So, you’re sick of seeing the voicemail text on your iPhone saying you have 100s of voicemails to listen to. If you haven’t got visual voicemail, it’s a really long process to delete your voicemails.

Who really listens to voicemails these days? You either just text them back asking why they called, or you just ring them back after you see the missed call.

Most voicemails aren’t even proper messages, they’re just a few seconds of nothing due to people not ending the call when it went to voicemail.

How to Delete a Voicemail

If you have the visual voicemail, this is going to be an easy step to take. This only works if your carrier supports visual voicemail.

To delete voicemail:

  1. Click on the Phone icon in the home screen
  2. Click on the Voicemail icon at the bottom right
  3. Look for the Voicemail you want to delete
  4. Swipe left and click on the red delete button

After you’ve done this, you should no longer have this voicemail left.

This voicemail is no longer cluttering up your visual voicemails.

How to Delete Multiple Voicemails at Once

If you have multiple voicemails that you want to delete, this isn’t going to be a hard step.

To delete a list of voicemails:

  1. Click on Voicemail at the bottom
  2. Click on Edit in the top right corner
  3. Click on all the voicemails you want to delete
  4. Click on Delete to delete them on the Bottom right

All the voicemails you didn’t want to store in your voicemail list should have now been deleted.

All of the Voicemails Haven’t been Delete Permanently

You probably think all of your voicemails have been deleted permanently, but this isn’t the case.

There are a few more steps you need to take in order to delete your voicemails permanently. When you ‘delete’ a voicemail, they’re not wiped completely. They’ve just been moved into a deleted folder. You could call this a recycling bin. You could also think of this as your deleted folder in the camera roll.

After 30 days, your ‘deleted’ photos get deleted permanently. This the same as your voicemail.

To permanently delete voicemails:

  1. Click on the Phone app
  2. Click on voicemail on the bottom left
  3. At the bottom, click on Deleted Messages
  4. Click on the Clear All button
  5. Your voicemails should now be permanently deleted

How to Delete Voicemails Without Visual Voicemail

If you haven’t got visual voicemail, then you can’t use the steps above to delete your voicemails.

Your carrier doesn’t support visual voicemail which means you’ll have to call the voicemail number.

To delete voicemails:

  1. Click on the Phone button
  2. Go to the keypad so you can enter numbers
  3. Dial 123 and call the number
  4. You’ll hear voicemails being read out
  5. Click on 3 to delete the voicemail

This process is a lot longer than using visual voicemail because it requires you to call a number.

Furthermore, you have to listen to the sender’s number being read out which can elongate the process.

How to Delete Multiple Voicemails without Visual Voicemails

If you have a huge number of voicemails and you don’t care to listen to all of them, you can delete all of them at once.

This is going to take a while, but at least you’ll know your voicemail inbox is clear.

To delete multiple voicemails:

  1. Go to the Phone app
  2. Click on Keypad
  3. Call 123
  4. Once a voicemail is read out, click 3 as many times as you can
  5. If you have 20 voicemails you need to delete, click 3, 20 times

After you’ve done this, all of your voicemails should have been wiped.