Maybe you left some undesirable comments on YouTube when you were younger? Maybe you just want to erase your entire comment history to preserve your privacy?

Whatever the case, it’s entirely possible to do so, you just need to know how.

Before diving into the instructions, it’s important to point out that — like any social media comment — comments you make on a platform such as YouTube are stored server-side, which means that Google likely retains a copy.

The exception would be privacy-restricted countries, like Europe thanks to GDPR.

How to Delete Individual Comments

If you don’t want to bulk remove comments associated with your YouTube account, here’s how you can remove them individually.

  1. Sign-in to YouTube with the account you wish to delete comments from.
  2. Find the video where you left the comment and open the watch page
  3. Click the All Comments Link below the video and description
  4. Find your comment and click the menu button (three dots).

delete comment youtube

  1. Select Delete from the dropdown list

If you don’t see the Remove option from the dropdown list, it means that you are not logged-in to the correct account.

How to Delete All Comments

There is no direct way to bulk delete or remove comments from YouTube, however, there is a clever way to hide your channel, and as a result, the comments that exist.

To delete bulk comments:

  1. Sign-in and then open the YouTube Advanced Account Settings.

delete channel

  1. Scroll down and click Delete Channel  (it will not delete your account).
  2. Expand the section labeled I Want to Hide My Channel and Check all the boxes.

Hide My Channel

  1. Select Hide My Channel.

In most cases, the comments associated with your account will not be deleted right away so it’s best to wait for a bit and then come back to check.

You can check your Comment History to see if the comments have been removed.

Bottom Line

While you can’t actually bulk delete comments, there is a nifty workaround that essentially removes your history and hides the content from public view.

Alternatively, you can delete comments individually, but that does take some time, so it’s best used when you want a particular comment gone.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner.