In this day and age of professionalism and rapid advancement, it’s no surprise that PDF’s have gained popularity, due to their security and practicality. A PDF can’t be altered without leaving an electronic footprint, and is therefore, the safest, not to mention, neatest, option for relaying sensitive information. Due to the universal appeal, most, if not all, operating systems are now able to open and read PDF’s.

If you own a Mac, it’s fairly easy to create PDF’s, and convert existing documents into PDF format. If you have a completed document that you would like to convert to PDF, follow the instructions below,

1. First open the document in its original format via the application it was created on. For example, if you created a Microsoft Word document, open the Microsoft Word file.

2. On the top left of your screen, in the menu bar of the opened application, click on File.

click Print

3. Scroll down until you see Print, and click Print. Note: As a shortcut, you can press command + P instead of clicking on File.

4. A print dialog box will pop up. On the lower left corner of this dialog box there will be a tiny menu bar currently labeled PDF. Click on the menu to open further options.

Save as PDF

5. You will see many options available, with the most straightforward option being Save as PDF. Click this option.

A window will appear asking you to name the file

6. A window will appear asking you to name the file, and declare where you would like to save it. Fill in the fields accordingly.

add a password in order to open the PDF

7. You will note that towards the bottom of the bottom there is a Security Options button. This option will allow you to add a password in order to open the PDF, for added security. Further options include adding a password to edit or print the PDF. Click OK after adding a password, or click Cancel to go back if you don’t want to add a password.

8. After adding all the information, you saw fit, click Save on the lower right-hand corner of the window.

You have now saved your document as a PDF in the location you specified. For future references, please note that the PDF menu on the print dialog box, noted in step #5 allowed options such as Mail PDF, Send PDF via Messages, and more. Feel free to explore these options as you see fit.