Had it not been for the calendar, most of the people would have been lost souls. People indeed remain organized with the help of the calendar. Keeping a track of events without any assistance from the calendar is a mission impossible. Accessing calendar on iPhone and pinning the events for a reminder has made things much easier.

There are many fancy calendar apps available on the App Store but Apple’ own basic calendar app is no less. The usual functionality is quite easy to comprehend and apply, but not many people are aware of some unpopular functions available in the calendar app. One of these functions is copying calendar events across the iPhone.

Copy an Event Within Apple’s Calendar App:

1. Launch the Calendar app on your iDevice.

2. Locate and tap the event you want to copy.

locate the option Edit

3. At the top right of your screen, you will be able to locate the option Edit. Tap on it.
Press-hold the Title field to copy the event

4. Press-hold the Title field to copy the event.

5. Now go back to the calendar view and tap the + icon at the top-right of your screen.
paste the Title in the Title field

6. Now paste the Title in the Title field.

7. Once pasted, you will see the same event (title name) below the Title Field. Simply tap on it.

8. Now all the information regarding that event will automatically be generated on the screen.
Change the date

9. Change the date. Have a look at all the details; change them as per the requirements.

10. Once done, tap on the option Add at the top-right of your screen.

11. Now search through your calendar for the date you have copied the event to make sure it is added to the Calendar.

That is how you will be able to copy an event within the Calendar on your iPhone. The app will automatically send emails to all the invitees. They will receive an email asking them to RSVP. Remember, the calendar app only supports email invites and not the texts or iMessages yet.

Once the invitees confirm their status (accept/decline), you will be informed via notification. You can also view current invitation responses by visiting the event’s name in your calendar. You can also make amendments in the event if required.

Copying events is indeed a necessity for the people who use the iPhone’s calendar for professional purposes. It could be a really daunting task to create a new entry for the same event again and again. Copying the event to different dates would make it easier, and the process, as you have seen, is quite simple.

The only thing that bothers many users is the fact that Apple’ calendar hasn’t integrated the feature of sending invites via iMessages or text messages. It is often the case that many people check the emails when the event is past its date. In this case, you can use many third-party apps which send the notifications through iMessages. The only drawback; the best of them are the paid ones.

Move Calendar Events:

Many people confuse Moving events with copy-pasting an event. Just to clarify, they both are different things. Copy-pasting event is just like replicating an event for different date and time. Moving an event means cancelling it for its current date, and moving it to a new one. You can check below how moving events can be done on the calendar app so you can differentiate between the two.

1. Open the Calendar app on your iPhone.

2. Now, toggle the list view off.

3. Go to the date on which the event has been scheduled.
Press-hold on the event for 3-4 seconds

4. Press-hold on the event for 3-4 seconds. Doing this will turn the event into a darker color.

5. Now press-hold the event and drag it to a different time or the date you want. Release it once the new date and time have been selected.

6. Now the event would be scheduled for the new date and hence, it will disappear from the old date.

The second part of the article was just to highlight the major difference between copying an event and transferring it to a new date. Additionally, you can move more than one event on the same date by using the same technique too.

As mentioned earlier, if you are using the third-party apps then the functionality would be the same for copy-pasting or moving an event. It is recommended to stick with the iPhone’ original Calendar app as there are a few whispers that Apple is going to upgrade it with new functionalities in iOS 13.