Copy and paste allows you to transfer content from one place to another. It also allows you to save time so rather than typing out something you want to copy; you can just copy and paste it. Using the copy and paste function on your Android is simple but sometimes, this feature may stop working. For example, when you hold to copy something, there’s no option for copy. Or when you paste, nothing pastes.

This can happen because of bugs and glitches on your phone. This is when there’s a failure in your system which can cause unexpected results such as the copy and paste function not working.

Copy and Paste Properly on Android

1. Go to the item you want to copy.

2. Drag over the item you want to copy.

3. Select Copy. This is going to copy the item to your phones clipboard replacing the last item that was there.

4. Go to where you want to paste it.

5. Hold down on the screen > tap Paste. If nothing pasted, then you can troubleshoot this problem with the steps below.

Restart your Android

The first thing you want to do is to restart your Android. This is going to refresh the system your phones running on and it’s going to get rid of any glitches during the process. This is the easier troubleshooting step you can take if your device is having problems. This should get rid of the glitch that’s stopping copy and paste from working.

1. Hold the Power button on the right.

Power Off

2. Tap Power Off. Tap it again to Power Off your device.

3. Wait for your device to turn Off. This will take a few seconds depending on the device.

4. Hold the Power button to turn it back on.

5. Once your device powers on, you can go back to the item you want to copy and paste and follow the process above.

Force Stopping the Process

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on Apps.

Show System Apps

3. Tap the three dotted lines and tap Show System Apps.


4. Tap on AASAservice.

Force Stop

5. Tap on Force Stop. This should stop the process which may get rid of some glitches that could be causing the problem. Once it’s done, you can check if Copy and Paste is working.