all-metal build for durability and reliability.

2. Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone (view on Amazon)

This is a more popular USB microphone, trusted by many gamers, streamers, and content creators. Rode NT provides the classic studio sound as opposed to Shure that leans towards reproducing natural voice sound.

3. Turtle Beach USB Mic (view on Amazon)

This is a more high-end, truly professional USB mic for gaming on Xbox Series X and other gaming consoles. It is also perfect for use on PC and Mac as a desktop mic. Turtle Beach uses TruSpeak Technology to project your voice in clear, distinct decibels. It also has a headphone amplifier that eliminates latency, and balances game audio and voice levels.

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