Many Mac users aren’t aware that Mouse Acceleration exists. The mouse drivers on your Mac detects the movement your mouse makes, then the cursor will move across and depending on your sensitivity settings, the cursor will move appropriate distance.

Mouse Acceleration is the settings that allow you to change the sensitivity of your mouse so when you move the mouse a certain distance and speed if you set Mouse Acceleration to high settings, the cursor will move access the screen quickly and farther away from the point it was, which means more acceleration.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

If you want your mouse to move between two points on the screen more precisely, you need to turn off Mouse accelerating.

To turn off Mouse Acceleration in Terminal:

1. Press Command-Space to open Spotlight and search for Terminal. Spotlight will allow you to search for things indexed in your Mac.

2. In Terminal, type the following command:

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1

3. Press the Enter key to run the command and turn off Mouse Acceleration.

The -1 in the command is code to turn off mouse acceleration. If the -1 was changed to a 1, this would turn on mouse acceleration again. To turn on mouse acceleration, run the command  “defaults write .GlobalPreferences 1” in Terminal.

If you want to read the mouse acceleration settings on your Mac, run the command “defaults read .GlobalPreferences” in Terminal. If your Mouse Acceleration settings are on default, they should be set to 2 or 3. Depending on your mouse, you can also see a value such as 0.125 or 0.5.

The lower the value is when you look at your current mouse acceleration settings, the slower the Mouse’s acceleration. If you notice that your cursor is moving across your screen quickly, then it’s because the value is high.

If you want to restore the mouse acceleration settings to factory defaults, run the command “defaults write .GlobalPreferences 2.” Restart your Mac, and you should be able to see a difference in your Macs sensitivity.

Manually Adjust Mouse Acceleration

If you want to adjust the mouse acceleration on Mac, you can download the Mouse Acceleration Preference Pane. This allows you to adjust the mouse acceleration through a preference setting because, by default, this isn’t readily available on Mac.

adjust Mouse Acceleration Mac

If you want to precisely control, the mouse’s acceleration, you can drag the cursor to the left or right depending on what your preferences are. Under the mouse acceleration preference setting, there’s a checkbox that says Enable Mouse acceleration at login. When you check this box, it allows the mac acceleration settings to commend.