The Nintendo Switch is a portable and stationary videogame console with detachable Joy- Cons that support handheld gameplay or multiplayer gameplay. You can buy game cards or use digital codes for games and expand the storage if needed.

There are actually three ways to use the console. There’s a tabletop mode where you can pull the kickstand from the back of the device and detach the controllers, a handheld mode where the controllers are still attached to the screen, and a there’s a docked mode to attach it to your television. A big screen is better for friends and the handheld mode is good if it’s just you playing the device.

Since it is the bestselling console of 2018, there are bound to be some questions about the Switch from those that want to buy it or from those who have yet to buy it. Since its main selling point is it being a hybrid console, you may find yourself wondering how to connect the Switch to the television. Below, you will find the steps that you need to take to connect it.

Before you begin these directions, make sure you dock is positioned in a safe place close to the television that you are going to be using to play the console on.

1. Open the back cover of the Nintendo Dock. This is the largest piece of you Nintendo Switch materials. The opening of the dock should be at the top of the screen. You can open the back cover of the switch by feeling for the separation at the top of the dock and pulling it back.

2. Once you open the dock, you will need to find the USB cord. This is the cord with the large block on one end and a small, rectangular end at the other. Plug one end into the part of the dock that is labeled AC Adapter. Look at the flat part of the protruding part of the dock to read the labeled sections.

3. Plug the other large block end with the prongs into a working wall outlet.

4. Now, find the HDMI cord. This is the only other cord besides the one that you just plugged into the dock. You will need to look on the flat protruding part of the dock that is labeled HDMI Out. Plug the matching end of the cord into this terminal. It should be the end that is not perfectly rectangular.

5. The other end of the plug that you just plugged in should be plugged into a television or monitor.

6. You can now close the back of the Nintendo Switch. There are indented areas for the cords so don’t worry about that part of your set up.

7. Place you Switch inside the dock. You place it in through the top of the dock with the screen facing you. Make sure that it goes inside the connector located at the bottom of the inside of the Nintendo Switch dock.

8. Now you must remove the left and the right Joy-Cons controllers. You will need to locate the small, black button on the back of the controller towards the top. Press this button and then pull up to release the controller. Make sure you do this to both of them.

If the controllers were not set up attached to the console, then you must register them as wireless controllers by attaching them to the console or paired by pressing a button. If you want to use the button pairing method, then you will have to wait for the screen to appear and press L and R on the controllers in the way that you want them to be held.

Once paired, you will see it show up on the screen in the boxes that appeared. If you want to use the solo horizontal mode, then you will have to hold the remote sideways and press the SL and SR buttons on the controller. If you want to use the dual- controller mode, then you need to press L on the left Joy- Con and R on the right Joy- Con.

If you are using a Pro controller, then just press one of the buttons on the controller to connect it to your device.

1. Make sure that the dock is facing frontwards. You can tell this by if you see the Nintendo Switch logo facing you.

2. Now, make sure your television or monitor is facing frontwards.

3. Turn on your television and select the right HDMI output. If you had to button connect the remotes, then you have already done this already. You know that you have the correct HDMI channel when you see the Switch display on your television.

To get the most out of the docked mode of the Nintendo Switch, you may want to make sure that the picture quality is good. You can assure this buy making sure that you have a Full HD television.

If you have a low resolution, your picture quality will appear distorted and you would be better off playing your games in handheld. If you can afford it, buy a television that support 1920x 1080 resolution.

If you can’t purchase one, then you can always play with the display settings of the television until you get a picture that you like. You may also want to know that for some games, the television won’t improve your gameplay experience.