If you text a lot using your iPhone, over a long period of time, saved text messages and MMS messages can take up a large percentage of your iPhone storage. If you haven’t got much storage left, this can be a problem – if you’ve also tried to make as much storage as possible and there’s nothing left to delete, deleting your saved text message can make a lot of storage.

By default, your iPhone or iPad saves all the text messages that you send and receive. This is done so you have an entire conversation thread and history when you open a conversation with a contact. If you use both text message and iMessage’s, deleting a conversation thread will still result in the entire conversation being deleted.

Delete Messages Older than 30 Days

There are Message settings that allow you to delete text message that are old than 30 days. This means that messages newer than 30 days still remain on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Messages.

Delete Messages Older than 30 Days

3. Click on Keep Messages under Message History.

4. Click 30 Days. There are also options for only keeping messages within a year and forever. When you choose 30 Days, the messages within the last 30 days are going to be deleted.

5. Click Delete to confirm.

Delete Entire Conversations with Contacts

If you want to delete entire conversations with your contacts one by one, you can. This is useful if you don’t have many text messages.

1. Go to Messages.

2. Swipe left on a conversation.

Delete Conversations with Contacts

3. Click Delete on the right.


1. Open a conversation with a contact.

2. Hold on a message and wait for options to appear.

Click Delete Conversation to confirm

3. Click More > Delete All.

5. Click Delete Conversation to confirm.

Delete Individual Messages

If you no longer want to see specific message messages in a conversation sent by you or the recipient, you can delete individual messages within the conversation.

If you want to delete conversations with a thread:

1. Open a conversation with a contact.

2. Hold on a message and wait for options to appear.

3. Tap on More when the pop up appears.

4. Tap on more text messages within the conversation that you’d like to delete.

5. Tap the trash icon in the lower right.

Tap Delete Message to confirm

6. Tap Delete Message to confirm.

Delete All Conversations at Once

If you have a lot of conversations and you want to delete them all at once, you can use so using third-party software. Instead of having to delete conversations one by one, you can delete all your SMS and MMS at once.

1. Download and set up iBackupBot on your PC.

2. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB.

3. Open iTunes and backup your iPhone.

4. Open iBackupBot. It will automatically find the backup that was made using iTunes.

5. Navigate to:

System Files/Media Domain/Library/SMS/Attachments

You can do this by double click each folder to get access to the next folder. After clicking Attachments, you should see some folders on the right. These folders are taking up the most storage on your device because they mainly consist of attachments.

6. Select all the folders on the right in Attachments and click Delete at the top. Now, you’ll need to restore the backup.

7. Click the SMS folder on the left.

Click Restore in the upper-right

8. Click on the Attachments folder on the right of SMS.

9. Click Restore in the upper-right.

10. In the pop-up, check Reboot device after restore and Don’t copy backup > click OK.