WhatsApp is a messaging app that has voice and video calls as well as text messages. It is a great cross platform app that connects you with friends and family no matter where they are in the world.

You can also customize your WhatsApp Chat Backgrounds if you ever get tired of a blank background all the time in your regular text messages. If you want to join the numerous people who have and use WhatsApp, follow these steps.

1. Download and open WhatsApp Messenger. The icon will be a green box with a speech bubble and a telephone

Agree and continue

2. Once it is open, tap on the Agree & Continue button to agree to the WhatsApp Terms of Service. If you would like to read the Terms you can tap Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Enter phone number

3. In this step, you will enter your phone number and WhatsApp will use it to verify your phone

4. Next, tap Done in the to right corner of your screen

5. Tap Yes to confirm the number you entered

confirm number

6. You will get an automated text message from WhatsApp. This message will have a 6 digit verification code in it. if you do not receive a text message, then tap the Call Me button. This will have WhatsApp call you with your 6 digit verification code

7. You will need to write down your confirmation code somewhere so that you can use it it the WhatsApp to verify your phone

8. Enter the 6 digit verification code and WhatsApp will automatically verify your phone

Type your name out

9. You’ll need to set up your profile now. Tap the Add Photo button which is the circle in the top left corner of your screen where your profile picture would be. This will let you take a photo or choose one from your gallery of photos

10. Next, tap on the Your Name text field. What you type in here will become your username that friends will see when they are messaging you

11. Type in your username

12. If you would like, you can tap Use Your Facebook Info which will export your name and profile picture from your Facebook Account

13. When you are finished with this tap Done. This should be located at the top right corner of your screen.

After you have done these things, your WhatsApp is ready to use to talk and send messages back and forth with friends and family whenever and wherever you want. This is a great way to talk to people internationally without having to pay any international fees for calling or texting abroad.