If you have a phone with Google Photos installed on it, you’ll know that every single photo gets backed up to Google Photos if you’ve allowed it to.

Google photos even backs up albums like screenshots – taking screenshots can be an impulsive decision which means your screenshots folder probably contains that most pictures which can leave your Google photos cluttered with pictures you don’t have any interest on look back at.

There may be other reasons why you have too many photos stored in your Google Photos, but this is a common situation.

Google has a 15 GB limit until you have to start paying but if you delete a lot of photos, this frees up a lot of storage.

Unfortunately, there’s isn’t a specific button or function that allows you to delete all of your google photos as once, but there is a manual way to do it.

Let’s get started…

Delete All Photos in Google Photos

1. Go to photos.google.com

2. Scroll down slowly to the last picture. This gives all the pictures a chance to load. If you don’t pre-load all of the pictures that you want to delete, you won’t be able to delete them. When it loads, it turns from a gray thumbnail to the actual photo.

3. Click the check mark on the left of the first picture. This is the meant to be the first photo or video you want to delete and anything else you want to delete will be after this.

4. Scroll back down to the last picture. Everything that you want to delete will be in between the first picture you selected and the last picture you scroll down to.

hightight all the pictures in google photos

5. Hold the shift key and select the last photo.  All the photos and videos in between the first picture and last picture you selected while holding shift should turn blue. If it didn’t turn blue, it means that all the pictures didn’t load so you’ll have to scroll back up slowly to allow all the photos to load.

move to bin

6. Click the bin icon and select Move to bin. This removes all the selected photos and videos from your Google account, Google Drive, synced devices and places where they’re shared.

7. Click the menu > Bin > Empty bin. This will permanently delete all of the photos that you sent to the bin. If you don’t empty the bin after 60 days, it will automatically empty by itself.

Tip: If you want more pictures to load, you have zoom out of your screen to all more thumbnails to be on your screen at once.

If you have thousands of pictures stored in your Google drive, this is the best and the quickest way to get rid of all of them.

If there are certain pictures that you like, you can deselect them after selecting them and delete the ones that you don’t want to keep.

Bottom Line

To delete all your google photos at once, you have to select one and use the shift button to highlight all of the other you want to delete.

Once all of the photos and videos are selected, you need to click the bin icon to move them to the bin.

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