Delete Instagram Accounts iPhone or iPad

The purpose of Instagram is to be a social platform for sharing photos and videos. Up until recent years, Instagram has become so widely used that influencers have started becoming quite popular.

Influencers on Instagram have great photo and video content which are rather aspirational in nature. These Instagram influencers have thousands and millions of followers and act as the influencer subscriber base.

It’s not unusual for people to want to have millions of followers on this social platform because it could be quite a lucrative source of income or revenue sources. Thus, a lot of people also go through the trouble of attacking other Instagram profiles in many ways and it can be hard to get back your Instagram account without contacting Instagram.

Here are 7 ways to contact Instagram support and potentially get some attention in order to address any concerns:

1. Use Instagram Help Center

help center

  1. Go to Instagrams Help Center. This page has several useful information on Instagram and can probably help you with the problem you’re facing. You can also type in a keyword via the search bar at the top portion of the page.privacy and safety
  2. Click on Privacy and Safety Center. This will present a new list of options and clickable something
  3. Click on Report Something. A new set of options and menu will be available for selection.
  4. Click on the appropriate title.

The help center acts as a guide so you can do some self-support in cases a situation arises. However, it’ll also allow you to narrow down your situation so when a form is filled out and sent to Instagram, the company will know how to properly address it.

2. Email Instagram Support

One way to contact Instagram is through the email [email protected]. I’ve tried to send a general inquiry via this method but I’ve not yet received a response. They receive 1000s of emails every day so getting a response from them is unlikley. However, if you do manage to get a response from them, it’ll likley take a few days.

3. Go through Instagram’s Corporate Pages

If you have a media inquiry, you can send Instagram an email via Instagrams Help Center. You only need to log into your email client and send it to email address above.

4. Reporting Content

In this method, it’s expected that you’ll be on your mobile phone and running the instagram app. This is because content is best viewed via the mobile app and if you come across offensive content, it’s much faster to report it through the available options via the available buttons in the app.

If you’re keen on reporting a photo that is in violation of Instagram’s rules and policies, you can tap on the three button icon that represents the menu, aligned with the profile name.

  1. Tap on the menu icon. This is the 3 button icon and it gives you a set of
  2. Tap on Report.spam inappropriate
  3. Select either Spam or Inappropriate.choose a reason youre reporting
  4. Choose the reason you’re reporting. When you’re doing this through the mobile app, the different reasons for reporting content will ask the most relevant reasons like Nudity or Pornography, Hate Speech, Violence, Bullying, and
  5. Click the report button.

This method is quite admirable because Instagram makes it easy to report risky content which may save a life or remove content that is malicious and indecent in nature.

5. Sending Feedback

Another way to engage with Instagram is to send feedback.

  1. Go to your Instagram Profile.settings
  2. Click the menu icon > Settings. After you’ve done this, you can scroll down until you get to Report a a problem
  3. Tap on Report a Problem.send feedback
  4. Select Send Feedback. You’ll be taken to the Send Feedback form.
  5. Enter the details of the feedback you want to report to Instagram. You can also add a screenshot or upload a photo from your gallery in order to support your feedback request.

6. Reporting a Problem

In this method, take steps 1 and 2 from the previous method. Again, pull up the settings option in Instagram and scroll to report a problem.

Tap on Report a Problem. Then the next screen will take you to the form you need to fill out. You can briefly explain the problem or narrate what happened. You can add a screenshot or a photo from the phone gallery to support the claim you are requesting.

7. Reporting Spam or Abuse

If you’re not reporting a problem or sending feedback, then you could be reporting Spam or Abuse. This can be done by getting to Step 2 from the 5th method we mentioned in this guide. This means you pull the settings option from your Instagram profile and tap on Report a Problem.

When you see the screen below, you can tap on Report Spam or Abuse. This would direct you to which can help solve the problem you’re facing.

Bottom Line

Getting someone from Instagram to get on the phone with you can prove to be difficult especially when the number isn’t publicly available. Moreover, email and report responses may have the same low percentage of success. It’s best to go through their comprehensive help center while waiting for someone to respond to a mail or a report ticket.

Reporting of content will instantly result in an unfollow for the corresponding Instagram account. Afterward, the platform will immediately ask if you’d like to block the profile. This isn’t exactly the same as getting someone to respond to messages and inquiries but it is a quick solution to content issues and offensive material.

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