Does Snap Score Go Up From Group Chats?

Does Snap Score Go Up From Group Chats?

If you’re in a group in Snapchat, you may be wondering if the snaps you send add anything to your Snap score.

Does Your Snap Score Increase With Chats

Yes, group chats increase your snap score. The only way your score will increase when you are in a group chat is if you are sending and receiving photos or videos with the other people in the group chat.

Sending and receiving photos or videos add one point each to your score, and chats don’t add anything to your score it appears. This means that if your group chat is just that, a chat, then this will not add any points to your Snapchat Score.

For each snap you send, it will add one point to your score, no matter how many people are in the group. For each snap you open in the group chat you will also get one point added to your total Snapchat Score. You could have ten people in a group chat with you and none of the chats sent or received would add to your score, and only one point per snap sent and received would be added to your score.

If you look at it in a different way, then group chats would technically increase your chances of increasing your score to say the least. The more people involved in a conversation the better chance of receiving multiple snaps worth a point each.

So, there is that. Of course, you have to just take this for what it is. This is simply the best guess at what goes into your Snapchat Score. Since Snapchat doesn’t and won’t tell everyone what all is included, this is as close as you can get to the truth behind your score.

How to Increase Snapchat Score With Group

If you want to increase your snapchat score using the group, then the best way to go about it would be to make sure everyone there is sending a red or purple snap to the group chat constantly.

Because photo and video snaps cause your Snapchat score to increase, if everyone in the group is constantly sending snaps when they can, this will cause everyone’s snap score to go up when the snaps are opened. This works especially well if there’s loads of people in the group.

If there’s loads of people in the group and you send one snap, if all of them open it, this is going to cause your snap score to go up by a lot.

To make this even better, you can send loads of snaps to the group, whether this is documenting your day, or you’re showing off something that you’ve done, if you’re constantly sending snaps and there’s loads of people in the group, this will trigger your Snapchat score to go up by loads.

Another way to go about this would be to have a Snapchat streak with everyone in the group. If you have a streak with everyone in the group, this’ll cause your Snapchat score to go up dramatically.

This only works well if you snap this person genuinely everyday with something to say, sending them a picture with the word streaks isn’t going to entice them to keep the streak with you, it needs to be genuine.

Snapchat Spam Groups

There’s a term called Snapchat spam groups that was popularised by reddit which allows Snapchat users to join groups that are spammed with snaps so that their snapchat score can go up. These groups are made with the intention of bonding, but they’re made with the intention of increasing peoples snapchat score.

To be in a Snapchat spam group, you need to put your snap in the snapchatspamgroup reddit forum and someone will add you as a friend then once you’ve accepted, they’ll add you into the group.

Does Snap Score Go up From Chat

You may be wondering after a long chat with someone how much your Snapchat score went up after the fact. Unfortunately, your Snapchat score does not go up from chatting, and it will only go up from red or purple snapchats.

A red Snapchat is a picture that was sent using the Snapchat camera, and a purple Snapchat is a video that was sent using the Snapchat camera.

These two snaps are the only ones that will boost your Snapchat score – even if you send a photo or video from your camera roll, it still won’t count unless you take the photo or video in the Snapchat app itself.

Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up Without Opening Snaps

If you don’t often open snaps, your Snapchat score can still go up, as long as you are still sending snaps that are getting opened. So, if you don’t open any red or purple snaps that you receive, and you don’t send any snaps, your Snapchat score will not go up. So, as long as you are at least sending snapchats that are getting opened, your snap score will still go up.

Checking Individuals Snapchat Score Within The Group

Your Snapchat Score can be found under your username on your profile page. If you want, you can also see the score of your friends and public profiles too.

1. To do this you to start a chat with the person and

see someones score

2. Then, tap on the profile icon in the top left corner of the chat screen and you will see their score under their name.

3. If you tap and hold the Snapchat button at the top you can see the number for sent and received snaps instead of the total.

What Goes Into Making My Snapchat Score?

The best guess is that sending and receiving a snap is worth one point toward your score and posting to your story is worth one point as well. When you send a snap to more than one person at a time it doesn’t seem to be worth any more than sending it to one person.

Really the only reason this score exists is to give users something to talk about or even spark an interest in using the app more to get a “Higher Score” than your friends. Just a little trick to get people to use their app more. A trick that works too. If you tap on your Snapchat score there will be two other numbers that appear. These numbers stand for how many snaps you have sent first and how many snaps you have received after that.

Will My Snapchat Score Go Up From Sending Media From My Camera Roll?

No, your Snapchat score will not go up unless you take the photo or video you’re sending with the Snapchat camera itself. So, while you can still send whatever you want from your camera roll, Snapchat memories or gallery, your Snapchat score will not go up from it.

Do You Get Anything From Having a High Snapchat Score?

Snapchat does not offer any perks or account upgrades from having a high Snapchat score – it’s simply just a number that shows how many snapchats you’ve sent and received. It’s an effective way of keeping users active on their app, just like the Snapchat streaks feature.

This is why we recommend to use the app as you would without the Snapchat score feature; it’s not worth getting caught up in this feature and forcing yourself to use the app more than you normally would for a high Snapchat score.

Also, a lot of people won’t even notice or care about your Snapchat score – think about how often you check others Snapchat scores.

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