Snapchat is a very popular app with over 1 billion downloads that you use to send pictures videos and chats to friends. According to the Snapchat website, every time you send a snap your score goes up by a single point. Every time you open a snap you gain a single point toward your score as well. It doesn’t seem as though you get a point for any incoming or outgoing chats. You may notice your score randomly jump more than 1 point. Why is that? Keep reading to dig deeper. They give the definition of the score as the sum total of all snaps sent and received which doesn’t seem to be the whole story sometimes.

Your Snapchat Score can be found under your username on your profile page. If you want, you can also see the score of your friends and public profiles too.

1. To do this you to start a chat with the person and

see someones score

2. Then, tap on the profile icon in the top left corner of the chat screen and you will see their score under their name.

3. If you tap and hold the Snapchat button at the top you can see the number for sent and received snaps instead of the total.

Why Does Snapchat Give Scores?

It seems that the higher your score is on Snapchat is the more popular you are, to an extent of course. You could just have one friend you are always talking to, but chances are that the higher your score, the more friends you have, or at least more people sending you snaps or receiving your snaps. So, why would it matter how high your score is?

If you are famous on social media, you can actually get paid by companies to advertise for them to all of your followers. So, to get these companies to see how popular you are you need a way to track how many people interact with your page. Well, Snapchat has a few ways of doing this including the number of people that view your stories, your number of friends, and your score.

The best guess as to why Snapchat has a score would have to be for tracking peoples’ popularity closer and helping individuals with monetizing the app for themselves. It could also just be a way for users to brag to their friends about how many people like to talk to them.

How Does the Snapchat Score Work?

Everybody seems to have a theory on how Snapchats’ scoring system work. It seems as though the score on Snapchat is a way that they keep track of your use and there are even achievements you can reach. Snapchat doesn’t explain this very well on there website.

All they really say is that this number is based on how many snaps you have sent and received, story posts, and other factors. That’s where the question you are here to get an answer to lies. The other factors part of Snapchats answer to what goes into your score. This part of your score may include filter use, viewing other users’ stories, and group chats.

The best guess at how Snapchat scores all these factors is this.

  • As mentioned above, sending and receiving a snap usually give you one point toward your score, but occasionally seems to give more than that
  • When you send a group snap it still only counts as one point toward your total score
  • When you post a story to Snapchat it adds one point to your total score
  • Also mentioned above, it seems that sent and received chats don’t affect your score in anyway
  • Lastly, looking at other users’ story doesn’t add any points to your total score

Do Group Chats on Snapchat Increase Your Score

This is the question at hand. Do group chats on Snapchat increase your score? If you look at the small guide above you might be able to answer this question, but if that isn’t clear enough here is some explanation.

As you have read above, sending and receiving photos or videos add one point each to your score, and chats don’t add anything to your score it appears. This means that if your group chat is just that, a chat, then this will not add any points to your Snapchat Score. The only way your score will increase when you are in a group chat is if you are sending and receiving photos or videos with the other people in the group chat.

For each snap you send, it will add one point to your score, no matter how many people are in the group. For each snap you open in the group chat you will also get one point added to your total Snapchat Score. You could have ten people in a group chat with you and none of that chats sent or received would add to your score, and only one point per snap sent and received would be added to your score.

If you look at it in a different way, then group chats would technically increase your chances of increasing your score to say the least. The more people involved in a conversation the better chance of receiving multiple snaps worth a point each. So, there is that.

Of course, you have to just take this for what it is. This is simply the best guess at what goes into your Snapchat Score. Since Snapchat doesn’t and won’t tell everyone what all is included, this is as close as you can get to the truth behind your score.