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So, you’re casually using your Mac computer and you suddenly see a pop up saying ‘Critical Security Warning! Your Mac is Infected’.

You start to panic hoping that no one is about to lock your Mac and make you pay to get your files back.

Many Safari users have complained about this problem and they don’t know what to do when they see it.

In this article, I’m going to show you what to do when you see this scam message on your Mac computer. Here’s what the message typically says in Safari.

“Critical Security Warning! Your Mac is infected with a malicious virus attack. Please contact tech support at +1-888-307-2735 and provide error code WBACK7917 to scan and resolve any potential threats to your personal and financial information, which was being tracked by suspicious connection. Consequently we are performing additional security checks to verify the source of the attack and have halted all your system resources in order to prevent any additional damage to your system and information.”

What to Do When You See this Message

When you see this message in Safari, it’s a scam message and you won’t be able to close the message.

Your computer hasn’t actually been infected with a virus, it’s perfectly fine.

The person who has sent the scam message to you is trying to scare you by making it look like a real message.

You’re usually given some sort of action to take when you see this message and you must make sure that you do not complete the action.

If you’re given a number to call in order to get ‘rid of the virus’, do not call it.

There’s going to be someone on the other end who’s going to try and make you give them money some way or another.

This could be by hijacking your files or buying some sort of software to fix the virus.

If you have clicked ok, just follow the steps down below in order to this message away from your Mac.

Hopefully, this stops you from throwing your desktop away.

Force Close Safari

The first way you’re going to fix this message is to force close safari.

  1. Press Command-Option-Esc
  2. You’ll see the force close window
  3. Click on Safari then Force Quit

After you’ve done this, you should turn the desktop off then on.

After you’ve done this, you can re-launch Safari and see if you get this message.

When you relaunch Safari, you need to hold on the shift key.

This will stop any previous tabs from opening so that this message doesn’t pop up again.

Clear Safari Browsing History

  1. Open Safari after seeing the Mac infected message
  2. Click the History tab in the menu
  3. Select Clear History and Website Data
  4. Choose the time range
  5. Click Clear History then Done
  6. Close Safari and hold shift when re-opening it

After you’ve done this, you shouldn’t see the message again.

If you do, go to the next step.

Restart WIFI connection

Restart WIFI on Mac

If you tried the previous steps and it didn’t work, you need to restart your WIFI connection.

  • Close Safari
  • Open Safari again while holding the Shift key
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi connection
  • Visit any website e.g
  • Turn the WIFI on

After you’ve done this, you shouldn’t see this virus message again.

Bottom Line

If none of these steps worked, comment down below and I’ll help you further.

If this worked, comment down below which steps you used so that you can help others.

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