Why Didn’t I Receive the Cash App Referral Bonus?

Why Didn't I Receive the Cash App Referral Bonus?

Cash App provides users with referral bonus money for getting people to sign up through referral codes.

Though it is designed to provide an incentive to sign up and encourage others to do so, many users are frustrated with the missing funds they were promised.

Why Didn’t I Receive the Cash App Referral Bonus?

1. The $5 they have to either send or receive was done to you 

If you already have a Cash App account, you only have to invite someone who does not use this app. If they sign up and create an account, then you will be provided with a referral code and receive cashback through the app.

Though the cashback amount isn’t much, it is free to do and does not require much effort on your part.

If you are hoping to qualify for the cashback bonus, you will first need a Cash App account. Cash App is free and available to download through the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

Once you have an account, you can encourage a friend or family member who does not currently have the app to create their own account and use your referral code to enjoy the benefits of signing up.

Both the person who referred the new user and the new user can potentially benefit from the cashback incentive, provided that all of Cash App’s requirements are met.

If you are new to Cash App and creating an account so that you can invite others to benefit from the cashback incentive, you will first need to find a friend or family member that already has an account so that you are “invited” by an established member.

Use the referral code that they provide to take advantage of the cashback incentive and ensure that you meet all of the conditions before attempting to recruit new users. Enter the provided referral code in the lower right corner of the profile section in the “Referall Code Section”.

If you are receiving an error message, it is possible that you either entered the code incorrectly or someone provided you with the wrong code. Ask the user to send the code again and check and be sure that it is inputted correctly.

There are, however, even more requirements to be able to gain access to the cashback once you are attempting to encourage other people to sign up.

It is important to check the fine print because Cash App is gaining users without having to pay out the cashback option. The process has a few small details that are causing a lot of frustration for those expecting free money.

Assuming that you already have a Cash App account, there are some things that you need to consider before having someone else create an account to take advantage of the cashback bonus.

Not only does someone have to sign up and use the referral code that you provide, but the new user must also complete a transaction of $5 after signing up before either of you will be eligible for the bonus.

It does not matter if they are sending the money to someone or receiving the money from someone, but a transaction has to occur for the cashback option to be available.

The fine print on this is that the new user cannot send money or receive money from the same person who got them to create the account and provided them with the referral code.

The new account has to send or receive at least $5 from someone else, which is further encourages more people to sign up and increases the customers and the transactions for Cash App.

Whenever you are the person who was invited to join Cash App, you will first need to be sure that you use the invitation referral code that the person who invited gave you.

It is important that you remember that you should only use a code if it comes from someone you know. You should never use a code from a stranger or a code you have found on the internet.

If you are hoping to receive the cashback bonus, remember that you must use the referral code and complete the $5 transaction within 14 days or else the cashback bonus requirements will not be met, and you will not get the money. If the 14 days have passed, the referral link will expire and will not be useable.

Fix – Make Sure That They Receive or Send the Money to Another Contact Besides You

If you have a Cash App account and have managed to get someone else to sign up for an account and you are trying to benefit from the cashback feature, you cannot be the one sending or receiving the $5 to qualify as a transaction.

If you are the new user trying to take advantage of the cashback invitation bonus, you cannot receive the bonus if you were invited by the same person who authorized your account.

The solution to this would be to have a third person who already has a Cash App account and is willing to help.

Once you have gotten someone to sign up using your referral code, provide them with another friend or family member’s username so that they can complete the $5 transaction.

Have the new user send them the $5 or receive it. The money can always be returned later, but this allows your new user to complete the required transaction and keeps your account out of it, ensuring that you’ve met the requirements to receive the cashback.

Completing the $5 transaction qualifies even if you send the money to someone and they send it back, or vice-versa.

If you are using a third person to compete the $5 transaction requirement, you should make sure that it is someone who has already had a Cash App account and not another new user.

Completing the $5 transaction with another new user can result in a notification that says “Payment Cancelled for Your Protection”.

If the third person is a new user and is also trying to qualify for the cashback option, it will complicate the transactions for both new users and the people who referred them and will keep any of the participants from benefitting from the referral incentive.

Make sure that, when signing up or having someone else sign up, that you have a third person that you both know and trust so that you can complete the requirement who already has an established Cash App account so that you can meet the conditions of the referral bonus.

2. The Card They Linked Using Your Code Can’t Have Been Used on Cash App Before

The point of the cashback incentive on Cash App is to attract new users and increase the consumers, which creates more profit for Cash App.

If the card information that the new user provided is used for another account, the cashback incentive is no longer available, and the new user will be unable to use their card information.

Users may encounter this problem if they use a card associated with a joint bank account with the same card number and information as another card already registered with Cash App.

You typically see issues like these for a married couple using the same debit card or for a family where the parents have added their child onto the account as an authorized user and provided them with a debit card that has the same information as the parent card.

If your spouse or a family member used your card when they created their own Cash App account, your card information has already been stored and it will disqualify you from the cashback bonus.

You will not be able to use your card information if someone else has used it first. If the card information is already in Cash App’s records, it simply isn’t going to work.

Fix – Make Sure They Link A New Card

To find a way around this requirement, it is important to let your new recruit know before setting up their account that they will have to use a card that Cash App has never seen before.

This should not be a problem if the card the new user wants to tie to their Cash App account is unique to them.

This means it should have a unique card number with an expiration date and code on the back of the card. If their card is the same as another, encourage them to use a different card, like a debit card from a different checking or savings account.

Opening another account, like a savings account when they already have a checking account with their bank, is also an option, as it would provide the user with a different card for that account; however, that would take some time and is an extensive step to qualify for the cashback incentive.

Money can often be transferred from a savings account to a checking account or vice-versa, provided the account holder is using the same bank and has access to both accounts.

If the new user ties their savings account to their Cash App account instead of their checking account, it would still qualify for the cashback incentive and could be moved to the checking account later using the bank’s app or by accessing the user’s banking information on the bank’s website on a computer.

Before choosing this option, however, be sure to check your bank’s information regarding transferring money to and from different accounts and determine the limits that can be transferred per day so that you do not potentially run into any problems when transferring money from one account to another.

If you are a new user who is signing up and you are under the age of 18, you can choose to active a Cash Card through Cash App rather than linking your debit card.

This is a helpful option if you do not have your own personal bank account with your unique card and will still allow you to take advantage of the cashback offer and use the app and the website to make financial transactions.

3. The Email and Phone Number Used For Their Account Can’t Have Been Used For Another Cash App

The objective of the cashback incentive referral codes on Cash App is to attract new users, so using any information like an email or phone number that has already been used when creating a new account is going to make it seem like there is something wrong in Cash App’s eyes.

Remember that companies like Cash App use this information to verify your identity when there is a problem with your account, so be sure that you are only using information that is unique to you.

A phone number or email cannot be used to manage multiple accounts. You will need to make sure that the information that you are using is your own, and has not been used by anyone else before you use it for your own account.

Fix – Make Sure That They Don’t Use the Same Details on another Account Before You Send Them Your Referral Code

Whenever you are trying to get someone to sign up for Cash App, you are going to need to give them information before they create the account if you are hoping to cash in on the cashback option.

When registering, be sure that they know that they need to use a phone number and email that has never been used before within the app, or else your referral code will not work and neither of you will be able to take advantage of the incentive.

Have your new user use their personal phone number, and not the phone number associated with their employment or the number of a friend, spouse, or other family member.

If they share a phone with someone else who already has a Cash App account, their phone number will not work.

The email that they use should also be their own personal email. Remind the new user to never use an email that they use for work, as that would be against their company policy and they could lose access to that email if they switch jobs. They should also not use an email account if they share that account with another person.

If the only email address they have available to them is not their own personal email account, creating a new email is fast, easy, and free through companies like Google’s Gmail.

4. If You’re Trying to Use Your Referral Code Yourself to Receive the Bonus, Make Sure That You’re Not Logging Into the Different Account on the Same Device

If you have provided someone with your referral code and you have made sure that you have met all of the criteria but still do not have access to the cashback bonus, you need to make sure that the account from which you received the referral code from is the same account that you are currently using.

If you use Cash App for both personal and professional transactions, it is likely that you had to create two different accounts using two different emails and two different phone numbers.

These accounts would have their own individual login and passwords. Most users use Cash App on their phone through their app, and many people store their login data to make accessing their information faster. It is important to be sure that you are logged in to the right account.

Fix – Use a Different Device

In the event that you have had your login information stored into your phone to make getting into Cash App a simpler process, you may need to try using a different device with your alternative login to access the account that has the cashback bonus.

If you have usually been using your phone, try logging in on a tablet or access Cash App through their website on your computer through their URL (cash.app). Select the log in button and enter your other account information to identify if your cashback bonus is present.

Logging out of the app on your device might fix your problem, but that can become complicated and does not always provide the results that you are looking for, especially if you use the option on your phone to store your login data.

The best course of action in this scenario would be to try to use a different device to avoid confusion and allow you to take advantage of the cashback option.

5. Before Cash App Sends the Bonus, They’ll Ask for Your Name, Social Security Number, Address, and Birthday. If You Lie About Any Of This, It Won’t Work

In the event that you have met all of the criteria required for the referral incentive and you are going to be receiving the cashback bonus, you are going to have to provide your personal information.

This information will include specific details such as your name, social security number, address, and birthday. Remember that this personal information is unique to you, and it is verifying that you are an actual person.

Not providing the correct information will keep you from receiving the money. Remember that Cash App is an app that is dealing with money and people’s sensitive information, so they need to be diligent to prevent scams and fraud or else it would be bad for business.

There are scammers trying to take advantage of “free money”, and the entire referral system could be shut down if too many people use this feature in an untruthful way.

Be prepared to give your truthful personal information, and remember that you should never conduct financial business on a device or network that is not secure.

Technology has made incredible advancements but it has also provided scammers and thieves with new methods to steal your information.

Using a network or device that is not your own, such as W-Fi that is available to the public or someone else’s device, is not a smart financial move as it could allow for someone to access your information.

Requiring your personal information to receive the money is a way for Cash App to ensure that you are a real person and to minimize the threat of scams from users who are trying to take advantage of the cashback bonus.

Fix – Make Sure to Tell the Truth

The cashback incentive is meant to reward you for increasing Cash App’s clientele.

If you want your money, you need to be sure that you are providing your truthful information. Use your legal name that you use for your bank account, or how it appears on your linked card, and not a nickname.

Ensure that your Social Security number is correct and there are no typos, as this would prevent the transaction from going through. Also be sure that your mailing address and birthday are correct and free from any errors so that Cash App can verify your identity.

If you have signed up and received an invitation code from someone, the code could be cancelled and unusable if you have incorrectly provided any information or failed to meet all of the requirements required to qualify for the cashback bonus, so you need to be careful and make sure that you have taken your time inputting your information and that it is free from all errors.

If Cash App believes that you are somehow using the referral program in an illegitimate way, you can be banned from using the program.

Always be sure to check your information before submitting it when creating your account so that you remain eligible for the referral bonus.

Ultimately, the cashback referral bonus is a smart marketing technique from Cash App that allows them to compete with similar companies like Zelle or Venmo. The program is designed for everyone, from established users to new users, as well as the company itself, to benefit from its usage.

Companies like Cash App only benefit if people are actually their product, so providing a feature like a referral bonus allows them to remain competitive against other companies who are also allowing users to transfer money virtually instead of being limited to the amount of physical cash they have on hand.

While there are numerous requirements, Cash App will continue to benefit from the program even if they do not have to pay the referral bonus because it is the user’s responsibility to ensure everything is done correctly.

Regardless of the bonus, Cash App will continue to gain users. If you choose to take advantage of the offer, read the fine print and meet all the requirements to enjoy your reward.

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