After some time searching for a number of things in your browser, you may find that your browsers’ autosuggest is tossing you either websites that you visited once and never will again or URLs that you have mistyped. You can delete all the autosuggested choices, but if you merely delete the unwanted ones, that can narrow down your experience on your browser to what you need.

Below are the ways that you can delete individual or multiple autocomplete URLs in the address bar and the settings. You will also find ways to delete all of the autocomplete URLs and disable the autocomplete feature completely.


Individual URLs:

1. Begin to type the URL that you want to delete in your browser.

2. When the site that you would like to delete is seen in the drop-down options, use the arrow keys to move in that list.

hover over url

3. Once you are hovering over the URL that you want to delete, press the Alt + Shift and Delete key together. The shift keys are in the bottom corners of both sides of your keyboard and you only need to press one of them. The Delete button is in the upper right- hand corner of your keyboard. You will need to press Shift, Function, and Delete if you are using a Google Chrome browser on a Mac.

Deleting Individual or Multiple Autocomplete URLs in Settings:

1. First, go to the right- hand corner of your Google chrome screen and you will see 3 vertical dots. When you hover over them, you will see a drop- down menu. Hover over the History option.

chrome history

2. For this next step, you can press the history option that you see in the second drop-down menu or you can simply press Ctrl and H on Windows or Mac.

3. When you go to your history, you will be able to select multiple URLs and choose the option above the selected URLs that says “Remove Selected items.”

Deleting All Chrome Autocompleted URLs:

1. Open your history in the same manner described above.

clear browsing data

2. Instead of selecting each individual URL, you will select “Clear Browsing Data.”

3. You can choose how far back you would like information deleted and then you must confirm that you would like that browsing data deleted.

Disabling the Autocomplete Feature Completely:

1. First click the three vertical dots in the corner of your browser.

2. Click Settings.

3. After clicking Settings, there will be an “Advanced” option at the bottom of the screen. There will be a small arrow located next to it that is pointing down. Click on this and the drop-down menu will appear.

4. Click the “Sync and Google services” option, which should be the first option that is in the drop- down options.

5. Scroll until you see “Other Google Services.”

Uncheck the “Autocomplete searches and URLs

6. Uncheck the “Autocomplete searches and URLs.”