Like thousands of people do every single day, you forget your password. You were so confident that you’d never forget it, and you did anyways. It’s okay; it happens to the best.

Luckily for you, there just so happens to several ways to disable AppLock on your Android device and give you back access to your apps. It’s actually a lot more simple than you’d imagine. There’s no rooting or hacking, only a few simple tricks.

1. Recover the AppLock Password

Of course, your first attempt at removing the password is to recover your password. Mankind can be forgetful sometimes and that’s okay. Once you’ve successfully removed the AppLock password, be sure to write down the new password. Or, if you don’t want AppLock, take the chance to uninstall it once you’ve recovered your password.

1. Select the AppLock app.

2. Don’t attempt a login. Instead, select the three vertical dots located in the top-right corner.

forgot password AppLock

3. Tap FORGOT PASSWORD in the drop-down menu.

4. Verify with your email. You’ll be asked to sign into the Google account associated with the app.

5. You’re now free to set up a new password. Alternatively, you can remove AppLock.

2. Uninstall AppLock from the Home Screen

This is a successful solution if your device doesn’t have a lock screen password or you already know it, but you’ve forgotten your AppLock password. Using this solution can also bypass the problem of AppLock locking your Settings.

1. Locate the AppLock app.

Tap and hold the AppLock app

2. Tap and hold the AppLock app. After a moment, you’ll be free to move it anywhere you please.

3. Drag the AppLock app over Uninstall.

3. Force Stop AppLock through Android Settings

Depending on your device, AppLock may not have locked your Settings. This gives you a chance to “Force Stop” AppLock and gain access to your device again.

1. Open Settings. It’s the gear icon.

2. Scroll down until you come to Apps. Tap it.

3. Scroll down until you come to AppLock. Select it.

Force Stop AppLock

4. Tap Force Stop.

4. Uninstalling AppLock through Android Settings

Depending on your device, AppLock may not have locked your Settings. This gives you a chance to uninstall AppLock if forcing it to stop didn’t work, giving you access to your device once more.

1. Open Settings. It’s the gear icon.

2. Scroll down until you come to Apps. Select it.

3. Scroll down until you come to Applock. Tap it.

4. Select Uninstall.

Once AppLock has been uninstalled or forced to quit, it ceases the app’s function, successfully removing the password from your apps. You’re free to use your apps without failing a password input.

5. Boot your Device into Safe Mode

Safe mode is a wonderful troubleshooting tool that devices carry nowadays. You may have heard of Safe Mode when computers were part of the conversation, but they’re no longer tailored to computers anymore.

When you utilize your device’s Safe Mode, only the most important apps and functions will actually work. Most, if not all, manually installed apps will cease to function. Just like the methods of uninstalling and forcing AppLock to stop, this gives you an opportunity to bypass AppLock’s password. And here’s how you do it:

1. Hold the Power Button until Device Options appears.

2. When it’s completely off, power the device back on but hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together. You’ll know you’re in Safe Mode when “Safe Mode” is displayed.

3. Open Settings like you normally would.

4. Scroll down until you find Apps. Tap it.

5. Find AppLock among your list of apps. Select it.

6. Select Uninstall.

AppLock is an excellent tool for adding a password to your currently installed apps. AppLock can add extra security to Facebook and your Messenger, Gallery, Gmail, Settings and even Contacts. It seconds as a parental control tool as well.

You can choose between a pattern password or a numbered password. As an added bonus, AppLock offers options for a “random keyboard” for your numbered password and an invisible lock screen for your pattern lock. That way, either password can be hidden from sneaky trolls.

Speaking of which, if someone does manage to snag your device and tries to force their way into the phone, AppLock will take an excellent snapshot of the unsightly pest. That’s only the tip of the iceberg of what AppLock can offer.