There’s no arguing that Google Gmail is the most widely used email service. Developed by Google and pushing over a billion users, you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a Gmail account. It’s easy to use, easy to create a Gmail account and comes with a suite of features that rivals other email services. And it’s all free.

Creating a New Gmail Account

1. Locate and open your preferred browser. If you want to get the most out of Google Gmail, using Google Chrome is an excellent choice. They work in conjunction with one another to bring you features that aren’t all available with other browsers.

2. Head over to Google’s Account Creation. It’s highly recommended you create a Google Gmail account on a safe and secure network connection. This is very sensitive information you’re entering. If you’re using a public network connection with a lot of traffic and you continue, you’re playing a very dangerous game. You have been warned.

type in first name and last name

3. In First name, type your first name. In Last name, type your last name.

enter email username

4. In the Username field, this will be your email address as well. You’ll notice “” is present at the end.

If you type “SomethingSomethingCatchy” in the Username field, your email address will be “[email protected]” Emails, unlike passwords, are not case sensitive.

5. For Password, it has to be at least 8 characters and you need to make it strong with letters, numbers and symbols. You should aim for a password that is strong against brute force programs. Avoid using personal information, like birthdays and the names of your kids.

  • Google Gmail passwords are case sensitive. In other words, if you use an uppercase letter, then you need to use an uppercase letter; you can’t use its lowercase counterpart.
  • Write the password down before you continue on with your account creation, especially if it’s random characters.
  • You can improve your account’s security by taking advantage of Two-Step Authentication.

6. For Confirm, type in the same password. If you’re having trouble, especially if it’s a difficult password (which you should aim for), click Reveal Password. It’s the eye icon next to the Confirm box.

7. Click Next when you’re satisfied with the information given.

Verifying your phone number

8. Up next is Verifying your phone number. Inputing a phone number will give you an avenue to take if you happen to lose your password, as well as an alternative email address, or Recovery email address, but that’s optional.

This option should be skippable. Unfortunately, it seems many individuals have different experiences regarding this option. If you don’t have a number, try using one of the dozens of free texting apps that give you a number to use.

9. Provide your birthday. Use the drop down menu for Month and Day and Year. Afterwards, your Gender, then Next when you’re finished.

agree to their privacy policy

10. You have the opportunity to read Google’s Privacy and Terms, which it’s highly recommended you read. If the Privacy and Terms are fine by you, go ahead and click I agree.

You need to agree to Google’s Privacy and Terms if you want a Google Gmail account. Consider that before moving forward.

You have just created a new Gmail account. You are free to use its suite of features. Head over to Google and click the collection of squares in the top right corner of the browser. It will open a menu to many of the more popular features.

With that being so, what do you do now? Having a Gmail account actually hooks you up to other features Google has its hands in. For example, if you head over to YouTube, your Google Gmail account works in tandem with YouTube; your Gmail account is your YouTube account.

You can’t forget Android devices. Having a Google Gmail account is integral to an Android device. If you plan on backing up any files, you’ll need a Gmail account to do it.

Speaking of backing up, one of Google Gmail’s best features is, arguably, Google Drive. You can backup as much as 15GB, however, that includes files and emails. Take full advantage of it when you can and, if you want more, you can always buy more space.