Do Snapchat Friend Requests Expire?

Do Snapchat Friend Requests Expire?

Some people want to know if Snapchat friend requests expire, why their friend requests disappear, and what they can do if they accidentally accept a friend request. In this article of information, you are about to gain the answers to those questions and more!

Do Snapchat Friend Requests Expire

Yes, friend requests on Snapchat do indeed expire. Typically, after you have sent a friend request to a recipient, they have 48 hours to respond to different requests.

If they have not responded to your friend request, in other words, if they have not accepted your request, the request will expire.

Although the request will expire, if the person has not accepted it within 48 hours, you will have the option to resend the request to the same recipient. 

Why Do My Friend Requests Disappear on Snapchat

Sending a friend request to someone on Snapchat is a great way to get someone’s attention. Snapchat, just like other social media platforms, has a built-in mechanism that allows users to see the friend requests they have sent.

But what if you send a friend request and then notice the request has disappeared after sending it to a particular user within the 48-hour time frame? There’s no need to drive yourself wild over this issue.

A few explanations could contribute to why the friend request has disappeared.

Sometimes, there could be a glitch with the system; the user is no longer on Snapchat, the person you requested has temporarily disabled their account, the account is not available due to suspension, and many other possibilities that can contribute to this error.

Let’s check out a few scenarios that may play a part in why your friend requests have disappeared.

1. Disappeared Due to Glitch

If you’ve sent a request to a Snapchat user and then realize it has disappeared shortly after sending it, you may want to consider whether there may be an issue or a glitch with the app.

Many people may go into a frenzy if they discover a glitch with the application they are using. Although glitches can be agonizing, there are methods of resolution to get rid of glitches.

The first way to resolve a glitch with your Snapchat it’s to log out and then log back into the application.

To log out on your device, you must:

1. Launch the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Once the homepage opens, look for your Snapchat profile icon on the top left corner. Tap on it to navigate to the profile page.

3. Under the profile tab, check for the Settings located in the top right corner—select settings for more options.

4. In the Settings, you can find various options to make changes to your Snapchat profile, such as Username, Date of Birth, Phone Number, etc.

5. Scroll down to locate Account Action. From here, you can see Log Out at the bottom of the options.

6. Tap on the Log Out tab to log out of the Snapchat account on your device.

If you are using Snapchat on a PC, to log out on a PC, you must:

1. Open a dependable web browser, and in the search bar, type in

2. Next, go to Show More Options.

3. Finally, click on the Log Out tab.

Performing the actions of logging out and logging back in should resolve the glitch that is happening.

If you aren’t able to see your friend requests after performing a reset, you may want to consider checking if the latest version of the app is currently running.

If the application is outdated, it’s strongly possible this is what’s contributing to the glitch, which is not being able to see the friend requests shortly after sending them.

If you are using an Android, to update your Snapchat app, you must:

1. Google Play Store on your device.

2. Once the Play Store is open, tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

3. Tap on Manage Apps and Device.

4. Tap updates available.

5. If there is an update available for Snapchat, the update button will appear next to it.

6. Tap on the update button to update the app.

For consumers that are using an iOS device, to update your Snapchat, you must:

1. Open the app store.

2. Tap on your account icon in the top right corner.

3. If you have any available updates, the updates will show up under the Personalized Recommendations button and over the roster of apps that have been updated previously.

4. Find Snapchat, then tap the update button next to the app name if there is an update available to install.

After performing an update on the Snapchat application, you can log back into the app to see if the glitch has disappeared instead of your friend requests.

The next option to consider if there is a glitch is to clear your cache file storage on your device.

The thought of checking the cache storage goes over the heads of so many people. It’s never a natural reaction to immediately check the cache if an issue arises with an app and its productivity.

Most people would immediately check for updates first. However, if an update didn’t resolve the glitch you are experiencing, you may want to clear your cache.

To follow through with clearing your Snapchat cache on your Android device, you must perform the following steps:

1. Launch the Snapchat app.

2. Tap on your bitmoji located in the upper-left to access your profile.

3. Press on the cog wheel in the upper right to access settings.

4. Look for Clear Cache under Account Actions, then tap on it.

5. Tap continue on your Android device to clear the cache for Snapchat.

For users that are using an iPhone or iOS device, to follow through with clearing your Snapchat cache, you must proceed with the following steps accordingly:

1. Open the Snapchat app on your device.

2. Next, tap on the gear icon and the profile screen to open the Settings page.

3. On the Snapchat settings screen, swipe down and tap on the clear cache option.

After your cache is cleared on your Android or iOS device, relaunch the application.

Once the cache files have been cleared, ensure to log back into the app and check the friend requests to see if they are visible if you are still within the 48-hour time gap of sending the request.

Glitches can be agitating occurrences. However, if you have attempted all of these actions and there is still no progress, then the glitch may not be your issue to resolve. Sometimes, if an app has an internal error, it’s more so the developer’s issue to tackle.

Typically, when there is an ongoing issue with the app’s functionality, the developers would send out a notification via email stating that the issue is being resolved and they are working to resolve the problem as quickly and as soon as they can.

Following this statement, the developers will most likely send a list of troubleshooting methods to adhere to. The steps that are sent from the developer to resolve the issue are steps that should be followed accordingly.

So, if you get an email notification from Snapchat developers stating that the glitch or issue is being resolved, you may have to wait it out a little while.

2. The User Delete the Snap

 In most case scenarios, if your friend request has disappeared after you have recently sent it to the recipient, and you are still within the 48-hour time frame, you can also consider the fact that the user may have deleted the snap.

In other words, they may have deleted the request that was sent to them. 

This is something that is common amongst a lot of social media users. If someone has a long list of friend requests, they may not want to friend everyone on that list.

So, they will weed out the people they want to be friends with and the people they want to remove.

This is an action that no one should get emotional about because it’s pretty common. Sometimes, this can be intentional, and sometimes, this is accidental. It really depends on the situation itself.

3. They Have Temporarily Disabled Their Account

 If you notice that the friend request you sent to a certain Snapchat user has disappeared, it’s also possible the user may have disabled their account temporarily.

This is something that is pretty common for individuals who want to take a break from their account or want to direct their focus on another social media platform they may have. 

For consumers that may be curious about how to disable their account temporarily, if someone wants to disable their account, they will proceed with the following steps:

1. First, you will open a dependable web browser on your phone or personal device. It’s highly recommended to use Google Chrome for this process.

2. Once the web browser is open, in the search bar, type in and press search to proceed forward.

3. Next, you will be redirected to sign into your Snapchat account. So, from here, sign in using your Snapchat credentials. 

4. There will be a menu of options that will appear. Within that menu, you will see the option to Delete My Account. Tap on the Delete My Account option to proceed forward. 

5. Before temporarily deleting your account, you will be prompted to confirm your account before deletion. You will need to confirm your username and your password to proceed with temporarily deleting the account. 

6. After entering your username and password credentials, press the continue button to proceed forward.

7. After pressing the continue option, a screen will appear, giving you a notification that your account has been deactivated.

8. If you want to make this deactivation temporary, you would need to sign back into your account within 30 days of deactivating the account.

And that’s typically how the deactivation process works for someone to delete their account temporarily.

Once someone has temporarily deleted their account, they will no longer be able to communicate with friends, receive messages, and receive friend requests from other users.

4. Their Account Has Been Banned/Suspended

 Another factor to consider is that their account has possibly been banned or suspended. There are many factors that can contribute to this. But, the number one factor could possibly be because of the “P” word. Meaning it could be due to policy violations.

For someone’s social media account to be suspended due to policy violations is something that takes place across many platforms. Sometimes, it could be due to the content the person was posting.

The content the user posted may have gone against the regulations of Snapchat. Or, they may have performed actions against other users that go against the rules and regulations of Snapchat.

Some of those actions could be posting derogatory comments, discrimination, and other petty occurrences that can result in the suspension of an account.

Whatever the case, if you have noticed that the request that you have sent to a particular person on Snapchat has disappeared, it’s possible their account may be suspended. So, you may want to consider reaching out to them on other platforms for clarity.

5. They Have Deleted Their Account

 The coup de gras of it all could simply be the user has deleted their account permanently. When someone deletes their account permanently, there is no technical way possible for them to receive or send messages, interact with followers, and respond to friend requests. 

When someone deletes their Snapchat, they have a minimum of 30 days to sign back in to keep the account active.

This information pertains to people who would temporarily disable their accounts. However, if the account has been disabled and they have gone over the 30-day mark, the user will have no way possible to reactivate the account.

The only way for them to reestablish their account is to create a brand-new Snapchat account and re-add all of their friends.

And if they have created a new account, you can search for them on Snapchat using their new username. After you have rediscovered their new Snapchat account, you can then send them a friend request for that new account instead.

6. They Have Blocked You

Discovering that you are blocked can be enlightenment that one wishes they hadn’t known. But, before jumping to a conclusion so early, there are many reasons why someone may block you.

The person may have created a new account and wanted to block certain people. And while they were going through their list of potential victims, they may have blocked you by accident.

Or, in another case, then the situation may appear to be personal. That would be an entirely different scenario.

But, if you want to know if you are blocked, you can search for their username using an alternate account.

If you don’t have an alternate account, here’s how you can set up a second account for Snapchat:

1. To begin, you need to sign out of your account. To log out of your account, you will tap on your profile.

From there, you will click on the cogwheel in the screen’s upper right corner. After opening your settings, you will scroll down until you see the logout option. From the air, log out of your account.

2. After signing out, you will see a sign-up option on the main screen after signing out. Since this is a brand-new account, you must complete all the information required for the new account.

In other words, fill out the information that is required as if you were signing up for your first account. 

3. After your information has been filled out properly, a 6-digit code for verification will be sent to you from Snapchat on your smartphone.

4. After the verification has been completed, Snapchat will allow you to find friends and set up your new profile. You will have the option to skip past those screens and return to that information at a later time. 

And just like that, you have two Snapchat accounts! 

Once that account is created, you can then start searching for the user that may have blocked you. 

 If you are able to see their full profile page after you have searched for them in the search bar, they have blocked you on the existing page you were originally following them on.

At this point, you can proceed with this situation in two ways; you can go ahead and tap Follow to start following them using your new account, or you can pause the follow, and reach out to the user directly via their DM to let them know they had blocked you on your existing account and ask for an explanation to clear the air.

However, the situation proceeds itself; if your friend request that was sent to this person has disappeared, there may be a slight chance they may have blocked you on your existing Snapchat account.  

7. You’ve Cleared The Conversation

Typically, once you clear a conversation from your Snapchat, it will not delete the chat entirely.

Doing this will only remove the friends’ username and the content of the conversation that was had in the conversation thread.

If you have encountered an error where the friend request that you have sent to a recipient has disappeared, it’s strongly possible you may have deleted your conversation thread which resulted in clearing out all direct contact with the recipient.

And that even goes for sending friend requests.

This is a course of action that would take place if you had been messaging each other prior to your friend request being sent. If you have deleted all of your conversations, your friend requests will also be removed.

How Long Does Unaccepted Friend Request Last?

Whenever you send a friend request to anyone on social media, and they haven’t responded, that means that your friend request is in a pending status.

If your friend request is in a pending state, the recipient has 48 hours to respond to the friend request to add you. The request will expire if they have not confirmed within 48 hours of the request being sent.

Accidentally Accepted Friend Request Snapchat?

 We have all had moments where we had a minor slip-up with accidentally accepting a friend request from someone that we did not want to add to our roster of friends.

Well, for all of my Snapchat users, we have a couple of alternatives that you can utilize if you ever encounter this mishap.

1. Remove Them

The first alternative is to remove them from your list. This is by far the easiest and the most simple task to perform, especially if you have accidentally friended someone that you had no intentions of adding to your list.

To remove someone from your Snapchat, you will proceed with the following steps: 

1. First, you were swiped to your right to proceed to your chat screen.

2. Next, press and hold the person’s name that you want to remove. 

3. There will be a menu of options that will appear. And on that menu, you will see an option that says Manage Friendship. 

4. Tap on the Manage Friendship option.

5. Finally, you will see the option to remove the friend from your list. Tap on Remove Friend. 

And that’s as simple as one, two, and three! 

2. Block Them

 If you have encountered any internal issues with removing them from your list, you can consider blocking them from viewing your content. 

To block a Snapchat user, you will proceed with the following steps accordingly: 

1. First, you will open your Snapchat application.

2. Next, you will swipe to the right to see your friends list or friends screen.

3. From here, press and hold the account name you want to block. 

4. Next, you will tap on the option that says More.  

5. You will see a tab in the menu for more options that says Block. Tap on the Block option to block the Snapchat user. 

6. And just like the previous alternative, it was just as simple to block them just as it was to remove them. 


 Many people wanted to know if Snapchat friend requests expire after a certain time. To answer that question, yes, the friend requests you send on Snapchat expire after 48 hours.

And for users wondering why their friend requests disappear on Snapchat, there are many factors that contribute to this happening.

There may be a glitch in the system. The user may have deleted the snap, the user may have temporarily disabled their account, or their account has been banned or suspended.

They may have deleted their account permanently, they may have possibly blocked you from viewing their account, and you may have possibly cleared the conversation you may have had with them prior to sending the friend request.

And for those of you wondering how long unaccepted friend requests last on Snapchat, it would be the same 48-hour protocol.

If the recipient has not confirmed your friend request within the 48-hour time frame, the request will expire.

And for those of you that wanted to know how to get rid of a Snapchat request that you had accidentally accepted, you have the option to block them or remove them simply. Now, you know how to proceed going forward.

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