How to Stop Facebook Accessing Your Photos


Installing the Facebook app is innocent enough until you accidentally allow Facebook to access your gallery. It happens when you least expect it. You use an app, a small box appears asking for permission and, without thinking, you select “yes.” It never crosses your mind again.

Don’t panic yet, Facebook hasn’t uploaded the pictures. That’s done by your hand. However, most individuals would agree that access to photos isn’t necessary, and frankly, creepy.

One day you might accidentally upload an unflattering picture of yourself that you forgot to delete. Here, you’ll find a way to dodge that bullet and keep Facebook from peeking into your gallery.

Deny Gallery Permission Android

This is a two-tiered process: denying permission through your smartphone’s settings, and denying permission through Facebook itself. If you’ve already given Facebook permission to access your gallery, denying the permissions through your settings will reverse this decision.

Part 1


1. Open your Android Settings. This is indicated by the gear.

2. Click on Apps. Here, you’ll find a list of every app currently installed on your phone.

3. Click on Facebook.force close facebook

4. Click Force Stop.

5. Select Permissions. This list indicates what you’ve given Facebook permission to utilize.turn off storage

6. Toggle left to disable Storage. Swiping right activates it, indicated by a blue dot.

While you’re at it, disabling everything else is never a bad idea. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, Facebook doesn’t need that information.

Part 2

Facebook has its own in-app setting that can easily be overlooked. It serves the same purpose: permission to your photos. Again, if you’ve already deny permissions in your phones settings, you also need to deny permission in the Facebook app as this is where the settings are housed. If you already gave Facebook access to your pictures, then you’ll need to deny the permissions within the Facebook app.

1. Open the Facebook App.

2. Open the menu. Indicated by the three horizontal lines near the upper right

3. Click on Photos. Here, you’ll see share photos from your phone on Facebook.

4. Select Turn Off. But if you’d like for Facebook to quit asking you for permission, select Turn On and you’ll be prompted for permission.never ask again

5. Select Never Ask Again.

6. Select Deny.

Following these steps should ensure that Facebook never bugs you for permission again.

Deny Gallery Permission iOS

This is a two-tiered process: denying permission through your smartphone’s settings, and denying permission through Facebook itself.

Part 1

1. Drag the bottom tab upwards. For older models, double click your Home button. You’ll find every app currently running in the background.swipe facebook off

2. Swipe Facebook off the multitasker. This stops the app from running.

3. Open Settings. This is indicated by a gear.privacy

4. Click on Privacy. Here, you’ll find a list of functions. Each function opens a separate list that states which app has permission to use each function.

5. Select Photos.facebook

6. Click on Facebook.never

7. Select Never.

It isn’t a bad idea to decide on denying Facebook every other permission. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, Facebook doesn’t need that information.

Part 2

1. Open Facebook.

2. Open Facebook Settings. This is indicated by the three horizontal lines near the upper right corner.

3. Click on Photos. It should be the very first option you see, above your uploaded photos. If permission has been granted, you’ll see Turn Off. If permission was denied, you’ll see Turn On. To make doubly sure it’s denied, select Turn On, and when prompted for permission, select Never Ask Again and deny.

After everything is said and done, Facebook should no longer bother you with permission.

Delete Facebook Photos

If you’ve uploaded photos to Facebook and you want to take this once step further to stop Facebook from having access to those photos, you can delete the photos that you’ve uploaded to Facebook.

1. Go to your profile and select Photos.
2. Select the photos you want to delete.
3. Then click on the three-dot menu.
4. Click on Delete photo(s).

Give Permission When Permission Necessary

Generally speaking, widely used apps, like Facebook, aren’t seeking permission with malicious intentions. A GPS app isn’t going to be much use to you if the GPS app doesn’t have access to your location.

Editing apps can’t edit your photos unless it has access to your gallery. It takes a short second to refrain from hitting “yes,” and asking yourself if it’s necessary to share that information with the app.

This especially goes for programs that aren’t within the general consciousness. Using shady apps and allowing unreasonable access to your phone is a recipe for disaster.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced tech writer and marketer who currently writes for Techzillo as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf. At Techzillo, he focuses on consumer technology in general with his interest being Android OS. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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