Android Market is used to download applications for Android devices. This app was eventually rebranded as the Google Play Store, but it was originally opened in 2008. This app is mainly used to sell applications, and Google makes a portion of the profit. The store is used to sell games, books, movies, and music.

Users can access the market through their phones, and you can even change the settings on the store to meet your needs. Since users can see all your apps in one place, the Market platform makes users lives a lot easier. Below, you can find how to create an Android Market account on your phone.

For Users

1. Search for this application in your phone. The icon resembles a sideways multicolored triangle against a white background. If you can’t find this app on your home screen, you can swipe up on an empty part of your screen to reveal a search bar that you can use to find the app in your phone. This app comes with every Android phone and there is even a web version that you can access to install apps on your phone.

Google play store

2. You will open to the home screen of the Market. Next, add an email to your Android Market account. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen. This will reveal a new menu that you can access.

3. At the top of the menu that is reveal, you will see a place where you can see the email that is currently synced on your device. You will need to tap this section. This will reveal all of the emails synced on your device, but likely you don’t have any. You will see an Add Account option.

select your email

4. You will be asked to select which email network you are using. A list will appear on the screen and you will need to select one. You will need to type your email and put in your password on the next screen. It will connect to your account. Once it connects, you will be able to connect your Market account to this email.

5. In the email section that you visited before, you will need to connect your Google Market to this email. By connecting this email, you will be able to access these apps from any device, even if you move to a new one.

add payment method

6. Next, you need to add a payment method. There are quite a lot of apps that are free; however, there are some that require purchase. You can also manage your subscriptions here. You need to tap the three horizontal lines in the left corner of the screen and tap on “Payment Methods.” This will lead you to a screen where you can enter your card information and follow the on- screen directions to add it.

7. Now, you can find an app that you can download. If the apps are free, you can tap on them and download them as you wish. If they aren’t free, you will need to verify some of your account information and verify the purchase.

8. You can even use your Google account information to sign into the Play Store on your computer. You can log in on your computer and install apps on your phone from a web browser.

For Developers

1. Sign up for a Gmail account that you will use to do business. Make sure that it is one where you can receive frequent updates about your Android Market account.

2. Go to the Android Market publisher site. You can click on this link here.

3. Register with Google Play through your business Gmail account. To use the site, you will need to pay a fee of 25 dollars to register. You will also need to agree to the terms and conditions so that you can use the account.

4. Navigate the directions on screen to go to the payment section so that you can upload a payment method to pay the fee.

5. Program the app to have it meet a few requirements. It must have a cryptographic key, be programmed with a code that can be recognized in the Android Market and used to advertise to buyers, and have a defined logo and label, even if it is just the business name.