There are a ton of messaging apps available today. Messenger, Kik, Slack, Hangouts— there’s a messaging app for any circumstance that you need. One of the most popular messaging instances are gaming chat messengers. These messengers allow for interaction during gameplay and they make coordination very easy.

The added social component is a bonus, and users often find that their multiplayer experience is enhanced since they can make organized moves in their video game. There are more than a few gaming messenger apps, but two of the most popular ones are Twitch and Discord. Although there are more than a few similarities, users might want to know the differences to decide which one they’re interested in.


Discord is one of the newer gaming chat messenger apps, but it doesn’t make it any less popular. It’s made by gamers for gamers, which Is why it might be a favorite for some. It’s completely free, and the range of features offered for free make users love the service. It’s known to have one of the best codecs for VoIP, which is voice over internet protocol. This is what makes it easy and smooth to communicate through your games, which is why this might be one of the first choices.

Some of the features involved include push notifications, multiple channels, direct messaging that’s easy to use, encryption, and in- game overlay, which will let you know who’s talking during the game. This is a program that you can use in your browser, but you can also download it on Windows, Macs, Linux, iOS, and Android. There’s a large amount of users, so chances are, someone that you know uses the program.



This is a service that you’ve probably heard about for watching and streaming video game broadcasts. This is an older platform that was founded in 2011. It used to be only focused on videogames, but now it’s dedicated to all kinds of content, such as much, talk shows, art, and even television series. There are over 2 million streamers a month. There are paid subscriptions that you can use and even ad placements, but since Amazon purchased it, it’s one of the most popular video game streaming services that you can use.

The site has many features that have made it more similar to a social network. This might be great for people who want to build a close community with the people that they chat with. You can follow people and direct message them. Each stream has its own chatroom and users can chat here. There’s also the Pulse feature that functions as a timeline like the one that you’d usually see on Twitter. Everyone can post their own status updates here, and you can share and comment on what people have posted. It’s so similar to a social media site, which is why many users may dislike it, but this is also one of the reasons why many people love it.

What’s Better?

This is answer isn’t straightforward; however, there are a few sections where one might be preferred to others.


The look and feel of the program is very important to user experience. One of the most important parts of the interface is being easy to use so that you don’t have to figure out how to use it constantly. Both Twitch and Discord have done a great job at having a simple interface. Twitch makes it super easy to find new channels to join and new players to stream. Discord makes it easy to stay focused on your friends and what they’re doing on the channels and servers that they’re a part of. Discord is more of a hub, so it’s easier to join the people that you already know in their interests, meanwhile Twitch is more about discovering new people that you want to join.

Discord is more of a chat client with servers for specific topics, and Twitch is more about the streamers interacting with their audiences, so it depends on what experience you’re interested in experiencing.

Privacy Policy

If you’re concerned with privacy, then you might want to read their privacy policies, but there isn’t a clear difference between the privacy policies of both the sites. Discord has been confronted about their policy for a long time. In their privacy policy, it clearly states that they may share the information of their users with related companies. This in turn is used to make sure that the related companies can keep in contact with you. Twitch also has a policy that states that they will share your information to the government and advertisers that use this data to give you relevant ads. They’ll both share your information to outside advertisers, so use whatever site you prefer.


Neither sites have encryption. Encryption converts data into a code so that no one can have unauthorized access to the sensitive information that you might put online. Discord has SSL, which is a Secure Sockets Later, and voice encryption using Libsodium. This is a portable tech that’s encryption that users can download on GitHub, which is why users aren’t entirely satisfied with that security. Twitch isn’t any better regarding encryption since there isn’t any.

Making Money Gaming

Twitch is very evidently the best place to make money. Twitch has a partner program where plans can be anywhere from 4.99 USD to 24.99 USD. Subscribers can also by “Bits” to cheer you on during your gameplay. If you gain a large following on Twitch, then you can get merch and gaming accessories from sponsors, or you can sell your own. You can also partner with advertisers to show ads during your channel’s streams. If users click on these ads, then you’ll get money. You can also get money from placing affiliate links or products on your channel where users can navigate to those sites and you’ll earn commission. Discord has nothing like this.


Discord is great for communication, but Twitch is more suitable for people who want to make a career out of gaming. If you want to use both, then that’s completely fine also.